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Life Is Like A Bowl Of Trail Mix… December 6, 2011

…you never know what you’re going to get in each handful!

I know, I know…you think I made a mistake right? It’s suppose to be a box of chocolates, not a bowl of trail mix! What ever am I thinking??

Well let me tell you. First of all, I removed the box because I really prefer not to purchase any of my food in boxes. Typically boxed or packaged food means low quality and highly processed. These days, I get a kick out of making my own trail mix by wisely choosing the yummy ingredients one by one and placing each one into their separate little recycled baggies until I can get them home to mix them.

You see, the thing about trail mix is, I can take the bits and pieces of wisdom I have collected over the years, from schools I’ve graduated from, certifications I have completed, experiences I have had, teachers I have met, and personal trial and error, to successfully combine a mix that is yummy in every bite, balances out my blood sugar, and keeps me excited about the next handful. Now THAT is talent 🙂

In life, it is important to remember that we don’t have to take things as they come. We can choose not to take the pre-packaged experiences, and instead, create our own! We can take pieces of this philosophy, that belief system, and few dashes of our own intuition, and create something balanced, colorful, full of all the nutrients we need, and most importantly, something that is FUN and feeds us in every way!

I love creating my own recipes because it reminds me that life is my greatest recipe, and it teaches me that I can mix whatever ingredients I feel would make a yummy experience. I can make the same trail mix every time OR I can try different ingredients just because I CAN!

So, are you buying pre-packaged experiences or are you creating your own?

Don’t worry, there are no wrong choices. Some will appear to taste better short-term and create discomfort long-term. Others will taste healthy now, and perhaps feel a bit uncomfortable in the short-term, yet they will create energy, vitality, and soul-full expansion in the long-term. Some will just taste like ecstasy now and bring nothing but joy to your day, every day, while others just won’t do anything for you, never have, and never will. It’s all a matter of preference and YOU are the Head Chef.

You get to choose the ingredients of your life. You get to have fun doing it and enjoy every bite of it. Therefore make the most of your power to create your wildest recipes!

Happy Eating!!



P.S. Here’s one of my most favorable trail mix recipes…although I invite you to create your own 😉

-*goji berries




-*dried cranberries

-*incan berries

-*dried blueberries

-*pumpkin seeds

-*sunflower seeds

*organic, raw, sulphur free, gluten-free, vegan

I prefer to mix it up so the fruit laces every bite, but is a lesser proportion than the nuts and seeds, to create a higher protein, lower sugar combination. Again, I am always trying something new depending on the day!


Model In the City! February 19, 2010

Are You Rock’n or Popp’n Your Work Clothes??? 

Hey everyone! Wow, yesterday I got a modeling job through my agency Sports Unlimited. It was a business clothing stock photo shoot. It was really fun but it reminded me that it is so important to feel good when you suit up for work. Unlike many, I get to wear cute, comfortable gym clothes all day, like Lululemon and Nike🙂 but most people have to dress up! I forgot how uncomfortable and awkward those clothes can be. To my surprise, however, I noticed how amazing I felt in my business clothes for the first time ever (and how typical it is, that this is the case when I no longer work in corporate America LOL)! I haven’t put those clothes on in a while, so it was actually pleasantly surprising how well they fit my body and how sleek, sexy, and fit I felt.

How many of you dread getting dressed for work each day because you feel so uncomfortable in your work clothes? Do you ever think to yourself how nice it would be to get dressed and just feel like you are rock’n any outfit you put on? Obviously we all want to look good, but the most important thing is to FEEL GOOD, and boy did I feel grrrreat yesterday. I can’t wait to see the shots!

Here are three great tips for you to look and feel great in your business clothes, or any clothes for that matter:

1) Eat a good breakfast , but avoid over eating. This meal sets the tone for your day so it’s important to get off on the right foot. Eat something that nourishes your body and gives you energy, and make sure it leaves you feeling satisfied but nice and light. If you eat a meal that does not agree with you or you eat too much, you will suffer the heavy feeling it causes, as well as bloating. Yuck! If you don’t eat breakfast at all, this can cause bloating later on in the day because your metabolism doesn’t kick in till later and then you hold on to your food longer as well as retaining more water. My favorite breakfast is a green smoothie. I put 1/3 of an organic banana, 1 tblspn of organic goji berries, 2 tblspns of organic mulberries, 1 1/2 tblspns of organic flax seeds, 1 heaping tblspn of raw, live green powder (Health Force Nutritionals, Vitamineral Greens), 1/4 cup organic, unfiltered apple juice, 1/4 cup raw, organic almond milk, 1/4 cup bottled water, and 1/4 cup of raw, organic steel-cut oats. I play with the fruits I use every couple of weeks just to keep it interesting! I just blend that up, drink it down and off I go to live each day beautifully!

