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Something To Explore: October 28 Shift In Collective Consciousness October 22, 2011

Hey everyone! For today’s blog, which is day #15 of my 21 days of consecutive blogging to transformation, I wanted to share with you this bit of information I received about the upcoming October 28th shift I have been mentioning throughout my last 15 blogs. Please read below if you feel pulled, and explore all the possibilities. Blessings and so much Love and Light to you all!

xo Erin

Information on 28th October 2011

Compiled by Grant Woolven

The final cycle of the Mayan Calendar is the Universal Level. It began on February 11 this year and ends on October 28. October 9 to 28 is the ‘Seventh Day’ with a theme of attuning to Divine Grace and ascension into Divine Consciousness. October 28 is the completion of the Nine Cosmic Levels of the Maya and the 108 Movements of Shiva in the Vedic tradition, and is an important day for prayer, meditation, spiritual healing, group activity and Oneness Blessings.

During the next nine months humanity has an opportunity to perceive everything in life as sacred. Carl Calleman writes: The entire cosmos will be recognised as an expression of divinity. This final transformation of the ancient (separative) mind into a mind of light will be heralded by the Venus transit on June 6, 2012; Venus will literally passage across the surface of the Sun, which will act as a cosmic mirror for humanity and catalyse a celebration of global unity.

Over 10 years ago Sri Bhagavan, founder of Oneness University, described spiritual awakening as a neurobiological process. Recently numerous teachers and scientists have also arrived at the same conclusion – as the brain is transformed the heart flowers, and the nervous system is ‘rewired’ for bliss. This process transcends euphoric states and catalyses an ongoing experience of biological oneness with the universe. Separation dissolves and the individual feels at one with their environment while still being unique.

We are the Revolution of Conscious Evolution. The Mayan Calendar and Our Era Carl Calleman writes about the Venus transit on June 6, 2012. This Venus transit is an occasion for the collective consciousness of humanity to integrate our fundamental spiritual oneness and the insight that we are now on a path toward enlightenment; where the cosmic plan is designed to lead us.

The Universal Level will be very different from the previous eight levels. To the Maya these last 260 days of the 16.4 billion year cycle are the manifestation of what all of creation has been working towards and planning for:-

It is when all things are brought together and all the conflicting ways of being, acting and thinking will be resolved and unified in a light that makes it possible for everyone to understand  everyone else and everything at once.

The underlying theme of this Level is Divine Grace; it is only through this vehicle that humanity will become enlightened. All limitations will dissolve. When this happens every human being will intuitively know and understand why the cosmic plan was designed in this way. The involuntary response will be an overflowing of gratitude to the creator and all the great masters and avatars that helped bring it to fruition. This will happen concurrently with the recognition of our own inherent divinity as the separation between man and divine will permanently dissolve. Verse 21:4 in the Book of Revelation describes this:

 ”And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there will be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.”

As balance in the two hemispheres of the brain occurs we will experience a state of pure being that is timeless. For this to occur the dualist mind with its survival oriented ego, will need to surrender itself to the ‘new mind of light’, which will function intuitively. Practices and processes that help purify the subconscious of limiting programs and unresolved emotions, and will help catalyse release from the separate sense of self.

During this level major changes in consciousness will occur every 18 to 20 days. Individuals that are unaware or unprepared may experience fear as the illusion of separate self is dissolved. The experience of an expanded state of being free from psychological dominance may be overwhelming for some and result in temporary personal collapse. The recognition of the necessity of divine grace and the cultivation of humility, gratitude and integrity, will be important during this time. The assistance of avatars, masters and teachers will also be essential for many people. Others will intuitively recognise what is happening and simply surrender to the process. Carl Calleman also predicts the end of all hierarchies and governments. If everyone lives in unity and harmony with the Divine, why elect someone to rule them?

It is important to consciously prepare for global enlightenment. It would thus seem wise for all of us to prepare ourselves, beginning today, by immersing ourselves in the cosmic flow of time and in all possible ways seeking to transcend the influence of duality in our thinking, acting and being.

