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A Sacred Relationship Between Spirit And Body July 10, 2011

I was just watching this video I did on my YouTube Channel, and wanted to invite you to also take a look. I would love to have you explore this idea of being in relationship with your body. For me it has been a profound awakening and as a result I am able to be in partnership with my body. I help my body and my body helps me.

We have all heard the saying, “Your Body Is Your Temple.” Well, that’s what I am talking about here. For some of you, this may feel like a stretch, or difficult to wrap your head around, and if so that’s OK. All I am suggesting here, is to explore this concept and whether or not it has the power to transform the way you make choices in your life.

Please share your comments and questions with me here. I believe feedback and sharing are some of the greatest ways to learn and grow together.

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

xo Erin


What IF!!! Fear Is Not An Option April 22, 2011

“We Are Only As Free As The Fears We Release”
-Erin Lanahan
Over the last couple days, I have been confronted with a pretty big decision for my life. For those of you who do not know this already, my mother is Australian, which makes me half Australian, and thus I am a dual citizen, one of the United States of American and one of Australia.

My mother’s family remained in Australia after she married my American father and left to come raise her children here in the U.S. All I ever knew of my Australian heritage growing up, was that I had far off relatives, that I may or may not ever come to know.

I cannot begin to explain to you how this feels, to know you are a part of something that you do not feel a part of.

I am realizing, that I have been longing to know this part of myself more than I was ever conscious of until now.

Over the last 7 years, my cousin Donna, has come to visit us here in Los Angeles several times. It’s always a very healing experience for us all, and by healing I do not necessarily mean easy. Her second visit, which was in May of 2009, felt like a disaster to us at first. All of a sudden we found ourselves confronted, looking into the big fat mirrors we were for one another, that painfully revealed to us, where we each stood in our own lives. It was not a pretty sight.  We all were a mess, and we feared for ourselves and each other.  Each of us were being run by our own addictions and emotional baggage, that had yet been resolved within us.

Family plays a major role in the way we see ourselves. Intimate relationships in our lives act like big mirrors, and those relationships reflect back to us, our inner demons and fears, inner beauty, inner wounds and traumas, and our inner strengths and hopes.

These are the people that we have the potential to become our best selves with, if we are willing to do the work, and if we are willing to decide that fear is NOT an option.

I have always wondered about Australia. I have always wanted to feel a connection to it, but there was so much inside of me that I had to work through, before I could release the past enough to make room for a new perspective.

After my cousin’s trip in 2009, we ALL began to “do the work.” We all began to heal.

We confronted our demons, addictions, emotional baggage, fears, wounds, and embraced our hopes, dreams, strengths, passions, and commitment to staying connected and becoming our best selves.

Donna returned to Los Angeles in March of 2011, and she left yesterday, April 21, 2011. I am dedicating this article to her, because she has helped me reconnect to my roots. Our relationship has shown me even more about who I am and what I am capable of. She has inspired me to recommit to the choice that fear is NOT an option. Our trip together, as a family, this time was incredible in ways that words will never be able to justify.

Thank you Donna…I love you.

So I am left here in Los Angeles, confronted with that big decision I told you about as I began this article. Is it time for me to depart the U.S. for a while and come to know Australia? Is it time for me to wake up from fear, completely, so that I may know life in a different way? Is it time to let go of what I fear I’ll leave behind, and instead focus on what I will always carry with me no matter where I am? Is it finally my time, to become a citizen of the world?

Many fears come up when faced with a decision like this. What if I leave and everything here that I’ve worked so hard to build is lost forever? What if my soul mate is here and I miss out on the opportunity to be with him? What if I miss out on having a family of my own? What if I won’t be as successful there as I could be here? What if I am making a mistake?

As these questions make themselves known, I consciously recognize that they are not me. Fear is not my truth, and it is but a program that was downloaded long ago.

I am waking up from fear. It is NOT an option, and I am stepping into the reality that we are all children of the Universe.

The world is our home, our family,  and I am ready to take the next step in my life towards expanding upon that which I already know, to embrace the unknown. This awareness is transforming What If?  into WHAT IF!!!