2) Make sure you leave your house armed with healthy snacks to carry you through the day. Keeping your body nourished will balance out your blood sugar and keep your energy nice and consistent. It’s so important to eat healthy snacks, especially when you are a go-go-go kind of person. Otherwise you are more likely to eat a huge lunch, and not necessarily the healthiest, and walk back into work feeling way too full and crashing from the lunch binge. Even if you eat healthy, be careful not to over indulge. It’s just not comfortable to be too full. It feels heavy and makes us want to fall asleep. Some of my favorite snacks are listed on last weeks blog, “In the Raw…and Loving It!”

3) Also, it always helps to go into your day feeling sleek, sexy, and strong if you’ve been sticking to a good workout program. One of my clients said to me yesterday, that when she’s working out at least 4-5 days a week, she feels more in a routine and it’s easier to keep it that way. When she only gets in 1-2 times/week she said it’s much easier to get lazy. Therefore, make sure you keep a good, consistent routine with your workouts. When your body feels in the swing and accustomed to getting a workout in every day, it won’t want to skip a day. You’ll have to force yourself to take a rest one day. The more you go, the better you feel, and the more aware of how much better you feel on the days when you workout vs. the days that you don’t. That’ll keep you motivated for sure!!! 

Ok everyone, I hope your clothes fit you well!! Here’s To Your Health Wellness and Vitality!!! Please leave all question or comments here for me on the blog. Thanks for hang’n with me!

**The Green Powder I mentioned above can be ordered on-line or you can go to Whole Foods to purchase it as well! It’s da bomb!!!


In the Raw…and Loving It! February 11, 2010


Well as some of you may know, I have been in school at IIN , The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, since the beginning of October 2009. I am doing the distance learning program since the school is in New York. One major thing my school emphasizes is bio-individuality. You see, there are over 125 dietary theories, all can be proven effective or “right.” IIN is not there to teach us who is “good” or “bad” or “right” or “wrong.” Their main concern is that we learn about all of the different dietary theories, try them on for size, and decide for ourselves what works best for our own lives, and the lives of our clients, based on bio-individuality. Therefore, I have become fascinate with eating a RAW-Vegan diet. I may eat fish once every week or two, b ut for the most part, NO ANIMAL products in my diet. I absolutely love eating this way. I have lost almost 10 pounds and feel fantastic, which is most important of all.

I know that eating this way is not necessarily good for everyone, however, I am going to list 10 of my favorite healthy snacks, that you can blend into your day to see how they make you feel:)

1) Raw Revolution bars– buy at Trader Joes or Whole Foods

2) Pure bars– buy at Trader Joes or Whole Foods

3) 1/2 organic, raw cucumber and 1/4 cup of raw, organic mixed nuts

4) 1 small green apple with raw, organic almond or peanut butter

5) 2 stalks of organic, raw celery and raw, organic almond or peanut butter 

6) Sliced organic Cucumber, sliced organic tomato with lemon, olive oil, sea salt and chopped garlic or garlic powder

7) raw, organic sunflower seeds and dried organic cranberries mixed into a trail mix

8) 1-2 slices of lightly toasted Ezekiel bread or Ezekiel wraps dipped in organic humus

9) raw, organic kale chips or flax crackers (buy at Whole Foods) with organic humus

10) organic *blueberries, strawberries, mulberries, goji berries and bananas, mixed together with raw, organic oats and organic almond milk

These may sound extremely healthy nutty to a lot of you, but I challenge you to look for them at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or your local health food grocery store. You’d be amazed at how good healthy can taste. Also, I use to be a sugar and carb-a-phobe, but I have since learned that if you eat the right kind of carbs and sugar, that are high quality foods, you really do not have to worry. Ok that’s all I got for now. Please leave your questions and comments here! Here’s To Your Health!!!


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