Until Then the time between October 28, 2011 and the Venus transit on June 6, 2012 will be a time of adjustment for humanity, especially for those individuals who were unprepared for the shift in consciousness. This will mark the end of all limitations and cycles. The Mayan calendar will have served its purpose, as will have all other calendars, and beyond this point human beings will be completely free to chart their destiny. Humanity will live in true freedom, joy and peace.

The remaining sacred day during the eight years between the Venus transit in 2004 and 2012 is:

Date: October 28, 2011

Phase: End of Seventh Day

Ruling Aspect and Intention: 13 Sun – Ascension into Divinity

**Organising and participating in group meditations and spiritual awakening processes on this date will contribute to the emergence of a field of intuition and telepathy among human being. This will support recognising the flow of the cosmic time plan with the common focus on enlightenment.

Hey guys, here is a video I am sharing with you of a question and answer session wit one of my greates teachers Sri Bhagavan:) This may also help you understand more about what is happening and how to surrender to it. Enjoy!


Ah…Relationships: When Is It Time To Call It Quits For Good? October 12, 2011


Hey mates! Ha ha…I had to give you a little Aussie-ism as I am hearing them all long day these days:) Today is day 5 of the 21  days of blogging to transformation I have been talking about. Boy are things speeding up and life gets more interesting every day. How are things going for you? Are you doing the process I suggested?

I have recently had someone re-emerge in my life. He kind of does this. He appears, disappears, appears, and disappears. For a long time this relationship was a GOLD MINE for me because it really brought up all my stuff around fear of intimacy, lack of power, lack of self-worth and self-respect, lack of boundaries, and lack of values that align with integrity. The last time I saw this person was almost a year ago and now he’s emailing me about visiting. What do I say???

I have been meditating on this one for a couple of days now, and the message I keep getting is to let him go. I keep hearing this higher-than-self voice gently saying, “Erin, tell him where you’re at, and accept that it is time to let him go. You have learned all you can learn, and healed all you can heal from this relationship.”

The truth is, I really am a different person than I was when this guy came into my life. I believe we both played a very special, very important role in each other’s lives, but I think there really does come a point in time when we have to choose something different for ourselves. The temptation is to say, “Yeah, come visit and let’s have some serious fun!” However, from past experiences, I know where that will and WON’T get me. It’s not a matter of just not taking things so seriously and just having some fun, because believe me I have tried that with this person.

Sometimes, it’s just time to team up with integrity, to put all our money on something better, and to place the bet. Either way it’s a risk, but at least when we try something different, we have a chance of getting a better result. Otherwise , we will just keep getting the same results over and over. I don’t know what I want from this relationship. I used to think I wanted committment, or to at least explore what it would be like to be together, in monogamy. Now, I can’t say I feel that way about him anymore, so I have to wonder…what kind of room does that give us? Friends? What kinds of “friends” would we really be? I’m not certain he meets my friendship standards to be honest.

Number one priority in, or out of relationships, is to love yourself. Know your boundaries, your values, and what you are worth and NEVER compromise that. TRUST that when you align with your highest feelings and values, things will turn out for the best. My mother always said, “You can’t do the wrong thing with the right guy.” (Or girl,  guys:) I believe the same goes for friends. If we are authentic, honest, and vulnerable, the right people will remain standing in our lives, and the rest will fall away.

We must live in integrity, and let the right person drop into that space. If he or she isn’t dropping into your space and rising to the event to be with you…it’s time to graciously say “Thank you, I love you, I wish you all the best, but I must clear my space for someone better for me.”

Today was a very cool day for me. I have been making up super creative workout using trees, logs, hills, steps, and railings, and getting amazing workouts as a result. I am finding such freedom in not NEEDING a gym to get a workout in. I am realizing I do not NEED nearly as much as I once thought. I am discovering that freedom IS when you can feel happy, joyous, and free, wherever you are, under any and all circumstances, no matter who you are or are NOT with. I am finding true freedom, and for that I give thanks.

Please drop me a line or email me at to share what you are going through. Let me support you however I can as we all grow through this shift together!

Love Always,



Stop Worrying About The “How’s” June 20, 2011

Yep...this is where I'm going!

Hey there! How are you? I hope you are well, or at least finding the willingness to rediscover your own optimal health and well-being. I remember when I wasn’t so healthy or so well, and until I became aware that I wasn’t happy as a result, and became willing to do whatever it took to change that, I remained stuck.