WHAT IF!!! there is man in Australia, that I connect with beyond my wildest dreams. WHAT IF!!! I feel more at home there than I do here in the U.S.? WHAT IF!!! this opens my valve in a way that helps me receive the level of freedom I long for to be a citizen of the world? WHAT IF!!! I find a piece of myself in my history there, that I may have never come to know if I stayed here? WHAT IF!!!

Are you confronting any big decisions, or even small decisions, that are bringing up questions, doubts, and fear in you? We all experience this, but the important part is that we recognize it, bring consciousness and light to it, and then align with the truth. What is your truth?

WHAT IF!!! fear is not an option? 🙂

My truth, is that I will never miss out on anything if I align with my Soul instead of fear. My truth is that I am FREE to make decisions because they feel good, and I don’t need to worry about the rest…because fear is NOT an option. My truth reminds me, that I am always being taken care of, that all my dreams can come true no matter where I am, and that all I have to do is follow my heart and remain authentic in my life. That’s my truth.

Please share your truth, your questions, comments, and experiences with me here. I love hearing from you and connecting with you as we travel this road together.

Thank you.




Living A Sacred Life: Here’s Some Inspiration For You! March 3, 2011


I just signed up for the Sacred Awakening Series – 21 spiritual leaders sharing their secrets to living a sacred life over the next seven weeks. It sounds just incredible, and I’m so excited to share this opportunity with you:-)

It’s totally free and features people like Alice Walker, Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, and Grandmother Mona Polacca. Calls are recorded so you can catch up with ones you miss, as well as gain access to the archives of last year’s series with people such as Marianne Williamson, Robert Thurman, and Sadhguru.

Should be fantastic, so I hope you can join in!



Love Your Life! February 8, 2011


4 Power Steps to Living a Life You Love in a Body You Love August 1, 2010

Hey guys! Here are some of the highlights of my 4 Power Steps to Living a Life You Love in a Body You Love talk I gave a couple of weeks ago. I am working on putting this information as well as some other power information into an E-Book. Stay tuned for information regarding that and how you can purchase it! 🙂

4 Power Steps to Living a Life You Love in a Body You Love- if you implement these 4 things into your life…your entire life will change

1) Vital nutrients through proper nutrition

whole and organic foods (grows out of the ground or has a mom) vs processed junk foods

– foods that fit your bio-individuality (blood type, job schedule, energy requirements, activity level)

– know your food…you are what you eat

2)Proper Exercise

– Build a solid foundation of lean muscle tissue for an efficient metabolism

– Consistency is Key… “good day show up do the work…bad day show up do the work.” Eventually, your foundation will work for you and carry you through the tough times

– Keep it interesting so you don’t get bored and so you keep shocking the body to break through plateaus

3) Get Health Coaching

– we all need help, so ask the professionals…that’s what we study all day every day! No one, not even me, can do it alone, there is always more to learn and know

– we are so pressured to look and be a certain way, especially women in LA…but as a health coach, I teach my clients to follow good health and feeling good from the inside out. The aesthetic aspect will follow if you are healthy. If we diet and exercise to please others, to be accepted, or to fit in…we will end up feeling demotivated and burnt out at some point. The number one person worth getting fit and healthy for…is YOU.

– Practice the Crowding Out Method– learn how to add healthy things in to support your goals, therefore allowing the unhealthy things to fall away more easily and naturally, rather than eliminating everything you love and reaching a place of deprivation.

4)Ask Yourself Good Questions

– it is important to ask yourself questions all the time, so that you are always checking in with what your intention is and where your motivation is coming from. In my E-Book, coming soon, I will share with you my”4 Power Questions” that will help you determine what’s getting in your way of Living the Life YOU love in a Body YOU Love.

Please email me at for a FREE Health Consultation. Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!


