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Living The FIT Life May 22, 2011

Fitness is not something we seek, but it's a path we choose to live.

Happy Wednesday!

We have all heard the saying “living the good life” right? Well, I don’t know exactly what that means, but I do know what “Living the FIT life” means.

To live a life with optimal health and well-being, it requires a fit mind, body, and spirit right? Therefore, living the FIT life means we are living a life that feels fit in every single way, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. In my experience, a really great place to start is with our bodies and health. It is much easier to stay mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially FIT, when we are feeling physically healthy and fit. In fact it’s pretty much impossible to get more physically fit, without also feeling more joyful, peaceful, abundant, connected, and inspired.

I am aware of how much extra energy and fitness is required of me lately. Whenever we are expanding, reaching outside our comfort zone, and stepping into new power, it requires us to have a greater and deeper amount of strength to endure the new level of intense change. If we are not strong enough for the change we seek, we will most likely not be able to go the distance.

My clients often share with me, how much stronger they feel in their bodies, and how much stronger that makes them feel when they are out in the world, in business meetings, at home with their lover or partner, and in decision making moments.

Living a FIT life means we get to have the strength we need to follow our dreams, walk through our fears, and to exercise our potential. We get to live authentically and do the things that are in alignment with who we really are. To do these things takes courage; strength; mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical fitness; and the willingness to do whatever it take to walk the path of the FIT One.

Choosing to move to Australia is turning out to be a very profitable choice, offering me many gifts. I have been faced with opportunities, possibilities, my fears, and the obstacle of having a million more things to accomplish before I leave, in a very short amount of time.

I am totally aware and in complete gratitude for my level of fitness. You see, if I didn’t live the FIT life, there is no way I could have accomplished half the things I have in my life, and I most certainly would not have the strength to move countries. Today, I get to live a life that I wouldn’t trade for anything. When I experience fear, I have the strength to move through it, and when I see and feel my dreams and possibilities, I have the courage to move toward them.

This is because I love my body. I feed it foods that nurture it rather than abuse it. I think thoughts that serve me rather than hurt me. I shift those negative conversations in my head to more positive ones. I remain willing to always see things differently, and to always feel better about my current situation. I exercise regularly, I listen to my body, and I never stray too far from the FIT path, no matter what.

When you are on the path of living a FIT life, you do not feel deprived, you feel alive. You do not feel lack, you feel abundant. You will never feel like failure is an option, because when you are fit, you know you can do anything, and you will have the strength to get through whatever you have to get through, in order to feel more joy, more peace, and more deep connection and fulfillment in your life.

So, if you aren’t already walking this path, I hope you’ll join me now ūüôā




Part 4- Tools For The UNmotivated: Follow It Through April 7, 2011

Alright you guys. Here is Part 4! This is the final tool out of the 4-part video I promised you I would deliver. Once again, I cannot say this enough, that these are truly some of the best tools one can possibly have when staying on a path that leads to Optimal health, happiness, and hotness. I’m just say’n. The rest is in your hands!


If you are local, and want to get that rock’n body you dream about, contact me at to find out all the training and coaching opportunities with me that are currently available for you. We can create a program especially for your needs, that is based on achieving¬†more energy, vitality, strength, satisfaction and joy in your life, and overall hotness ūüėČ

Also, if you are NOT local, I am also available for telephone coaching where we focus for 1 hour a week on shifting your bad habits, patterns, and empowering you to make the choices and changes necessary to give you more energy, health, happiness, and hotness!

Ok, here’s Part 4. Take a look…

Cheering For You,



Everything Ebbs and Flows: Let Go and Embrace your Process March 28, 2011

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I totally did:) I met up with friends, danced, laughed, and just had a seriously FUN time. This is such an important part of life. Don’t you agree? I believe living a FIT Life means living a life that is well-rounded, balanced, and fulfilled in every way. Here’s just a little video I got inspired to do before I went out Friday night. Enjoy!


Please leave your questions and comments for my here. I LOVE hearing from you!





Crowding Out:Getting Fit The Easy Way January 20, 2011

When the clock strikes 12 am on January 1st, the majority of the world continues to party, knowing that once they wake up later that day, they will find themselves beholden to their New Year’s resolutions. This creates a pressure, one¬†I’m sure we have all experienced, to “perform perfection.”

Do these look familiar…

Did you know that 95% of people give up on their resolutions by January 10th? As a long-time trainer and Health Coach, I have my own beliefs and philosophies about why this happens, based on my own life experiences and those of my clients.

One of the worst things we can do for ourselves is put loads of pressure and expectations on our every move. This is what tends to overwhelm us, and therefore causes¬†us to¬†give up¬†before¬†we even¬†have a chance to honor our beginning. When we make out long lists of things we need to change, which somehow always seems to be everything LOL, we end up with feelings of confusion over where to even begin. So…we decide it’s just easier never to begin. Therefore, something I like to teach my clients to use as a super applicable method for¬†reaching optimal health, hottness,¬†and well-being, and something I also use daily, is a method called “Crowding Out.”

