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Use What You Got To Get What You Want January 13, 2011

Use What’s Available To You Now, To Be Available For New Possibilities.

Wow, I have been loving this new way of looking at things lately “Use What You Got To Get What You Want.” This is the most current lesson I have been putting into practice in my life. How it began? Last week, I was on the phone with my life coach, and I was explaining to her that there are certain ways in which I want to expand my business and my life. I told her that  receiving ideas and inspiration were not the problem,  but that my circumstances were.  More often than not,  I feel like I get stuck due to my current access to resources, and therefore I do not end up following through on the ideas and inspiration. In other words, I have a story in my head, and what happens is, I get all inspired and excited about life and then ideas begin to pour in from the ethers. What happens next however, is I begin to feel super frustrated and bad because it appears as though I do not currently have the resources it will take to move forward with my ideas. My life coach explained to me that this simply is not true.

Our higher selves KNOW and are aware of what our current circumstances are. Therefore, if our intuition urges us in a particular direction, that means there IS A WAY. If there weren’t, we wouldn’t get the intuition to begin with. It is very important to follow our intuitive ideas and creative flow. Our bodies are brilliant, and they send us powerful messages about where to go and what to do. If we pay attention, and follow these messages, we will experience amazing things unfolding in our lives. The problem I’ve been suffering from however, is that I keep telling myself that I cannot follow through due to this, that, or the other circumstantial reason.

My life Coach shared a really cool story with me, that has been useful ever since. It’s about Moses. When Moses knew he was supposed to lead his people across the Red Sea, he had no idea how he was supposed to do such a thing. But he knew he had to right? He was being guided to do so. So he asked, “How will I ever get us across this sea?” God said to him, “Pick up a stick and hold it high.” So Moses picked up a stick from the ground beside him, lifted it high above his head, and the Red Sea parted down the middle and they were able to cross through it. So, what was the point of the stick? Why couldn’t Moses have just lifted his arm above his head really high? The moral of the story is, when you are being divinely guided, and it appears as though you do not have a way to follow through with the guidance you are receiving, all you have to do is pick up something you already have and use it to take you to the next place. Infuse what you got, with God Power, divine knowing, and use it to get what you want.

If we can remember this, than nothing can stop us from moving forward. For me, I have had a strong intuition to do a bunch of things lately. Some of which are things like,  investing in seminars for my business, attending Kundalini yoga classes on a regular basis, and going to dance classes on a weekly basis! What has been happening is, I get these strong messages to do these things and then the story follows immediately saying, “How can I do all these things with no extra time” or “It’s too expensive” or “I can’t get to the classes I like because work conflicts,” and so on and so on. Then, the inner child, my spirit, gets really sad and begins to feel defeated. So I go from feeling really good and inspired, to immediately feeling bad and defeated.

Not anymore however!  Hearing that piece of the story of Moses, with that perception, has helped me tremendously. We don’t always have to do things the way we think they should look like. The point is to just do them the best way we can with regard to our current circumstances. What’s important is that we don’t deny our Spirit of the freedom and expression it is currently seeking. By allowing our Spirit these things, we allow ourselves to move closer to having and becoming everything our hearts desire. Like the old saying goes…”Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

As a result of this new perception of mine, I have been doing this. I have been using what I’ve got to get what I want. Example: Yesterday I was on my usual run in West Hollywood and an awesome song with a good beat was playing on my I-Pod. I just wanted to break it down…to dance right there, as I ran down the street. So… I DID. As I was running, I was dancing and popping, and just moving my body freely to the beat and it felt AMAZING! I felt completely and totally fully expressed and in alignment with Source. Of course my head wanted to get me all afraid of looking stupid, but I ignored it because I was way too committed to letting my Spirit have the freedom and expression it was demanding of me right then and there. I may not have had the time to hit a dance class yesterday, but I sure had the time to dance!

