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INSIGHT Into Fear and Adventure September 14, 2011


Here's My Most Recent Accomplishment! 🙂

Hey everyone! How are you?

I have been really consumed with getting settled and adjusted here in Sydney, Australia. Man, I must admit, there have been ups and there have been downs. I knew this would be the case before I ever left the States. I think there is something in me that craves this sort of “being kicked out of the nest” feeling, where all comforts we once had are removed. It has really challenged me to put my beliefs to the test. I have been confronted with all my deepest fears and insecurities, and although some days are almost paralyzing, at the same time, I am working THROUGH these core beliefs and feelings.

When we work through our fears, we gain more strength, courage, and trust in ourselves and in the greater plan unfolding in our lives. This is just the way I choose to live, and there is nothing wrong with choosing not to work through your fears.

Coming to a new country has pretty much removed everything physical from my life, that I never even knew defined me as much as they did…until they were gone. I gave up my car, my house, my furniture, my job, my some of my clients, and the comfort zones I had such as Whole Foods, and my local cafe’s and gyms. I did this for the sake of experiencing a greater sense of myself, and to discover even more of my purpose. By getting lost, once again, in the deep-sea of fears and insecurities that were lying dormant within me, I am embracing the journey towards finding a greater sense of who and what I am, and what my life is really about.

I am learning that humility is one of the greatest things to embrace in life, and that staying humble will empower me to allow and receive new ideas that my pride may have blocked from me.

I am also really having to implement this idea of surrendering “my plan” to a power greater than myself, and trusting that if I let go of what “I” want, I will actually give myself a greater chance and opportunity to discover what I didn’t even know I wanted. This opens the door for possibility beyond my imagination.

Trust has been another great teacher of mine thus far, because I became aware of how much I doubted and lacked faith that if I really let go of my ideas for my life, that it would make way for the real me to emerge. I am still practicing this and learning from this on a daily basis, and it isn’t always easy.

At the end of the day, I am happy. I may be scared, confused, sitting in the vast unknown, and feeling utterly undefined, but I am happy. I know that these are the very feelings and experiences that have the power to transform me, as I commit to the willingness to keep trudging my way through them.

“We must lose ourselves, to find ourselves.” Today I may feel lost, but I also know I have gotten lost on purpose…for the sake of being found.

I want to share with you, a huge accomplishment for me. I was recently published in INSIGHT Magazine, Australia’s #1 Empowering Lifestyle Magazine. It is such an honor to watch all my efforts to follow my heart, although not always easy, manifest into physical proof that following my heart is the right thing to do for me. Funnily enough, that is the name of the article INSIGHT published of mine. 

 I just want to thank all of you, for traveling along with me, and for sharing your ups and downs with me as well. It is an honor and a pleasure to connect with you here. Please leave any questions and comments you have for me, just below this post:) You can also share this via Facebook or Twitter, if you feel it may benefit anyone you know.

You can also see more of INSIGHT Magazine, Septemeber Issue, byt picking it up at your local news stand, or visiting

Big hugs, and Be well,




When The Going Gets Tough…Just Keep Going.” April 9, 2010

Hey there my beautiful friend. How are you feeling today? I really would like to know what’s going on with you? What’s New? What’s Good? I ask you what is new and good because it can be so easy to get too focused on what’s old and bad. We all too often get wrapped up in what isn’t going well or what doesn’t feel good, without even knowing it, so I always ask my clients what is new and good:) I know it helps me when I’m in need of a mental and emotional shift! We all have those times in our lives, when things just don’t look the way we want. Do you know what I mean? Whether it’s our job, our body, our relationships, our spiritual practice, our exercise routine, our social life, or all of the above! I find that it is so important to get use to and accept the ebb and flow that is natural and totally relevant on this journey we call life. Unfortunately, it is very tempting to entertain the idea of “giving up” when the going gets really tough on us. How many of you are going through something like this now? I just happen to be coming out of a period like this myself. A girlfriend and I were talking about it the other day and she describes these ebbs as “growing pains.” I like that because that is exactly what they are.

When life throws things in your face, that are overwhelmingly painful, or almost impossible to cope with, JUST KEEP GOING. You will move through all of it eventually. Feel the fear, the pain, the sadness, the lack of energy, and show up to your life anyway! We can’t always look and feel perfectly together, pretty, and at ease. For example, when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it goes into its cocoon while it transforms. If you were to peek at this creature mid way through it going from caterpillar to butterfly, I’m sure it would look pretty messy and ugly. However, as you know, the ending result is a beautiful creature with colorful wings that can fly! When the going gets tough, the caterpillar doesnt’ say “this is too hard, I’m just gonna stop my transformation and go back to being a caterpillar.”  In fact…it couldn’t go back even if it wanted too. That is the same with you and I. Once we have begun to transform, the process is in forward motion and will happen whether we like it or not. Embrace your process, and when things feel ugly and messy, just remember the butterfly. You too will become something even more beautiful than you were before. When the going gets tough, just keep going. You will be flying high before you know it!

Have you ever gone through something that just felt yucky? Do you have trouble staying in faith and trusting your growth and healing? What do you do when you are faced with challenges that make you want to run the other way or hide from the world? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave all questions and comments here for me on the blog!


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