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Some Final Words Before The Big Departure To Sydney, Australia! July 28, 2011

The time has finally come to make the big move! I wanted to connect with all of you as I await my departure to Sydney, Australia tonight. Thank you for inspiring me, and for walking this path with me! Here some final words as I shoot my last video in America for a while! I will see you from down under next time!

Love and Light To You My Friends!

xo Erin



Where There Is Temptation, There Is Opportunity To Conquer April 7, 2011

We all come face to face with Temptation at least once a day. However, I’m gonna guess that most of us come face to face with it multiple times a day and sometimes multiple times in an hour, depending on what we are currently going through in our lives.

As a Health Coach, and Trainer, and someone who not only practices living a life with optimal health and well-being, but who teaches her clients to do the same…I KNOW temptation well! Temptation is actually not the monster you may have thought it was up to this point.

In fact, where there is temptation, there is opportunity. Opportunity to align with your highest good, opportunity to conquer what’s in the way of creating the life your heart desires, opportunity to say no to what you don’t want in order to create space for what you DO want, and opportunity to choose what kind of person you want to be and what kind of body and life you want to create! YES…Temptation brings Opportunity.

Every time we face temptation, and we make a conscious choice to align with the Soul, which is the decision that serves our highest good and therefore everyone else’s, WE GAIN MORE AUTHENTIC POWER. We will feel energized, full of light, super happy and joyful, blissful, creative, in love with everything, and absolutely fulfilled. On the flip side, when we do not align with soul, and choose something else…we will lose authentic power and begin to feel weaker, more tired, and less capable.

What do you do in the face of temptation? When you are tempted to choose fear and doubt, to call a certain someone you know isn’t good for you, to eat a poor quality meal, or engage in an activity that will ultimately leave you worse off than you are to begin with, you are actually RECEIVING the opportunity to declare something different for yourself and your life. You are at a crossroads, and you GET to choose. The choices we make are the way in which we converse with the Universe. What we choose to align with tells the Universe our level of willingness to do our part. Therefore, we either give it permission to help us, or we block it from helping us, and create more mess for ourselves in the future.

Having this knowledge helps me many times throughout each day. Instead of reaching out to “that guy” …I don’t. Instead of eating a pizza, I choose something more healthy. When I run into temptation, which is my opportunity to speak to the Universe through my choices, I now KNOW how important it is that I be very clear that I WANT a life full of beautiful relationships with people who love me, support me, respect me, and want to be involved with me. Through my choices, I tell the Universe that I want a lean, sexy, beautiful, healthy, vibrant body, smile, and energy. I tell the Universe that I AM willing to do whatever it takes to be the best version of myself, and to therefore contribute to a happier and healthier world just by shining my own light.

How clear are you being with the Universe? Are your choices in alignment with what you are wanting it to help you with? You have got to do your part. Are you willing???

I would love to hear from you!




Be an Explorer of Your Own Life! March 17, 2010

File:Moraine lake.jpg

What’s In Your Bigger Picture!

Well it’s another week and I’m still in Colorado dealing on my mom’s health issues. We’ve been staying in Beaver Creek since Saturday, but today we are back in Denver seeing the surgeons here. I thought we might get to head back to L.A. today, but it’s looking like mom needs surgery. At this time, we are still awaiting answers as to how the next few days will unfold. However, I must say, this trip has been a real journey for me. It has been anything BUT easy, and things change every day, yet I’ve remained in a good place overall. I really believe I have kept my good health and sanity through all of the adversity because I CHOOSE to be an explorer of my own life.

Often times, we are called on a journey, it is not always the journey we expected to be embarking upon at the time. However, what I have learned more than anything over this last week and a half, is that when I am an explorer in my own life, I GET to discover the beauty with and within me at all times.

For example, yesterday I woke up completely exhausted and totally resistant to facing ANOTHER day of phone calls, research, and all the things I knew that HAD to be done before the day’s end. I felt claustrophobic, angry, frustrated, and just plain emotional. I really didn’t feel like running or doing anything for that matter, however, something in me knew that a good run would be the only thing that would truly make me feel better. I tend to forget that exercise serves a lot more than just my physical health and body. IT keeps me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit as well. I got myself some running shoes on Saturday and had already found a good route on a run I went on Sunday, so I really had no excuses not to go yesterday (Tuesday). Knowing this, I suited up and hit the trails!

As I started out on the running path, I  widened my gaze and took in my surroundings. It was SO BEAUTIFUL! The Rocky Mountains and snow and the rushing water in the river beside me, really helped me begin to put my life and this journey into perspective again. I decided I would be an explorer in that moment and for the rest of my run and the day. I ran and ran until I found a little side path that dead-ended at a rocky cliff that overlooked the rushing white water river. I decided to place my hands down on a couple big rocks and I just started doing push-ups and planks and core exercises. Then I stood up and did jump squats, split squats, and hamstring stretches. I even threw in a little bit of yoga and meditation. During my workout  it hit me…I have everything I need to be well, and to be happy, NO MATTER WHERE I AM OR WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE, as long as I am WILLING to be an explorer of my own life.

Yesterday, I had many obstacles to overcome, but even so, I had a great experience and it was an amazing day. Yes, I had to pack up my moms entire apartment alone, and then clean it entirely with my brothers help. Yes, I had to call doctors and health insurance agencies. Yes, I had to talk to friends and family and tell the same details to them over and over again. However, by starting my day out with such a great run and outside exercise routine, I was able to connect with something bigger than myself and everything began to make sense and fall into place again. Being an explorer of my own life, allowed me to stay open to all that I was experiencing in each moment, and I was open enough to know that I had a choice to feel good or bad, to grow or get stuck.  Exploring myself and the world around me as I ran down the running path, allowed new ideas to enter my mind. The courage shift and to try new things began to flow from my innermost self that loves and appreciates movement and connection with nature. I was determined to feel good and to be well no matter what, and when we CHOOSE to be an explorer of our own lives, we GET to have a new experience of our circumstances and the way in which we experience the world and ourselves in it. 

Have you ever been called on a journey you didn’t expect? What happens to your habits and routines when you are faced with a list of tasks you must complete whether you like it or not or want to or not? Are you an explorer of your own life? Do you take what’s in front of you and make a conscious choice to have the best experience possible with what you have been given? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Please leave them for me here on the blog. Afterall, we are all on this life journey together and can always learn from one another:) Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!!!

Are You Moving Against The Flow Or With It???


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