As far as Kundalini yoga goes, I intend to pick up a DVD I can do from home in the early morning before my day begins. I also had an awesome client send me information on a scholarship program for an entrepreneurial conference in February. Once again I picked up What I had, which was the opportunity to go for a reduced admission, and I got the scholarship! So now I will be attending a conference, that is a HUGE investment for my business, and I was only required to pay a minimal fee to attend.

So, Dancing…Check. Kundalini Yoga…Check. Investing in my business…Check!

That’s right…it’s that easy. Use what you ALREADY have to move you closer to what you want! You will surprise yourself as you begin to experience more freedom and self-expression.

What are you currently wanting to move toward? What can you pick up right now, to act as the bridge to get you closer? Please share your story with me here.

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

Thanks for being you,


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Happy New Year:5 Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier In Life January 1, 2011

Hi! I am reporting here from the California coast, and we have exactly 6 hours and 50 minutes, and counting down, until we transition into 2011.

I have been inspired by a personal development blog to write about some of my Life Lessons and things I wish I’d known earlier in my life. I feel like this is the perfect time to reflect on the past, as I make a conscious decision this New Year’s Eve, to feel gratitude for all that has been, to bless it with love, and to let it all go, putting it all behind me.

Tonight I contemplated going out on the town with friends, and believe me, there was no shortage of options for me to choose from. However, when I really got quiet and tuned into my own gut, heart, and listened to my intuition, I was able to feel certain that tonight is a night for me, to sock in, to get clean and dressed in my comfy pj’s, with a notebook and pen. I plan to write a letter to all the things I’m letting go of, and then I will move to my next lists that will acknowledge all my accomplishments in 2010, and list out my intentions and goals for 2011. Then, I will make a vision board, exercising my creativity of course :), and finally, end the night deep in meditation as the clock turns from 11:59pm 12/31/10 to 12:00 am 1/01/11.

Tonight I plan to get super clear about my vision for this coming year because I feel the excitement as it nears closer. I know that I have so much to look forward to and I am already welling up inside with gratitude.

I have grown into a place in my life, where I really have no regrets anymore, because I truly believe that everything up to now needed to happen exactly how it did. However, life would have been a lot easier for me in the past had I known the things I know now.

Here are 5 things I wish I would’ve known earlier in my life, that if I had known, would’ve saved me lots of suffering.

I wish I’d known…

1) That my body is sacred. I did not feel this way about my body as a child or teenager, or even up until recently (and I’m 31 now). If I had known just how sacred my body is, I wouldn’t have treated it the way I did, or allowed others to treat it the way they did. I am grateful that I finally do know that my body is beautiful, wonderful, and a sacred place for me to live in and inhabit, and therefore, I will treat it so. I will feed it foods that nurture it, I will give it exercise, I will only engage with people who treat it with love and respect, I will keep it free of emotional, physical, and mental toxins, and I will appreciate it exactly the way it is every day.

2) That I AM love and deserve nothing but love. Most of my relationships were not very healthy. I have always had good friendships, but romantic relationships are a different story. I have come to learn that they were a mirror for me. They were showing me where I did not respect or love myself, and however painful it was at times, I know that I learned from all of it. It would have been nice to know this earlier in life, but I am just happy that I know it now, and moving forward, I will recognize when someones treatment towards me doesn’t feel right in my body. I will pay attention and I will use it as a tool, to ask myself what it is showing me about myself. Where do I still judge myself or where am I still unable to feel validated and good enough? Then I will let that person go who does not have my best interest at heart, and I will do my own work on why I even attracted them in the first place.

3) That life is happening for me. I use to feel like a victim a lot. It always felt like life was happening to me. This disempowered me in a huge way. This is the perception that there is no higher meaning or purpose or plan behind the things that happen in life. For me, I just cannot live that way. I have to believe there is more, there is depth, purpose, meaning, and a reason for all things. So I choose to know life as happening FOR me and FOR us. This perception allows me to see all things, whether they are scary, painful, challenging, joyous and amazing, or less than ideal…as opportunities for me to continue to break down the barriers within myself that keep me from fully showing up in the world as my truest, most authentic self, living my most amazing and best life. These opportunities give me the inspiration I need to continue searching for meaning and helping others do the same. Some days, that’s all we have. I choose to be inspired vs. intimidated.

