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This Isn’t About Him, Her, or Them…It’s About YOU October 13, 2011

One night, in a deep meditative state, I heard a voice from deep within in me, yet at the same time all around me say, “This isn’t about him, it’s about you.”

I was in the throes of healing from heartbreak. The guy I’m speaking of is one of those soul connections, you know the kind where you get knocked off your feet the first time you see the person? Yep, I was a goner from minute one.

This person has influenced my life in profound ways. He himself hasn’t done this consciously to my knowledge, however my response to him was what ultimately delivered so much healing to my heart, to my body, and to my life. He did not want the same things I wanted from our relationship, but sitting here now, I understand that it was best for things to happen the way they did.

Here are three of the many things I have learned from this:

1) It’s never what you think it’s about. When someone crosses your path, what you feel and experience has nothing to do with them. It’s all about you. Everything they call up in you is their gift to you, but how you handle it from there is your gift to yourself, to them, and ultimately to the world. Remember, this isn’t about him (or her), it’s about you. Take care of YOU, and that is always what’s best for everyone in the bigger scheme. If someone is meant to be there, they will remain standing in the end.

2)  As we become willing to always turn within and look at ourselves when we feel hurt, jealous, insecure, lonely, resentful, etc, we get to find freedom from these feelings. If you are blaming someone or something else for your suffering, you better get use to suffering. Suffering transforms when we choose to respond to our feelings from a place of curiosity and eagerness to learn and awaken. Then, everyone and everything becomes our teacher and instead of being trapped in victim mode, we become grateful for the experiences, and we become courageous warriors who use everything to teach us more about ourselves. As a result, we bring light to the places within us where we lack self acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and love, and we begin to accept, feel compassion for ourselves and others, experience a release from resentment as we see our part in things (even if our part is just that we are refusing to let go of old stories), and finally we begin to get a real sense of what it feels like to have self-love and a kind of real trust that knows we are being taken care of, even if we can’t see it, understand it, or explain it.

3) When we speak to others, respond to others, or share our time and energy with others, it’s important to observe ourselves and be aware if we are speaking and doing things with an intention of eliciting a specific response or outcome, rather than just wanting to be real and present with them. As we begin to observe our needs for controlling and manipulating circumstances and situations, to get certain results, we can then feel the feelings of fear that drive us to do that to begin with. For me, when I do that, it’s because I am afraid if I just be myself, vulnerable, honest, and just plain me, that I will find out the person on the receiving end thinks I’m boring, average, not cool, nothing special, and not someone they feel the need to go out of their way to spend time with and to love. The real fear is of myself, and not wanting to look at my needs for others approval as a result of not having my own approval. If I am conscious of this, I can just go right to the root of my fear, and begin to work through it by sending love and acceptance and approval to myself. If I am unable to do this, I can at least ask for help. When I have those things, I no longer need it from anyone else, and therefore I am free to respond from a neutral place, unattached to any result.

As you observe your fears, it is helpful to know there is power there for you if  can bring enough consciousness to it to shift. All suffering is just an opportunity to reclaim our power. As you begin to notice and bring awareness to your fears and suffering, you can consciously choose NOT to respond from them, and therefore as you respond from a neutral space, unattached to the outcome, you start to transform yourself, your relationships, and your life.

I don’t now about you guys, but I am flying pretty high the last couple days. As I keep sharing with you, there is a BIG shift in the collective consciousness on the 28th of October so the  days leading up to it are pretty juicy. I have given you a daily process you can be doing, to help support your transition into this next phase of the human experience. We are in for some yummy goodness! Life is gonna get really cool! However, you may be feeling a lot of intense emotions right now, and that is completely normal. Big Shifts bring up BIG Sh*t!

