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Are You In The Pressure Cooker? October 27, 2011

Hey guys. I am wondering who of you are feeling some added intensity lately? The pressure is on and it’s increasing daily. For me, almost every minute of every day the last couple of weeks have been the most confronting, uncomfortable experiences I think I have ever possibly had.

Whilst this may be true, I am reminding myself that there is gold in the discomfort. Some days I have literally just wanted to run. I don’t know where exactly, because ultimately I cannot run away from myself. However, it hasn’t stopped me from trying to plot my escape plans, ha ha!

How about you? Are you feeling something similar? As October 28th is coming up on us tomorrow, you may be noticing yourself and others getting more serious, more intense, and feeling almost as though there is a pressure upon you. This is because there is.

We are experiencing tough love. Tough Divine Love that is. What has been the level of consciousness up to now, no longer works for the longevity of this planet or for the human race. Therefore the energies are shifting and they are not too tolerant of anyone or anything that isn’t shifting with them. Change is upon us, which is why you feel the pressure. You will feel even more pressure if you are resisting the changes you are being called to make. 

For me it feels like I am being pushed into something I am terrified of, even though I know it’s really just the unknown that scares me. I am actually well aware that where we are headed is beautiful, loving, peaceful, and connected. This does not stop me from also experiencing the fear however.

Feeling fear and discomfort is ok as long as we stay conscious about it and don’t allow ourselves to get attached to it. Just observe it. Obviously some days are easier than others.

I am usually pretty good with handling my fears, insecurities, and feeling under pressure, but lately it has been multiple fears and insecurities confronting me almost every moment of each day. This is WAY more pressure than I’ve ever had to manage before, so it’s no wonder I’ve taken a good look around trying to locate the nearest exit door, LOL 😉 

 I have thought up all different scenarios about why I’d be better of bailing on my new endeavors. At the end of the day however, I know that anything that brings up this much stuff for me is a GOLD MINE. I can just stay with it long enough, I will be blessed with gifts. This goes for you as well.

Don’t give up before the miracle happens. I love this saying and it’s one I keep repeating over and over. I hope you’ll do the same.

I am super excited about tomorrow the 28th! I’ll be dancing and basking in the presence of love with a group as we celebrate this shift in collective consciousness. I hope you grant yourself room to reflect and to be in joy during such a special time on the planet. We are so lucky to be alive right now!

Sending you love, light, and blessings!



Contemplation and Observation- Day 2 of Transformation October 9, 2011

Hello all! Happy Day # 2 of transformation! If you don’t already know what I am talking about, I posted and article yesterday that will fill you in, called Prepare For Transformation: 21 Days of Blogging 🙂 Please join us as we go deeper within ourselves and awaken!

Today I want to talk about contemplation and observation. I find myself reminding my clients as well as myself, that healing is simply a result of acknowledging what currently exists, without trying to change it, avoid it, judge it, or run away from it.  To really BE with ourselves is the goal. Can you really BE with your pain, BE with your fear, BE with the vast unknown that may emerge when you begin to venture outside your comfort zones?

As we allow ourselves to observe the parts within us or the physical aspects of our bodies or personalities, that we still have not found a way to accept, let us contemplate on those areas. Feel your lack of acceptance in those areas, observe the feelings that this lack of acceptance kicks up, and just BE with it.

We spend so much time and energy making up stories about our feelings, running from them, and trying to change them, and then we wonder why we feel such deep sorrow and suffering at times. Suffering is not in  the facts, it is in our perception of the facts. As you begin to allow yourself to feel things, without trying to change them, the things you feel will change. They will transform you as well.

Practice observing your reactions, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. Notice your own fears and triggers, and when you say or do something that feels like a misrepresentation of how you want to show up in the world. BE with the fears underneath your reactions and behaviors. BE with your lack of acceptance, and then begin to accept all parts of yourself.

Accept your age, your wrinkles, your body shape and size. Accept your fears, your circumstances, and your insecurities. Accept the you that you have been rejecting all your life.

BE with your soul, and give your mind a break. Think from your heart and from your gut.

Contemplate on where you have yet to accept yourself. Observe your thoughts and feelings about yourself. That’s it. Then accept yourself exactly the way you are right now.

You can practice doing this with others as well. Observe your judgments of them. Contemplate on your perceptions of the world. Notice where you are in fear, are run by limiting beliefs, and where you lack acceptance and compassion for yourself, others, and the planet. Then change it. Just accept all of it, right then and there.

I too am on this journey with you. I am watching my every move, every thought, and every feeling. My desire to awaken and experience great love, joy, peace, and oneness, overrides all other desires at this point in my evolution. I have come to understand that nothing else is really all that important compared to the opportunity we all have to finally feel connected, healed, and at one with all that is.

How are you going? I would love to hear about your journey. Thank you for being a part of my life.

Love and Light,


P.S. Here is a video clip of me, just checking in with you! I also put it up on my youtube channel🙂



Letting Go Of Attachment: The Key To Optimal Health, Well-Being, and Freedom May 18, 2011

So obviously when one decides to move countries, there is a letting go process that begins to happen. There is also a point at which I have become super aware to all the attachments I have to things, people, places, ideas, patterns, habits, etc, that I wasn’t even aware of!

As someone who is on a path, seeking freedom, abundance, optimal health and well-being, connection, love, and oneness, I am waking up to certain things along the way as a result. As I begin to allow my mind to expand, and I play with new ideas and step outside my comfort zone more and more, I get to find out that I am not so dependent on those “attachments” as I once thought I was. Instead, I am finding that it is really freeing to be able to let go of our attachments and find true freedom within instead.