4) That I AM worthy of great things, and if I believed that, then I wouldn’t be trying so hard to prove it to others. My entire younger years were spent running around, winning this or that, accomplishing, achieving, proving, and at the end of the day…I still didn’t feel like enough. I blamed others for a long time for not granting me the validation I longed for, poured my heart out for, and gave my blood, sweat, body, and tears over for. Then, recently, I woke up. I realized that I am the ONLY person who can validate me and allow myself to feel worthy of great things. The fact that I was trying so hard for others to do this was the evidence I needed to show me I did not believe it to be true within myself. Now, as soon as I see myself people pleasing and looking outside myself for validation, I know right away that I am really seeking my own validation, and I actually have an inside job to tend to 🙂

5) That ultimately everything we do, mistakes or not, will be used by a power greater than us, for the greater good…the bigger picture plan. I use to feel so much guilt or regret or suffering over choices or decisions I made, or about things I did that I was not proud of. I spent years of my life feeling shame, self-loathing, and disappointment over “who” and “what” I was, defining myself by how perfect or imperfect I was in my own eyes. I don’t do this anymore. I have learned, or chosen to believe, as a result of my own journey and self-development path, that EVERYTHING gets used to heal the whole. Even if we do something awful or terrible, just to learn never to do it again, there’s a source bigger than me that will make it good, and all is always forgiven. This helps me forgive myself and others, because I know it is not up to me to understand everything, except that all will be made good.  I know this in my heart of hearts, that all is always made good.

So these are some of the things I’ve learned, and although I may have saved myself suffering had I known earlier in life, I consider myself to be blessed and lucky to know what I do know now. I am grateful.

Thank you all for participating with me here. I appreciate you. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2011, filled with all our hearts desires.

5 hours and 40 minutes and counting…

I love you,



Breathing Courage In 2011 December 28, 2010

Good morning friends. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday thus far. It’s been so nice moving a little bit slower these last couple weeks hasn’t it? I am grateful for the time to breathe, reflect, and recharge. Something I wanted to talk about today is Courage. I heard a quote the other day that I LOVE…

“Courage is not having no fear at all, but feeling the fear and doing it anyway.”

Personally, this is a relief to me because I always feel fear. Fear comes up for me every time I go to train a client, before every coaching call with a client, every time I sit down to blog, when I think about all the changes I want to make regarding my business and website, and when I think about the future and visualize it being filled with abundance, prosperity, optimal health and well-being, my enchanted love, children, traveling the world, writing books, public speaking, and having multiple passive revenue streams through all the ways I choose to be creative and express my message with the world. I feel fear around these things because they are all things I want so badly and feel so passionately about, and I can feel this desire to have them and be good at them to my core, in the deepest part of my soul. There’s a powerful article on Tiny Buddha, called Cracking Your Comfort Zone: How To Face A Fear, and in this article, the author shares something he heard, that I find very helpful. He says “Fear is excitement without breath.” Wow! This totally resonates for me because when I am afraid, it’s usually because there is something I really want, and have never had, that requires me to do something I’ve never done. I immediately feel excited and then, I tense up all over and experience feelings of paralysis. Of course I do…I am not breathing, and the thoughts sound a little something like this… “But what if I can’t or don’t know how? What if this is just way to big for me? “Who am I? Do I really have what it takes? How can I possibly be smart enough or creative enough or talented enough? There’s way too many people out there who are already doing this better than I ever could,” etc, etc, you get the point. However, this gets me no where, and I cannot work from this place. Therefore, next time I feel fear, I am going to implement what this author was talking about. Instead of getting all carried away and caught up in those thoughts that do not serve me, I will observe them, reject them, and then breathe into the excitement that I am really feeling about becoming my expanded self, achieving and experiencing things that are all new to me. I may not know if I will or can do all the things my heart desires, but right now, I do know I CAN breathe and lean into the unknown with excitement and OXYGEN:-)

What are your fears? What plans do you have for your life, and what are some things that could support your vision this year? Are you afraid to step outside your comfort zone? We all are, but as long as we do it anyway, fear cannot hold us back. Please share your experiences and fears here with all of us. Your input is appreciated!