Ok, that’s all for today. How are you going? Please fill me in here, or shoot me an email at if you’d like to share anything with me 🙂

Love you all!

xo E


Patience and Letting Go: Practice Makes Peaceful February 28, 2011

I woke up this past Friday morning, with a feeling that still hasn’t passed. My intuition was pulling me to write about what I was feeling the very moment I woke up Friday, but for some reason I did not. Something tells me, the reason I am still feeling these feelings, is because I have yet to write about them.

(Just as a side note to this blog post, I want to thank you all for sharing this blog with me. It heals me in many ways, and I hope by me sharing my experience, strength, and hope with you here, that you find your own healing as well.)

Lately I have been overwhelmed with feelings of impatience. It unconsciously eats at me until I become aware of the frustration I am dealing with in each moment. As a result, I have been contemplating two art forms: The Art of Letting Go, and The Art of Practicing Patience.  I am learning two things from my current life experiences.

Number 1: If we want to participate in the act of loving deeply, we must be prepared to master the art of letting go.


Number 2: Life IS patience.

You see, as I feel into my feelings of impatience, it is revealed to me that I am suffering from my own resistance to letting people, places, and things go, and therefore not accepting my life exactly the way it is right now. It is a result of my inability to trust my own process to unfold in a way that feels joyful, secure, and fulfilling to me.

When I become anxious and antsy with intense feelings about wishing things were different, or frustrated that things aren’t happening faster than they are, I lose power and begin to spin out of control.

However, I am reminding myself that I MUST be willing to master the art of letting go if I want to participate in loving deeply in this life, and also, that life IS patience. This helps me shift my perception.

If I really LOVE something or someone truly and deeply, then letting him, or it go, does not mean I will lose anything. It only means I am willing to make room for things to unfold naturally and organically, trusting that there is a Divine order happening in my life. It is a win-win, because letting go of someone or something that is not truly best for you, only means that once you let it go, you will create the space for something or someone better to come into your experience, which CANNOT happen until you let go of what you think you want.

Patience is something that is REQUIRED if we want to experience peace. Life does not happen on MY terms…it happens on Life’s terms, and therefore I must adapt to life, rather than trying to make life adapt to me. Therefore, living life IS a constant practice of patience.

Today, I was getting super annoyed and irritable. I just wanted to cry and scream and blame the heavens for not giving me everything I think I should have by now (yes, i can be  drama queen :)). But… after I spewed out this yucky energy for a while, and realized how unpleasant it feels to me and anyone who is unfortunate enough to cross my path, I decided it was a self-defeating behavior, and one that I do not wish to repeat from this day forward.

The truth is, I have so much great stuff happening all the time. It may not always look the way I want it to, or think it should, but in the end, I am always pleased with the way things turn out.

I am actually appearing on TV tonight at 9pm EST, 6pm PST, on Discovery Channel’s HD Theatre. I was hired to train the one and only Ryan Freidlinghaus from West Coast Customs on an episode of “Inside West Coast Customs,” his new show. As a result of this job, I ended up training he and his wife for about 6 months even after we wrapped the show.

So you see, as much as I like to believe differently on days like today, things are good for me, and they may be moving slower than I want them too, but they are moving in a good direction, and at the end of the day…that’s the most important thing of all.

So, the moral of the story is, in the name of LOVE, learn to let go of everything you think you want…

at least just for today.

Remind yourself that letting go is the only way you can ever hold on to anything, because real love cannot be held on to. It must be admired, nurtured, and given space to become what it was always meant to become.

Also, patience isn’t just something we need as children when waiting for our parents to give us the toy or dessert we want. It is an art form, that is the very key to the doorway of inner peace.

Love IS letting go, and Life IS patience. Without these two things, we will find it difficult to feel the serenity in our hearts that we are seeking.

So, when you notice that you are giving yourself a hard time, or obsessing over something you cannot control, I hope you STOP. Breathe. Remind yourself, that just for today you can let it all go. Just for this moment, you can allow life to be exactly as it is.

Here’s to your beautiful journey, your health, wellness, and vitality.

Please leave me your questions and comments here, as it is always a gift to hear from you.

Thank you,



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