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Workout Wednesday- “The Pain/Pleasure Dynamic” September 30, 2009

I know I know…this was the title of yesterday’s post too. However, I talked about the profound Pain/Pleasure dynamic as it applies to Nutrition yesterday, and today I want to talk about how it applies to exercise. Now, the first I ever heard of this in this way, was in the book “Awaken the Giant Within,” by Tony Robbins, who is a brilliant man. He helped me put into words, something I have been describing to clients for a long time. That’s why I am sharing this with you…because it’s awesome!

So, if you haven’t already, please read yesterday’s post. As I explained in it, everything we do is based on pain or pleasure and how we associate things with both. For example, I know some people who HATE to exercise. They associate more pain with working out, than they do with feeling overweight and unhealthy. What they are typically doing is choosing what actions they take based on short-term pleasure rather than long-term pleasure. It may feel better in the moment for them to sit on their couch eating chips rather than go to the gym, but in a month when they have a reunion or a wedding to attend, they will suffer a lot of pain when they feel bad about themselves. So, ultimately, it comes down to what causes you more pain in the long run, unless you are fulfilled by the quick fix. I find most of us are never fulfilled by the quick fix. It just leaves us more and more empty and farther from what we truly desire. So, WHAT DO YOU WANT? Do you want short-term pleasure or long-term pleasure??? Personally I want long-term pleasure because I am seeking long-term happiness, not a quick fix.

So next time you are on the fence about working out, ask yourself these questions. “In the short-term, will it cause me more pain to work out or to sit here and watch TV?”  “In the long-term what will be more painful, to be fit, feeling great, and ready to show up for anything, or to be overweight, unhealthy and feeling embarrassed about my body?” “Which do I prefer, short-term pleasure or long-term pleasure?” Once you have answered these questions HONESTLY to yourself, you will know what to do.

So any questions for me? Please leave them here. Here’s To your Health!!!


Workout Wednesday- “Changing with the Seasons” September 23, 2009

As the seasons change, be aware of how you feel and change with them. We too, change with the seasons.

Hey everyone. How are you doing this week? I know I’ve been hearing a lot of people say they are a little low energy or feeling a bit off emotionally. I am experiencing something similar, but I do believe it’s all a part of the Summer ending and the Fall beginning. As the seasons change, so do we, and I think many of us are feeling the shift internally. Instead of sitting around moping, I think it’s a good time to get even more active. Throw yourself into your workout routine and really push the envelope.

For example, I have been really craving the gym lately, even more than usual, so I am going to capitalize on that. I am also eating quite a bit more, so I have some extra calories I need to burn, LOL. They have actually turned out to be a great source of fuel for my workouts. However, today it hit me. I’ve been doing the same amount of sets of my full body circuit, for about 4 months now. Even when I make the exercises harder, it only challenges me a little bit more. So in order for me to really crank it up, and make the most of where I am internally, I am going to add an extra set or two of my full body circuit. So on the days I do 2 sets, I’ll do 3 and on the days I do 3 sets, I’ll do 4!!! Yep, this should be interesting to see what happens. My body, mind and spirit seem to be really craving more of everything, so I am just going to trust that and go with it.

Where are you internally? Do you feel the shift of the seasons inside of you? Are you feeling a bit like you need to shift things in your life as a result? If so, let me know! I’d love to help you figure out a good way to compliment your life with a few good fitness tips. Please leave your questions and comments here for me on the blog! Here’s To Your Health!!!


Workout Wednesday- “Self Myofascial Release” September 16, 2009

Myofascial means “fascia related to the muscles.” I have chosen this subject to write about because I am passionate about people knowing what it is and how to therapy and care for their own bodies. I am a big believer in preventative health care, and myofascial release can be helpful and sometimes necessary for those who are completely inactive, all the way to the super athlete.

First, you must know what fascia is. It is a strong connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, bones, and joints and provides support and protection to the body. It runs over and throughout the entire body from head to toe and has three layers, the superficial fascia, underneath the skin, the deep fascia, which covers the muscles and helps keep them divided and protected, and lastly the subserous fascia, which runs deep inside the body.

Many people suffer from aches and pains and injuries, that are a result of trigger points. Trigger points  can be defined as “areas of muscle that are painful to palpitation and are characterized by the presence of taut bands. Tissue can become thick, tough and knotted. They can occur in muscle, the muscle-tendon junctions, bursa, or fat pad. Sometimes, trigger points can be accompanied by inflammation and if they remain long enough, what was once healthy fascia is replaced with inelastic scar tissue.” Typically this is the result of repetitive movement, bad posture, body imbalances, trauma to the body, etc. If one does not care for their fascia by releasing it with trigger point therapy or myofascial release, they may suffer from a weakening, easily injured, and full of pain body.

Self-myofascial release is a great and pretty easy way  to alleviate pain by releasing trigger points. There are the basic pieces that one needs to do this, such as a foam roller or pipe roller, a piriformis release ball, a psoas release ball, and a tennis ball for in between the shoulder blades and to release the traps (at the top of shoulders and at the bottom of the neck). You can buy the foam rollers at Perform by clicking here. For more information on what to buy, where to buy it, and how to use it…please feel free to leave all questions and comments here for me on the blog! I am happy to help you. Also, if you are in the Los Angeles area, I teach a myofascial release class that is awesome, so check it out here!  Here’s to Your Health.