Everything You Never Knew You Always Wanted June 11, 2010

I feel like sharing with you something that comes up a lot when I am in Health Coaching sessions with clients. Through working with me, my clients have learned that there is more to being fit than just exercise and food, but that food and exercise help us do those other things in our lives that we require to truly feel happy, joyous, and free. For example, so many of us want the car, the house, the boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, the abundance to travel freely, the six (or seven) figure income, the hot clothes, the watch, the designer shoes, etc. We want them so badly, that we may slave for hours at a job we hate, go on diets that basically starve us and hurt our bodies, we bend over backwards to people please, and when it’s all said and done, we go home empty hearted and exhausted.

What I have found in my own life experience and through working with others, is that instead of focusing  on how to attain and achieve all these external things, it is much more effective to shift and narrow our focus. If we direct our attention toward our mental/emotional, spiritual, and physical well being…the rest will unfold before our very eyes. I have seen it time and time again.  So, for example, when we change the things we CAN change immediately, such as what we eat and how we spend our time, and do the things that honor our minds, bodies, and spirits, we begin to stand taller, smile more, get a little more bold on the dance floor, and step outside our comfort zone. This is because we feel good as a result from getting well, and therefore, as we feel good from the inside out, we look really good to the outside looking in. That’s when we begin to attract, and pull to us, that which our hearts desire. Even better yet…that’s when we achieve everything we never knew we always wanted!!!

So if you are out there making yourself crazy, trying to create this perfect life through acquiring external things, stop. Just make it easier for yourself and bring your attention back to yourself. What honors your body? When is your spirit happy and joyous? What makes you feel free and alive? Staying fit through proper nutrition and exercise will make it easier for you to do the things that make you happy, and as a result of doing what makes you happy on the inside, you will get to have all the promises that come along with it. I would love to hear your thoughts! We can all learn from each other! Please leave your questions and comments here for me on the blog!

As a Health Coach I help my clients menu plan, find exercise they love, I coach them through the obstacles in their lives that are making them feel stuck, I help them increase their energy, confidence, and personal power, and I help them decrease lack, limitations, and stress from their daily living. If you would like to know more about my services and how they might benefit you, please contact me at for a FREE Health Coaching Consultation. Here’s to your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!


Are You Overdriving Your Headlights?

When we move too fast, it gets harder to see where we currently are!

Hey guys…I am feeling so inspired to share so much with you today, that this is my second post today LOL. I have really been reflecting a lot lately and going through some intense personal growth, which is always challenging and awesome at the same time:) Something coming up for me a lot is whether or not I can really distinguish between the voice in my head and the voice in my gut. One is really loud and annoying and the other is a deep feeling in my tummy and body. My intuition is in my gut, and most of us know with our heads that we should trust our intuition, but do we really know how to? I cannot trust my intuition unless I know what my intuition is saying. What I am realizing however, is that my intuition is a body response and any other voice is in my head. My head is always telling me what I “should” or “shouldn’t” do. My intuition gives me an inner knowing, but then my head tries to undermine it. What has been very helpful for me anyway, is slowing down…a lot! I tend to get very judgmental of myself, questioning where I am, if it’s good enough, and I’m doing enough, am I moving ahead fast enough…etc. Does this ring a bell to anyone??? Ugggh, it can be so exhausting! However, when I am moving too fast, it’s like I overdrive my intuitive headlights and then I can’t see as well and run the risk of getting into an accident. For example, if we are on the highway at night, and the speed limit is  60 mph, but we are in a rush so we speed up to  80 mph bc we are afraid of being late, this will cause us to overdrive our headlights and we will not be able to navigate the road as well. Is getting their faster really worth a possible speeding ticket, accident, and adrenal burnout from stress? I use to think so, but not any more. Therefore,  my suggestion for those of you who want to live more in alignment with your inner, personal power is…slow down. Move at your natural speed. If you speed up too fast, your will overdrive your intuitive headlights, and you’ll lose the ability to see what’s in front of you. If you just go the speed limit, your headlights will keep the next guided action lit up for you to see, and you will always know what’s in front of you. Afterall…how can we possibly know where to go if we don’t know where we are???

I’d love to hear from you. Please share your stories with me! Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!


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