As most of you already know, I am about to move from Los Angeles,  CA to Sydney, Australia. I officially leave the U.S. on July 28th. I am getting very excited, and today I am feeling gratitude, as well as a real pull to share with you a few things I have learned as a result of my journeys.

First of all, whenever we want to make a change or to shift something in our lives, one of the first things that happens, is we start trying to figure out “HOW” things are going to work out the way we want them to. In my experience, this does nothing but get us focused on something we have no control over, and ultimately it makes us feel bad.

Since feeling bad is not in alignment with making positive change in our lives, than focusing on “how” things will shift for us, or on “how” the right outcomes will manifest, is not an option.

Instead, I find it much more useful to focus on the things we CAN do. As we commit to our intentions and goals, and then we show up for ourselves and for others each day, providing our own willingness to do whatever it takes to move closer to what we want, then Divine events begin to unfold for us.

Once the Universe sees our commitment and willingness, it is attracted to bringing us even more of what we want. Let the Universe figure out about the “how.” You just focus on the “what you can do” now’s and stay focused on, and allow yourself to be pulled by, what you want.

Another thing I have become hyper aware of, is the importance of acceptance and flexibility as our process unfolds. Things are going to change. They will hardly EVER look the way we think they should, and there will be many bumps in the road along the way that we didn’t expect. If we can embrace our process for exactly the way it is showing up in each moment, then it helps us move into acceptance of what is. When we can accept whatever is showing up, and can perceive it as all part of the master plan unfolding, then we gain flexibility and therefore we become free to allow the Universe to answer our prayers and intentions in the way it sees most fitting for us.

This requires the last and most important thing I have discovered and uncovered on my journeys, which is how much transitional periods require us to TRUST them, if we want them to transform us. 

For me, turning things over and choosing to TRUST, is a profound tool I use and put into practice on a daily basis, this idea of trusting in a power greater than myself to carry me through, when I don’t think I can go any further.

I think we all too often get discouraged and tend to even move into intense fear, when things don’t appear to be unfolding in a way that will result in the outcome we really want. However, in my experience, if we TRUST that our intentions ARE unfolding in a way that will produce equal or even BETTER results than what you think you want, than that is exactly what happens! It feels like magic…and well…it kinda is 🙂

So that is where I am currently at in my process, and these are the insights that have come to me to help me through this transitional period, and thus made this transition absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL!

I would love to hear from you about what’s going on with you and the Divine events unfolding in your life as well. Here’s to your health, wellness, abundance, peace, prosperity, and vitality!

Lots of Radiant Love,



Our Teachers Are Everywhere: This Is What A Fence Taught Me March 6, 2011

Yesterday morning, which was a Friday morning, I woke up and began my usual routine. However, as I sat down to post my morning Facebook post, in an effort to connect with all of you, I realized that I just really had nothing to say. That moved me into contemplation mode, from which my status for the day emerged. “Sometimes, the best thing to say…is nothing at all.”

Then, I proceeded to twitter and shared my mantra for the day, which was “Today, I will listen.”

As the day unfolded, conversation after conversation, song after song, interaction after interaction, thought after thought…I remained committed to allowing the listening to happen. This was not always easy, as there were many moments I experienced that I wanted to blurt something out, or respond to you on Facebook, etc. But when I noticed those urges, I repeated my mantra…”Today, I will listen.”

I began to really hear you, to hear my heart beat, and to hear lyrics of songs I never knew existed, because I had decided so long ago I didn’t like that song.

The outcome?

Every conversation, every drum roll in my heart, and every lyric in songs I supposedly didn’t like, had a message for me. I learned, when I am silent, there is beauty everywhere, and from the beautiful silence do our greatest teachers emerge.

I went on a long run yesterday morning and, as per usual, was contemplating my daily thoughts, ideas, and feelings. I felt so connected to nature and so deeply inspired by the feelings I was experiencing as I contemplated listening, that I could not have felt any more free, happy, and more alive.

Right at that very moment…I ran smack into a fence.

This is what a fence taught me:

At first, I was a bit shaken up, and startled. My I-pod earphones had gotten caught on the fence, and as I continued to be in motion after I hit the fence, they got ripped out of my ears! I came to a stop, looked back, and my headphones were dangling on the fence, and my left pinky finger was bleeding.

