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Wishing To Explore New Opportunities? December 5, 2011

Are you wishing to explore new opportunities?

If so, good! That is quite natural for the Spirit to crave. We are ever evolving beings and expansion is our most natural way of expression.

I find myself re-inventing, tweaking, and changing my path all the time. It’s fun, but it can also feel scary. Do you ever sit around, thinking about everything you want your life to become and wonder how you will ever get there? Then, 6 months later, do you find yourself having even more clarity about what it is you want your life to feel like, and therefore see how and why what you wanted 6 months ago didn’t unfold the way you thought it should at the time?

Be gentle and patient with yourself.

You are exactly where you need to be, and if you can trust that, it will create an opening for you to fully embrace and enjoy the process you are in right now. Whatever it is you are currently experiencing IS, whether you see it or not, playing a huge part in the intentions you have set for your life experiences. 

When you notice yourself getting caught up in self-doubt or lack of faith, remember these three things:

1) Anytime you need assistance you can ask for it. Call upon a God of your understanding, the trees, the Universe, mermaids, the Archangels, Buddha, Jesus, ferries, whatever works for you! What you seek does not matter, as long as your request is pure and asking for guidance. Then, open yourself up to any signs, visions, or messages that may come to you through conversations, thoughts, dreams, books, articles, someone’s t-shirt, a TV show, etc. Signs and Divine guidance can come in mysterious way 🙂

2) Your intuition is never wrong. It’s only our fear of being wrong or of failing that stops us from going the distance. If you feel strongly about something, it IS a sign that you are being summoned to follow it. What you find may be completely different from what you set out to find or create, but if you stay open, you will always be pleasantly surprised. It will most likely require some patience, willingness, and committment on your part, but it’s worth the effort!

3) When you are in a situation that really challenges your ability to stay connected to your dreams and passions, find one thing that really matters to you and do it every day, or as many times a week as possible. This will act as an anchor for you and keep you in the higher creative energies that bring new ideas to life.

Ok, I hope you all are enjoying the Holiday Season so far. It’s a bit strange for me being on the opposite side of the world this Holiday Season, but I am making the most of my new experiences no matter what!  

Sending you all lots of LOVE and Holiday Hugs!!

xo Erin


How Bad Are Your Bad Habits? May 6, 2010

Which Way Are You Going???

Hello there! How are you feeling today? Do you realize that our bodies are such amazing, brilliant , intelligent, and wise organisms that really tell us everything we need to know? Therefore, if you are not already, I urge you to begin to tune in and turn within, to check-in with what your body is telling you at all times. Your body will send you very clear messages when it is not feeling well, when it’s fatigued and needs rest, or when you are putting things in it that are harming you.

We all know there are certain behaviors that will reduce our life span. Our bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, eating unhealthy processed foods, and living sedentary lifestyles can and WILL take their toll. New research states that when all four of these bad habits come together they can prematurely age someone by 12 years! That is mind-blowing right! 12 years is a lot of years older, and I cannot imagine any one of us wanting to speed the natural aging process up.

Integrative Nutrition guest speaker Dr. Walter Willett, the chair of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, was quoted by Time magazine saying, “conclusions are profoundly important and worth replicating: healthy lifestyle practices that are modest and simple—specifically, not smoking, getting regular physical activity, eating a good diet and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption—can profoundly affect our chances of living to an old age.”  It is really simple people…reduce the chemicals you put into your bodies and enjoy the benefits of a more youthful, longer life. 

You would think this should be enough to know for people to really get the motivation to take action and responsibility for their health. Afterall, it seems so easy right? However, as a Health Coach, I see it all the time, that this is not the case. I am very passionate about my job and what I do because I get to help people overcome these challenges on a daily basis. I help my clients get to the root of their issues, so we can heal them on every level. We uncover the reasons for why they are not making healthy choices, that align with what they really want. As a result, they are able to resolve these core issues and I get to see people lose weight, gain energy, eliminate sickness and fatigue from their lives completely, and gain radiant, glowing health from the inside out!  

Are you someone who struggles with eliminating processed foods from your diet? Do you find it difficult to enjoy your life without excessive amounts of alcohol and smoking? Are you just plain stuck, sedentary, and unable to make any real positive changes toward getting healthier and more fit? Please share your questions and comments here for me on  the blog, or better yet, email me at for a FREE consultation!

I truly hope you take your health and wellness seriously and do for yourself, all the things you need to live a FIT life. You deserve to feel great every day! Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!!!


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