This is a video I’ve used before in a previous post about “rolling out.” I’ve posted it again for those of you who heaven’t seen it yet, in order to teach you all how to do this.



Holistic Thursday- “Living a Fit Life” September 10, 2009

I hope you all know just how much I truly enjoy writing to you and sharing my life with you. This blog is an outlet for me to do something that I love a lot. I am such a believer in people doing what they love in life. It is so important, and is a main ingredient to living a fit life. Fitness comes through exercise, eating healthy, and making choices that honor every part of ourselves. I’m talking about  following that voice within, that urges us to try new things and take chances even when we are scared or don’t know how.

You see, working out and eating in a way that respects your emotional, mental, and spiritual well being is a piece of living a fit life. The other piece is exercising your ability to evolve, grow into the best version of yourself, and experience a happy, joyous, and free life. We need all of it if we want to be living a fit life.

A dear friend of mine, and colleague, Margalit Ward and her partner Shannon Bindler, run a company they call Get Up Girl, which is a women’s coaching group. They “offer inspirational programs, such as, coaching, workshops, and retreats, that help women create an ideal vision for their personal and professional lives. These dynamic group and individual settings encourage participants to honor themselves, remove obstacles, and create a clear action plan for achieving success.” (Don’t worry guys…if you are interested in this kind of support, let me know and I can direct you to the right people:)

I am a big fan of Get Up  Girl,because I am a big fan of YOU. We all need help sometimes, getting to where we know and feel in our hearts we want to be. That is what I do. I help you get closer to living a fit life, as the highest, most authentic you. Working with people like Margalit and Shannon brings me tremendous joy because together we can truly make a difference in each others lives. (Yes…you help us as well, as we all learn from each other:)  

If you are feeling a bit lost, or need a change in direction in life, or are feeling blocked from achieving your goals and dreams, I strongly suggest signing up for one of Get Up Girl’s workshops or events. They even have a free workshop tonight at 7pm-9pm and next Thursday at 7pm-9pm, called “Take Charge of Your Success.” Check them out on their amazing web site for more details: @  Make sure to read their rock’n blog too 🙂 They can truly help you shape your life into a Fit Life! Please leave all questions and comments for me here on the blog. Here’s To Your Health!


Nutrition Tuesday- “The Craving Game” September 1, 2009

Happy Tuesday everybody! I hope you are having a great week thus far. I am feeling excited to be back to the blog and I’m feeling really refreshed after a week of no blogging! Instead of blogging last week, I decided to try a few new things and to explore and experiment as my research for future blog inspiration.

One thing I played around with was what to do when I just don’t want to eat the things I’ve been eating. Like, when egg whites and oatmeal and brown rice just aren’t cutting it anymore and all I want is SUGAR!!!!!! LOL, yes, this happens to even me sometimes, but what I have learned and continue to learn, is that this is not something to worry about. There is a real reason for why this happens.

My tendency is to go “OH NO…I’m loosing all control!!!” But this is not the case, especially if I really pay attention to what is happening in my body. My cravings for food and exercise were different last week. I was wanting to eat a lot more, craving sugar, and feeling more like doing long runs than doing circuit training in the gym. So, I decided to just go with what I felt. However, in the past I may have mistaken this shift in craving for depression or the need to binge on junk food and too much time in the gym. But I realize now, that actually, my body was legitimately wanting foods that satisfied a different nutrient requirement than what I’d previously been eating for the most part. At the same time, my body was craving more cardio. So in actuality, it wanted “more food” but then it wanted to use the extra food for fuel on my long runs…which makes perfect sense!

What I new I wanted was sugar, what I thought I wanted was chocolate, cookies, candy, cakes, comfort food, etc. What I did instead was a ton of fruit, prunes, high fiber cereal with agave syrup, almond milk, low glycemic chocolate, apple juice and Macro Greens, Ezekiel raisin toast with all natural peanut butter, and LARABARS🙂  

You see, my diet consisted of mostly all natural, whole, organic foods, loaded with natural sugar, vitamins, minerals, and a ton of nutrients!!! I found that by following my cravings but looking for healthier alternatives for what I “thought” I wanted, I actually didn’t gain a pound, and in fact may have lost one or two. What does all this mean??? It means that our bodies know what they need and they require different nutrients at different times, depending on what’s going on inside of us. Therefore, it is good to follow those cravings as long as you make sure to make the healthiest choices available that satisfy the same cravings. For example, prunes instead of star burst, High fiber cereal with agave vs. sugar cereals, fresh fruit vs. cakes and sweets, and a couple bites of low glycemic chocolate vs Hershey’s. I also found that by purchasing my new amazing find…MACRO GREENS, from Whole Foods, my days felt highly nourished and my body a well working machine. By Thursday I had so much energy, I actually did a 70 minute run AND a circuit workout in the gym:) I was shocked, for having such a quick turn around from what I “thought” was the beginning of me slipping back into some bad, old habits!!! Wow, its amazing what can happen if you just LISTEN to your body’s needs and realize you should always eat to feel good, energetic and nourished!!!