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!





Inspired Yet Again December 21, 2010

Hi Everyone…Happy Holidays! How are you doing out there? I know this time of year can bring up SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for us. Personally, I am feeling so many feelings, from the past, present, and future, that have literally got me holding on to my seat so tight, that some days I have to remind myself that I can be grounded if I breathe and find my feet. You know, there are definitely days that feel like they may just swallow me whole, but since I have survived all of those days thus far, I am learning to find inspiration in them, and to even laugh at them more often than not. Ahhh, INSPIRATION. Sometimes, when there is nothing else to hold on to, I can always count on this, because if we really commit to our process, and breathe, and look around us in every moment with awareness, INSPIRATION will always be there, waiting for us to unwrap it just like a gift. As many of you may already know, from blog posts and my FB statuses, I am on an intense journey. I have no doubt that all of you are on one as well…in fact I KNOW we all are on a truly profound ride. There can be really bumpy, rocky parts on this path we are on, but you are ok right now right? In this very moment, we are all ok. Here are 3 things that help me find Inspiration in what feels like even the darkest of times:

1) Stay committed to your process NO MATTER WHAT. Never forget that life is happening FOR you…in your FAVOR. I know it really doesn’t look like it OR feel like it sometimes, BELIEVE ME I know. However, if you stay committed to this perception throughout your journey, you will begin to see things very differently, and ultimately, you WILL find Inspiration at the end of the day 🙂 Inspiration saves me every time. To understand more fully about how life is happening FOR you, see my article on Tiny Buddha “Life Is Happening For Us: All Things Are Gifts.”

2) Lean into the unknown, uncertainty, and insecurity. Tiny Buddha has a GREAT quote up on the site today that I love:

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.” ~John Allen Paulos

I believe having faith, is when we can believe even when we don’t see how things could possibly turn around or end up ok. It is in the times of darkness that it is most important for us to turn to Source, Spirit, the Universe, a God of your own understanding, and to turn here FIRST. We so often try everything our way first, and try to fix things, and make things go our way before we actually get humbled enough to surrender and ask for help. Lean into your unknowning, uncertainty, and insecurity, and turn to something bigger than you FIRST. Seek, ask, and be open to what comes.

3) STOP…Find your feet…take a DEEP breath…let out a big laugh…and look around. When you notice you are spinning out, crazy, anxious, worried, hating on yourself for not being all that you think you should be, blaming others for your suffering, beating yourself up, judging your life, your relationships, your own success or lack thereof, and making decisions about how worthy or unworthy you are of being loved…

a) STOP- just quiet your mind, check in with your body, ask your body how its feeling. Tell it you are here, you are listening, and it has your full attention. Just BE with yourself.

b)Find your feet- Get present. You only are where your feet are. Find them and stay there, Free Yourself.

c) Take a DEEP breath- Bring your attention to your breath. Big inhale, long exhale. Feel your heart rate slowing down and the race inside you slowing down.

d) Let out a BIG laugh- Observe your own craziness and don’t take it personally OR seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself and at life…it really is funny:) We ALL are going through it with you!

e) Look around with committment and awareness- What is available to you in every moment? Be like an infant who was just born, or a child who is meeting its first animal. Have this level of curiosity and desire to explore and experience what is right in front of you and all around you.

Ok my beautiful friends, please share your experiences, questions, challenges, AH HA! moments, and inspirations with me here on the blog! Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

I love you!