Crowding Out is exactly the opposite of dieting or going on some extreme exercise program. First of all, I am a huge fan of physical, mental, and emotional transformation. However, I believe in accomplishing transformation in a way we can maintain long-term, and therefore avoid the roller coaster of gaining and losing, gaining and losing our goals.

Instead of focusing on what things you must take away from yourself, Crowding Out focuses on what things you can give yourself. In other words, crowding out means you will begin to add in the habits and behaviors that support your overall goals, and thus allow the adding in to crowd out the habits and behaviors that do not match your goals.

So, for starters, take one unhealthy meal or snack, and replace it with a healthy one. The key here is to start small. You don’t want to feel too much pressure or else you risk “rebellion.” Make sure the first few¬†healthy habits you add in do not feel too hard to maintain on a consistent basis. Remember, we want to create healthy habits that last.¬†Make one realistic change per week for 12 weeks, and I guarantee you will feel much less pressured along the way, and will more than likely end up being able to maintain the new lifestyle you created for yourself.

Ok…here’s a good place to start…

If you’ve been eating something like this for lunch:

…try replacing it with something closer to this instead:

Do this for one week and see how you feel. More than¬†likely, you will begin to feel more energy, vitality, and have a bit more of a bounce in your step, which will just make you crave more of that feeling. That’s how it works. After the first week, keep that one healthy shift you made, and then¬†add one more.

For example, if you are doing something like this on your Saturday afternoon:

Try replacing it with something a bit closer to this instead:

If you are adding in one healthy habit a week for 12 weeks, that’s 12 more healthy things you are giving yourself in 3 months. That’s a lot!¬†Also, it’s good to¬†acknowledge that as a result,¬†¬†you will experience¬†many of your¬† unhealthy habits falling away just because there is no longer any room for them. It’s practically magic:)¬†Keep your focus on the new things you get to GIVE yourself rather than what needs to fall away, and as you begin to feel better and¬†look better, you will find it easier and easier to continue doing more of the things that support your overall goal.

That’s it…that’s all you have to do to experience physical and¬†habitual transformation. Too many people get caught up in the negative aspects of reaching health, hottness, and optimal well-being, and¬†that¬†can be extremely counterproductive. It’s ok to have goals, and to make lists…just don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to change everything at once. Changing your body, means changing your mind and your perception about what feels good to you.¬†It is a process, and one that can be deeply profound and beautiful if you are gentle¬†and loving towards yourself along the way.¬†Your journey¬†towards living a life you love in a body you love can begin right¬†now. All you need¬†is the willingness to commit to one healthy addition to your life per week. Those who commit, get fit!

I encourage you to begin your first week of crowding out. What healthy habit are you going to add in first? I’m exciting to find out! Please share with¬†me here! ¬†Here’s to your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!


4 Power Steps to Living a Life You Love in a Body You Love August 1, 2010

Hey guys! Here are some of the highlights of my 4 Power Steps to Living a Life You Love in a¬†Body You Love talk I gave a couple¬†of weeks ago. I am working on putting¬†this information as well as some other power information into an E-Book. Stay tuned for information regarding that and how you can purchase it! ūüôā

4 Power Steps to Living a Life You Love in a Body You Love- if you implement these 4 things into your life…your entire life will change

1) Vital nutrients through proper nutrition

whole and organic foods (grows out of the ground or has a mom) vs processed junk foods

– foods that fit your bio-individuality (blood type, job schedule, energy requirements, activity level)

Рknow your food…you are what you eat

2)Proper Exercise

– Build a solid foundation of lean muscle tissue for an efficient metabolism

– Consistency is¬†Key… “good day show up do the work‚Ķbad day show up do the work.” Eventually, your foundation will work for you and carry you through the tough times

РKeep it interesting so you don’t get bored and so you keep shocking the body to break through plateaus

3) Get Health Coaching

Рwe all need help, so ask the professionals…that’s what we study all day every day! No one, not even me, can do it alone, there is always more to learn and know

Рwe are so pressured to look and be a certain way, especially women in LA…but as a health coach, I teach my clients to follow good health and feeling good from the inside out. The aesthetic aspect will follow if you are healthy. If we diet and exercise to please others, to be accepted, or to fit in…we will end up feeling demotivated and burnt out at some point. The number one person worth getting fit and healthy for…is YOU.

– Practice the Crowding Out Method– learn how to add healthy things in to support your goals, therefore allowing the unhealthy things to fall away more easily and naturally, rather than eliminating everything you love and reaching a place of deprivation.

4)Ask Yourself Good Questions

– it is important to ask yourself questions all the time, so that you are always checking in with what your intention is and where your motivation is coming from.¬†In my E-Book, coming soon,¬†I will share with you my”4 Power Questions” that will help you determine what‚Äôs getting in your way of Living the Life¬†YOU love in a Body¬†YOU Love.

Please email me at for a FREE Health Consultation. Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!


Breathe into the NOW July 16, 2010

Allow your breath to move in and out of you…just like the tides.