So, are you experiencing any major cravings, falling off your diet, or making unhealthier choices now than you were? What are some of your eating habits and challenges? Let me help you play the Craving Game!!! Please leave all your questions and comments for me here on the blog. Here’s To Your Health!!!

Stock Photo of Papayas and cherries



Workout Wednesday- “Go Ahead…Cheat on Your Workout!” August 12, 2009


LOL, so I’m having a bit of fun with the title…so what! Ha! What I am getting at here is that, after doing the same workouts over and over, we need to step outside the box. For example, step into a boxing session, or a kick-boxing class. Maybe it’s yoga that is new for you, and others of us could benefit from something like swimming, meditation, or martial arts.

I felt drawn to this topic because I am getting a bit antsy in my own program lately. It’s definitely time to spice things up, ya know, have a little affair with something new:) This is about the ONLY time I would support or encourage having an affair people. But if you feel like cheating on your workout…GO FOR IT!!! The more different, the better.  If you’ve got a blonde, go for a red head or brunette!!! I’ve recently added yoga back into my regimen, but I’m looking for something else. Possibly a Muay Thai class or a weekly boxing lesson??? All I know is I’m ready to get dirty!!!

It’s SOOOOOOO  important to keep things fun and exciting, so instead of just getting complacent and excepting what is…DON’T! It is totally valid and OK if you are bored, but why shouldn’t you do something about it? I certainly am. I will most likely keep my 2 days of full body circuit training, my UCLA lunges and stadium sprints, but now I’ll have my yoga class and one more yummy new thing. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide to do. Hmmmmmm maybe a dance class??? SO MANY CHOICES:) BUT I will have just as much fun choosing as I plan to have doing!!!

So, what’s it gonna be for you??? I’d love to share in this process with you! Let’s talk choices:) Give me a shout out here on the blog. Here’s To Your Health!!!!


Holistic Thursday- “Be Where You Are, Without Judgement” June 25, 2009

"Being is Not Suffering" - Buddha

"Being is Not Suffering" - Buddha

One of the first things I introduce to my clients, is the sabotaging effects of self judgement. Just like life, getting physically fit is a process and it takes time to figure out the most effective, efficient, and natural way of accomplishing our goals. Everyone is different, therefore we all have a different journey to experience and obstacles to overcome when manifesting the best version of ourselves. To do something in a way that lasts forever takes longer than taking action for immediate results. However, while taking time to manifest good habits from the inside out may take longer to get you to your fitness goal, it will also never go away. You will create healthy, well balanced habits, that come naturally to you, so being fit comes easily forever. Taking action that produces immediate results, while getting you what you want NOW, will also bring you what you DON”T WANT later….right back where you started and locked in to the diet roller-coaster until you find a way off!!! 

BE WHERE YOU ARE. What I mean by this is that it is very important to your success that you never judge yourself  for just being in the place you happen to be in each and every moment. Some days you will feel strong, energetic, clear, and light on your feet. Other days you may experience fatigue, a heavier step, and not as much motivation to workout or be active. So What!!!!! None of this matters. What matters is you LISTEN to your body and DO WHAT IT TELLS YOU!!! There is a big difference between what your head or EGO tries to say you “should do” vs. what your body tells you is best for you because it feels good. What I mean by feels good, is that one vs. the other creates a good feeling deep inside and seems to resonate with your souls purpose for you. It will feel in alignment with you more so, than to push the other way. Sorry to sound airy fairy, but this is the honest truth. I have been in this industry for 15 years, and I have learned the hard way many times before I figured out the secret to success, LOL. I use to live my life beaten up by my own judgement…NO FUN 😦  So don’t do it…it’s a waste of energy and therefore counterproductive to your progress. Just BE WHERE YOU ARE and trust your process. TRUST that if you just listen to your body that is saying “REST,” you will wake up tomorrow or next week, and feel like superman/woman because you listened to and gave your body what it needed. It will balance itself out for the down time you took, I promise you.

Also, sometimes, you feel like “If I can’t have an awesome yoga class than why even go.” OR “I really don’t wanna run, should I try or not?” Here’s my advice. First of all, no one can tell you what is best for you. There is a fine line between doing and not doing something when you are feeling resistant to it. Either, rest and surrender to the decision, or go and surrender to it. The worst that can happen if you go is, you will walk in to the gym, check in, take one look at the treadmill or dumbbells, say ABSOLUTELY NOT, and turn around and go home. Or if you get your running shoes on and walk out the door, you may go 10 steps and just go NOPE, or again, you may end up having a nice walk or a slow jog? Sometimes, getting there is the hardest part and if you just get there you find the energy to get a workout in. A fit lifestyle is all about just doing your best in every moment:) Even the little stuff adds up!

What are some of the things you judge yourself for??? Do you feel guilty when you have a “BAD” workout? Do you tend to have trouble just getting to the gym or your running shoes on and out the door?? I’d love to hear from you! Please leave questions and comments for me here on the blog!!! Here’s To Your Health!!!


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