What Are You Holding On To That Needs To Be Released? December 14, 2010

Hello Everyone! How are you? I hope you are inviting in your opportunities today. In my last post, called What Being Fit Means To Me, I said I’d be back to write this article, so here I am 🙂  I talked about the Vacuum Law of Prosperity in that post (so check it out if you haven’t already), and I gave you access to a cool clip on You Tube that I found interesting, informative, and applicable. So…What are you holding on to that needs to be released? Like the Vacuum Law of Prosperity states…we must clear the way, to create a vacuum, so the universe has space to deliver something new.

Over the weekend, I applied this Law  to my life in many ways. I began taking inventory of the people, places, and things that I had been unwilling to let go of up to that point. I noticed how much stuff I had lying around, filling up drawers, closet, and my brain. I decided to give my house a complete makeover and I vowed that I was finally ready to LET GO of the past. I was ready to uncover, discover, and discard. So all day Sunday I went through drawers, closets, bags, piles of papers on my desk, and I was brutal! As I tossed things into the “GO” pile, I noticed how each thing, whether it was an old photo, a card of birthdays past, an old plane ticket, a pair of shoes an ex bought me, or a jacket I bought myself  for my first job, there were feelings attached.  A lot began to surface for me. I took a trip down memory lane and it stirred up all the feelings attached to those periods in my life. That’s when I realized the power of clearing out and making space. It’s not just  about the stuff. It’s about the energy the stuff creates in our environment. These things of the past are like anchors, keeping parts of our consciousness where it use to be. As I cleared and cleansed my house, I cleared and cleansed my heart, my soul, my mind, and my body. I not only made space in my external world, but I created space in my internal world, and I made a very clear statement to the Universe that says “YES I am available, open, and ready to receive your gifts”. I believe that our external world is a reflection of our internal world, so I couldn’t deny that my house was mirroring back to me, all the people, places, and things that I was remaining emotionally attached to and unwilling to release. As I took a look around, and noticed that every nook and cranny of my place was filled, I could see why I’d been making it so difficult for the new to enter my life. Actually, a lot of the stuff I had, was not anything I even really wanted or used anymore. It’s just that I had always been afraid that if I threw it all away, I wouldn’t get anything better to replace it, and then I’d have nothing. This fear was coming from Limiting Beliefs and LACK. I was basically telling the Universe that I didn’t trust it to bring me something better, and so of course it could not. I have NEVER filled so many trash  bags, at one time, in my life! For whatever reason, I was ready…ready to let go and let God. Today, I sit here, open, available, aware, full of space, and in awe of the gifts that are already pouring in. I am grateful…oh so grateful.

What are you holding on to that needs to be released? If you are feeling stuck or like you just cannot move past certain patterns and behaviors, consider letting go of the things that are sitting around, both internally and externally, that no longer serve your highest good. I’d love to hear your thoughts and process around this. Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vacuum Vitality!

If you seek Health Coaching, please email me at

Happy Holidays!



What Being Fit Means To Me December 9, 2010

What Being Fit Means To Me– I have talked about this with all of you in previous posts. It seems to be something I ponder often. I think this is because I realize on a daily basis, that being “FIT” means so much more than we give it credit for. Yes, it means the obvious, like healthy eating and exercise habits, but to me, REAL FITNESS shows up in our ability to be resilient and flexible in the face of adversity, transition, and what appears to be an impossible obstacle to overcome.

Lately I have been undergoing some major changes. Some expected, some totally unexpected, some I wanted, others I wouldn’t have even considered. I am being divinely challenged to “Clean Out” my life, in order to make room for what wants to become of me. I recently was reminded of the Vacuum Law of Prosperity, which states that “Two things cannot take up the same space, and therefore we have to let something go in order for something new to replace it.” Well, I am relieved by this knowing, otherwise I may start believing that I’m loosing everything. It certainly can appear that way at times. However, I know that Divine Intervention is up to something in my life and in the lives of all of you. It is actually exciting, almost like Christmas…I know I am receiving many gifts, but I do not know what they will be just yet. I am looking forward to opening each gift, as they arrive in all their uniqueness, right in front of my face.