Inhale…exhale…inhale… exhale. That’s right…just Breath into the NOW, get present, and allow yourself to relax every muscle in your body, knowing that everything is going to be O.K. Ahhhh, doesn’t that feel good…

Now, how are you? Are you experiencing intense feelings this month? I know a lot of people are. I am one of them. I must say that work has really gotten moving at warp speed for me. So many of my dreams are becoming my reality, and every day more information is revealed to me about what my next steps and plans will be. Whether we are experiencing intense pain, fear, sadness, loneliness, excitement, overwhelm, emptiness, gratitude, fullness, happiness, or in my case, all of the above, it is so important that we continue to bring ourselves back into the NOW. For example, I recently got a new huge celebrity client who has a reality show. It looks like I’ll be training him and his wife on the show as a part of the gig. We start next Tuesday. At the same time, I have been asked to speak on a couple different topics next week, but both happen to be on the same day! I will be giving my first talk at 3PM Monday, and my second one at 7PM Monday. The one on Monday at 7PM will be one of the largest groups I have ever spoken in front of, and believe me…so many feelings come up around this. Everything on my plate right now is what I have asked for and wanted for so long, and yet I have to work really hard not to get caught up in how much focus and preparation it is taking from me in order to keep stepping into this new reality. Afterall…I have created all of this for my life. Whenever we are faced with an opportunity to expand…it can feel really scary. However, growth is also exciting, and I have gotten very clear, that if we want to continue manifesting our hearts desires…we must first have the tools we need to step into the responsibility, energy, and commitment it requires.

In the past, I would be freaking out right now. I would be complaining about how tired I am, how much I have on my plate, how there just isn’t enough time to get it all done, and I’d be psyching¬†myself out to believe I’m just not good enough or smart enough to pull all of this off. However, I am learning that today I am a different person than I use to be. I have practiced such healthy habits for so long, that my brain is literally transforming daily. It really is true, that what we put into our bodies comes out of our bodies. Today, instead of collapsing with paralysis and overwhelm, I can choose to BREATHE. I can bring my attention back into this very moment and realize that I can do what I am doing right now. That is all I have to do. Just do what is right here, right now…one moment, one step, one task, one thought at a time. It never seems to fail either, that somehow, I complete all the tasks at hand with grace and so much more ease than I use to. I truly believe and know, that the way in which I approach my health and wellness has everything to do with why my life is expanding and growing. It has everything to do with why I am feeling more and more capable of stepping into the shoes of the woman I have always wanted to be. Taking care of yourself is an esteemable act, and gives you the clarity and confidence you need to push past your old limits and become someone bigger and more free in your own life.

What’s going on for you this month? I would love for you to join me this coming Monday, July 19th, from 7-10 PM at Bar Marmont for my talk on Living Healthy from the Inside Out. I will be sharing my story about my struggles with body image and addictions to food and exercise, and how I managed to overcome them. I will also be sharing My 4 Power Steps to Creating a Life You LOVE in a Body You LOVE. If you would like to attend please reply to this email and let me know. You can also just show up if you happen to be in the neighborhood ūüôā The address is 8221 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046. There will be socializing, a DJ, and dancing afterwards. I would love to see you. We are gonna rock it all night long!

Please Leave all questions or comments here for me on the blog, or email me at Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!


Getting Clear June 25, 2010

What’s up everyone! I have been thinking today, about something that happens to us all…way too often. Have you ever noticed that you create chaos and obstacles in your own life, in order to give you the power you are lacking to make a decision¬†once and for all about something? For example, some people may really hate their job, but they “need” it to pay the bills. They don’t want to do it anymore, but they don’t know what else to do either. They would never consider¬†quitting per say…so getting fired would be the only way to free them of it, and in their own minds, give them a chance to shift into something else.¬†Therefore, consciously or not, they may slack off, abuse the company credit card, talk back to the boss, etc, and eventually get fired. Another example of creating chaos to get clarity, might be abusing food or drugs and alcohol because we are unclear about what else we want to do with our time, or unclear about what we really feel passionate about. Therefore, we create a situation that ultimately causes us so much pain, that we finally HAVE to change if we don’t want to die (literally and/or metaphorically).

I write about this today because I am learning that I don’t have to suffer to get¬† results. I use to think I did. Through lots of painful experiences, I did get more and more clear about who I am and what I want. That¬†did make¬†it easier to¬†move closer to what I wanted because we must be very clear about what we want if we expect to attract it and manifest our desires. However, if we can get clear first…we can skip over the painful part. I think so many of us have success and happiness tied into the belief that we must suffer to get there…you know, really pay our dues. In my experience this is untrue. I do not think obstacles are bad by any means. I think they are blessings. When we are backed against a wall…we have to take action or be taken by our circumstance, and when we are put into that situation, most of us start making choices and getting more and more clear.

I urge you to practice getting more clear about what you want on a daily basis…before you have to get backed up against a wall. Chaos is the way in which the universe brings us opportunity to get clear. If we are already clear, we don’t need obstacles. Just a thought…I encourgae you to try it on:)

As many of you know, I am a Health Coach…helping others tap into their PERSONAL POWER so they can make the choices that are in alignment with what they want for themselves and their lives. I integrate my coaching with personal training and holistic nutrition as well. If you’d like to know more, please contact me at¬†for a FREE Consultation. Here’s to Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality! Thank YOU!


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