“What the Heck??” I said to the Universe. “Thanks a lot! Here I am, trying to be all connected to you, and you let me run into a fence? You’ve got to be kidding me. Screw You!”

As you can see, I clearly, initially took this “run in” very personally. I felt angry, bitter, and under attack, until…I remembered my mantra. “Today, I will listen.”

Instead of feeling bad…I chose to open my mind, open my heart, and to open my body and ears to let listening happen.

This is what I heard…

“Are you still willing to put yourself out there, and follow your dreams, even if it means you may get roughed up a little along the way? Are you willing to stay committed to your mission and your mantra, even if things don’t look the way you think they should? Are you willing to keep an open heart, mind, and spirit, even if love shuts the door on you? Are you willing to turn to me and listen for the next indicated action, every single moment of the day? Can you accept that everything that happens in your life, is part of a greater plan that you will never be able to figure out? Can you let go of needing to understand everything, and just consider, that maybe what is currently appearing as though it’s “in” the way, IS the WAY?”

After I heard all of those questions within myself, I began to realize how many times in my life I’d had a “run in” with someone or something, and let it deter me. I began to understand that I was being shown the willingness I must be prepared to have, to stay on my path, and follow my heart, no matter what.

I heard that the only way one can change anything, is to first accept the way things are right now. These lessons had me at “Are You Willing?”

My answer?…


So there you have it. I am inspired, yet again, by the profound teachers and lessons, that emerge from the willingness to let listening happen.

Has this reminded you of anything in your life? Have you ever tried to just listen for one whole day, fighting any urges that come up for you around the need to speak, when it really isn’t necessary? Do you speak just to speak, or do you wait until you have something to say before you interrupt the listening? What people, songs, animals, trees, are you missing out on? What are your teachers trying to teach you or show you that maybe you aren’t giving yourself the chance to learn and see?

I encourage you to listen. Listen for your heart beat, listen for the message someone is really carrying, beneath the actual words they are speaking.

Listen to the trees, and never take for granted, the wisdom of a fence.

Here is how I applied my lesson on acceptance, that was the direct result of my encounter with the fence. I traveled to UCLA today, to film the best butt and leg workout EVER…but something else happened instead! Take a look:

Please leave your questions and comments here for me! I love hearing from you:-)

Love, Love, Love,



Letting Go: Be A Vessel February 2, 2011

Hi there! How are you? Things over here are definitely moving along and many cool doors are opening. I am now writing regularly for Tiny Buddha and Positively Celebrity, and you can check out some of those articles to your right, in the green column under “My Articles-Inspirational and Educational.”

I am really excited about writing for these sites and for the projects that I am working on launching over the next few months, and I apologize if all the extra new work has pulled me away from here a bit lately. I am still getting used to all the new work and my new schedule and deadlines LOL! I’m sure you can relate, there can be days that feel really overwhelming. Every day, but especially on those days, I really work at maintaining focus on all the good that is happening. When we begin to receive more of what we want, it comes with new responsibility and it requires us to step outside of our comfort zone too. I just wanted to write this today, to remind both you and myself, that we must not forget that life comes through us.

When I remind myself that I am a vessel, a channel, and messenger, then it allows me to get present and to get out of my head and focus on how I may be of service in the world rather than what I can take from the world. It also takes off some of the pressure of feeling like I have to know all the answers or have things figured out. Instead, I can just do the next indicated action, and take my life one day at a time. This helps me a lot. I hope it helps you too.

I am going to start video blogging soon! Hopefully by next week:) This way, you will get to see me face to face, as well as enjoy written articles. I am looking forward to getting my first vlog up. Keep checking back, because I’m hoping to have my first one up by Monday. Also, I just added a new page up top called “Welcome To E.L.M.” where I posted a welcome video to you. It’s my first video up on this site so I’m excited. I feel like it’s a good way to connect with you…and hopefully you enjoy this new way in which I will be communicating with you! Here’s the video:

Todays Lessons: Just for today, let go of everything you think you know. Let go of everything you think you are, and just allow yourself to be a vessel. Let the wind blow you, and feel what wants to come through you. Let inspiration fill you up and pull you into your next indicated action 🙂

Thanks for dropping in here at Erin Lanahan Method. Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!