Being fit is having the strength and willingness to keep a constant state of awareness. Fitness is endurance for life. It’s a consciousness, a philosophy…an attitude. It’s the way in which you get up out of bed each day and move through the moments that confront you. Being fit is definitely external, but even more than that, it is internal. How internally fit are you? Remind yourself that everything in your life is meant to be there or it wouldn’t be. Think of that trust game, you know the one where you totally relax and fall backwards, trusting the person behind you to catch you? Live this way. Breathe deeply, completely relax, surrender your will and your power, and turn it all over to something bigger and greater than you. Allow yourself to take the “fall” and watch how grace steps in to catch you.

I hope you all are making the most out of your circumstances, friends and families, and every single day. Happy Holidays my friends.

Stay tuned for my next Article…”What Are You Holding On To That Needs To Be Released?”



Watch this cool Video on The Vacuum Law of Prosperity!


Staying Grounded December 6, 2010

Hey everyone…it’s been a little while! Last week totally got away from me and I just realized I haven’t blogged since Thanksgiving…eeek! I guess I have been enduring a silent phase. I find these phases are a natural part of one’s progression and transformation. I know for me, there are times when I’m very “out there” and externally generating and creating, and then there are the times when I am a little more quiet, a little more internal. It’s as if I need time to allow all the new information I am currently receiving, to download and have the time to be digested, assimilated, and integrated. That is where I have been…downloading, digesting, assimilating, and integrating. How about you? For me, the challenge is always staying grounded. Do you know what I mean? When we are expanding and our consciousness is raising as a result of our self-development and healthy habits, what inevitably happens is a routine “house cleaning.” When we come more into alignment with source energy, the universe, and with our purpose, what is no longer in alignment with us MUST FALL AWAY. This can feel like our world is literally flipping upside-down. That is why it is important to do what we can to stay grounded. I find that I can really anchor myself in certain things such as doing what I know I CAN do rather than focusing on what I CANNOT do.

There are the tools we have collected along the way, that keep us inspired, nurtured, healthy, and feeling loved. What are these things for you? When times are challenging, in any way, good or bad, it is easy for us to justify not taking care of ourselves because we are “too busy” or have to deal with “bigger issues” or “can’t afford it.” However, the truth is…when times are tough, the MOST productive thing we can do is keep ourselves healthy, feeling good, and therefore taken care of. There are plenty of ways to take care of ourselves that are not expensive. Also, when we stay committed to living a healthy life, we will always find that our healthy habits or “tools” help us access more energy rather than less, and we are therefore more capable of getting the tasks at hand, and then some, accomplished. For me, the most important and beneficial thing I can do to support myself through the duration of a transitional period, is to PICK UP MY TOOLS!

What are your tools? Some of mine are, eating food that loves me back, like lots of organic fruits and veggies;drinking lots of water and taking my supplements;exercising at least 4 times a week;staying connected to my blog;reaching out to friends to share with another person what I am going through;scheduling at least 1 day/night in a week to do something fun that has nothing to do with work or self-development or spirituality;praying;meditation;surrounding myself with healthy, positive people;reaching my hand out to someone else in need; and participating in groups that support what I am doing in my career life and personal life. I find that COMMUNITY is a HUGE resource and tool to turn to when life is doing its thing:-) There are many things I CANNOT do. There are definitely things I CANNOT control…but these are the things I CAN take responsibility for. I can stay focused on them, lean into them, and anchor my feet in them when the ground beneath me is falling away. When our current foundation falls away, it was never that strong to begin with. When the new one is laid…we will have more security, stability, and safety. This is exactly what we want. YES?

I hope you all are staying warm, dry, authentic, but most importantly…grounded. Worry no more…We are exactly where we are supposed to be.

Stay with it…Live Strong:)



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