Happy New Year:5 Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier In Life January 1, 2011

Hi! I am reporting here from the California coast, and we have exactly 6 hours and 50 minutes, and counting down, until we transition into 2011.

I have been inspired by a personal development blog to write about some of my Life Lessons and things I wish I’d known earlier in my life. I feel like this is the perfect time to reflect on the past, as I make a conscious decision this New Year’s Eve, to feel gratitude for all that has been, to bless it with love, and to let it all go, putting it all behind me.

Tonight I contemplated going out on the town with friends, and believe me, there was no shortage of options for me to choose from. However, when I really got quiet and tuned into my own gut, heart, and listened to my intuition, I was able to feel certain that tonight is a night for me, to sock in, to get clean and dressed in my comfy pj’s, with a notebook and pen. I plan to write a letter to all the things I’m letting go of, and then I will move to my next lists that will acknowledge all my accomplishments in 2010, and list out my intentions and goals for 2011. Then, I will make a vision board, exercising my creativity of course :), and finally, end the night deep in meditation as the clock turns from 11:59pm 12/31/10 to 12:00 am 1/01/11.

Tonight I plan to get super clear about my vision for this coming year because I feel the excitement as it nears closer. I know that I have so much to look forward to and I am already welling up inside with gratitude.

I have grown into a place in my life, where I really have no regrets anymore, because I truly believe that everything up to now needed to happen exactly how it did. However, life would have been a lot easier for me in the past had I known the things I know now.

Here are 5 things I wish I would’ve known earlier in my life, that if I had known, would’ve saved me lots of suffering.

I wish I’d known…

1) That my body is sacred. I did not feel this way about my body as a child or teenager, or even up until recently (and I’m 31 now). If I had known just how sacred my body is, I wouldn’t have treated it the way I did, or allowed others to treat it the way they did. I am grateful that I finally do know that my body is beautiful, wonderful, and a sacred place for me to live in and inhabit, and therefore, I will treat it so. I will feed it foods that nurture it, I will give it exercise, I will only engage with people who treat it with love and respect, I will keep it free of emotional, physical, and mental toxins, and I will appreciate it exactly the way it is every day.

2) That I AM love and deserve nothing but love. Most of my relationships were not very healthy. I have always had good friendships, but romantic relationships are a different story. I have come to learn that they were a mirror for me. They were showing me where I did not respect or love myself, and however painful it was at times, I know that I learned from all of it. It would have been nice to know this earlier in life, but I am just happy that I know it now, and moving forward, I will recognize when someones treatment towards me doesn’t feel right in my body. I will pay attention and I will use it as a tool, to ask myself what it is showing me about myself. Where do I still judge myself or where am I still unable to feel validated and good enough? Then I will let that person go who does not have my best interest at heart, and I will do my own work on why I even attracted them in the first place.

3) That life is happening for me. I use to feel like a victim a lot. It always felt like life was happening to me. This disempowered me in a huge way. This is the perception that there is no higher meaning or purpose or plan behind the things that happen in life. For me, I just cannot live that way. I have to believe there is more, there is depth, purpose, meaning, and a reason for all things. So I choose to know life as happening FOR me and FOR us. This perception allows me to see all things, whether they are scary, painful, challenging, joyous and amazing, or less than ideal…as opportunities for me to continue to break down the barriers within myself that keep me from fully showing up in the world as my truest, most authentic self, living my most amazing and best life. These opportunities give me the inspiration I need to continue searching for meaning and helping others do the same. Some days, that’s all we have. I choose to be inspired vs. intimidated.

4) That I AM worthy of great things, and if I believed that, then I wouldn’t be trying so hard to prove it to others. My entire younger years were spent running around, winning this or that, accomplishing, achieving, proving, and at the end of the day…I still didn’t feel like enough. I blamed others for a long time for not granting me the validation I longed for, poured my heart out for, and gave my blood, sweat, body, and tears over for. Then, recently, I woke up. I realized that I am the ONLY person who can validate me and allow myself to feel worthy of great things. The fact that I was trying so hard for others to do this was the evidence I needed to show me I did not believe it to be true within myself. Now, as soon as I see myself people pleasing and looking outside myself for validation, I know right away that I am really seeking my own validation, and I actually have an inside job to tend to 🙂

5) That ultimately everything we do, mistakes or not, will be used by a power greater than us, for the greater good…the bigger picture plan. I use to feel so much guilt or regret or suffering over choices or decisions I made, or about things I did that I was not proud of. I spent years of my life feeling shame, self-loathing, and disappointment over “who” and “what” I was, defining myself by how perfect or imperfect I was in my own eyes. I don’t do this anymore. I have learned, or chosen to believe, as a result of my own journey and self-development path, that EVERYTHING gets used to heal the whole. Even if we do something awful or terrible, just to learn never to do it again, there’s a source bigger than me that will make it good, and all is always forgiven. This helps me forgive myself and others, because I know it is not up to me to understand everything, except that all will be made good.  I know this in my heart of hearts, that all is always made good.

So these are some of the things I’ve learned, and although I may have saved myself suffering had I known earlier in life, I consider myself to be blessed and lucky to know what I do know now. I am grateful.

Thank you all for participating with me here. I appreciate you. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2011, filled with all our hearts desires.

5 hours and 40 minutes and counting…

I love you,



What Are You Holding On To That Needs To Be Released? December 14, 2010

Hello Everyone! How are you? I hope you are inviting in your opportunities today. In my last post, called What Being Fit Means To Me, I said I’d be back to write this article, so here I am 🙂  I talked about the Vacuum Law of Prosperity in that post (so check it out if you haven’t already), and I gave you access to a cool clip on You Tube that I found interesting, informative, and applicable. So…What are you holding on to that needs to be released? Like the Vacuum Law of Prosperity states…we must clear the way, to create a vacuum, so the universe has space to deliver something new.

Over the weekend, I applied this Law  to my life in many ways. I began taking inventory of the people, places, and things that I had been unwilling to let go of up to that point. I noticed how much stuff I had lying around, filling up drawers, closet, and my brain. I decided to give my house a complete makeover and I vowed that I was finally ready to LET GO of the past. I was ready to uncover, discover, and discard. So all day Sunday I went through drawers, closets, bags, piles of papers on my desk, and I was brutal! As I tossed things into the “GO” pile, I noticed how each thing, whether it was an old photo, a card of birthdays past, an old plane ticket, a pair of shoes an ex bought me, or a jacket I bought myself  for my first job, there were feelings attached.  A lot began to surface for me. I took a trip down memory lane and it stirred up all the feelings attached to those periods in my life. That’s when I realized the power of clearing out and making space. It’s not just  about the stuff. It’s about the energy the stuff creates in our environment. These things of the past are like anchors, keeping parts of our consciousness where it use to be. As I cleared and cleansed my house, I cleared and cleansed my heart, my soul, my mind, and my body. I not only made space in my external world, but I created space in my internal world, and I made a very clear statement to the Universe that says “YES I am available, open, and ready to receive your gifts”. I believe that our external world is a reflection of our internal world, so I couldn’t deny that my house was mirroring back to me, all the people, places, and things that I was remaining emotionally attached to and unwilling to release. As I took a look around, and noticed that every nook and cranny of my place was filled, I could see why I’d been making it so difficult for the new to enter my life. Actually, a lot of the stuff I had, was not anything I even really wanted or used anymore. It’s just that I had always been afraid that if I threw it all away, I wouldn’t get anything better to replace it, and then I’d have nothing. This fear was coming from Limiting Beliefs and LACK. I was basically telling the Universe that I didn’t trust it to bring me something better, and so of course it could not. I have NEVER filled so many trash  bags, at one time, in my life! For whatever reason, I was ready…ready to let go and let God. Today, I sit here, open, available, aware, full of space, and in awe of the gifts that are already pouring in. I am grateful…oh so grateful.

What are you holding on to that needs to be released? If you are feeling stuck or like you just cannot move past certain patterns and behaviors, consider letting go of the things that are sitting around, both internally and externally, that no longer serve your highest good. I’d love to hear your thoughts and process around this. Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vacuum Vitality!

If you seek Health Coaching, please email me at

Happy Holidays!



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