True freedom comes when we can love who we are, feel connected, have a sense of inner peace and joy, know that we are provided for, that we are safe and secure, abundant, sexy, and living on purpose, no matter where we are, who we are with, and no matter what is going on around us.

When we hang on too tightly to old ideas, things, and limited beliefs, these attachments can ultimately hold us back from living our best life as our best self.

Here’s a video I did for you on this exact topic. I hope you dig it! 🙂

Sending you light, love, and blessings!




What’s In the Way IS the Way… October 6, 2010

To get to the other side, we must face the challenge at hand.

Well, I don’t know about you, but this weather is really resonating with me right now. After all the heat and dryness last week, this feels like such a treat! The rain feels so cleansing to the air and land, which happens to be a perfect vibrational match to the cleansing I feel inside of me. I had such an amazing weekend! It was my birthday on Saturday, and I spent the weekend at a ranch in Topanga Canyon, doing healing meditations and lots of introspection and reflection work. I feel so grateful for the information available to us within our very own bodies.

Have you ever heard the saying “What’s in the way IS the way?” I love this saying because it is so true. For example, when your kitchen is extremely clean, and a dish or two gets dirty…its pretty easy to wash them right away, and to maintain the clean state of the kitchen. However, when work gets busy, and you are out and about and running around all over the place, it doesn’t seem like it takes long for the dishes to pile up does it? When there is a kitchen full of dirty dishes, most of us will feel a lot of resistance, and try to avoid it for a while. The bigger the mess, the less we want to dig in  and do something about it. But like the saying goes…”What’s in the way IS the way.” The only thing that will get your house clean again, and create a comfortable space for you to live in, is actually doing the dishes!

This is what my weekend was like. Our bodies are like houses. It is important for us to keep them clean. I try to keep mine maintained the best I can, but there are times in my life that get very hectic, or there are transitions I am going through that make it more difficult, and as a result things will get a bit messy in my body and therefore my head. These messes are typically made up of suppressed emotions as well as less than ideal food, eaten on one too many occasions, LOL. I usually can tell things are “piling up” and getting messy, when I start feeling “dark” feelings like confusion, sadness, depression, claustrophobia, anxiety, or hopelessness, or when I begin over- thinking a lot and totally spinning out in my head. This brings me to the gratitude I feel for meditation, reflection, and introspection work. When we go within, we can take a look at what needs to be cleaned, and then, by bringing our awareness to it, and allowing ourselves to fully feel what is there…we GET to wash ourselves clean of it. So many people drink, use drugs, food, sex, or shopping, to numb their feelings out. Just like a smelly, dirty kitchen, the bigger the mess, the scarier it is to face. We are never quite sure what we may find when we stick our hands in there. However, when we use “numbing out” agents to avoid our feelings inside…we get nowhere! The only real way to heal and to feel better, is to walk into the mess and clean it up. It’s never as bad as it seems from the outside looking in. When we heal ourselves from the inside out, it makes a positive shift in our actions, and therefore we begin to make much healthier choices.

I got to clean up a lot of messes inside of me this weekend, and I am feeling extremely good about who I am. I am truly grateful for this life I GET to live, and for the journey we are all on together. Today, take 5-10 minutes to turn inward. Ask your body to show you where there are any messes that need your attention and cleaning. Then stay focused on your breath and allow the silence to love you and nurture you. You may be surprised how much relief you get from this gift to yourself.

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

Yours In Spirit,



Holistic Thursday- “Kundalini Yoga” October 1, 2009

Ahhhh, it’s 11:05 pm on Wednesday night and I feel amazing. I just got home from a kundalini yoga class I took at Golden Bridge. Dr Gurudev Neil taught this evening. He is so healing and he focuses the class mostly on shifting our limiting thinking, healing wounded places in the body where we store emotional pain, and releasing resentments and ill feelings toward ourselves and others. I really needed his help tonight because I have definitely been letting go of a lot lately. So thanks to you Gurudev! I am honored and grateful!  

So many of us walk around with pent up emotions or thoughts that rush through our minds a million miles an hour that do not serve us. These feelings and thoughts do not go away on their own. It takes conscious effort to shift our thoughts and energetically clear our emotional karma, if we desire all the happiness we deserve and are entitled to. For me, there are lots of different ways for me to shift my thoughts. When I have a negative thought, I either immediately think of something that creates positive emotions, or I say an affirmation. Another thing I can do is GET OUT OF MY OWN HEAD and call someone else to see how they are doing. Being of service is such a great way to shift from a negative place to a positive place.

When I am full of painful emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, and loneliness or sadness, which can be kicked up by running into an old fling, going through a break-up, fighting with someone I love, etc, there are a few things I can do for this as well. In order to help me feel through them fully, in order to process them so I can move on in my life without the weight of such things holding me back, I find that meditation helps a lot. This gives me an opportunity to be still and silent, and to go into my body to be alone with my feelings. When you bring attention to something, and once it’s acknowledged…it goes away and you are left with only space, light, peace, and pure joy. Also, yoga of all types, especially kundalini yoga, helps me with both shifting my thoughts and clearing unhealthy emotions.

I can definitely feel all the released feelings floating around in my body ready to be flushed right now from class tonight. I’ll be drinking lots of water tonight and tomorrow to flush the toxicity out of me. I feel great, tired, a bit sick in the tummy from all the intensity, and ready for bed. I hope you all have a great weekend. I am turning 30 Friday!!! Yay! Here’s to OUR Health 🙂 Night!


Holistic Thursday- “Silience” July 30, 2009


A man meditating by the sea photo

I am feeling very pulled to talk to you all about SILENCE. I am learning more and more about this myself each day that I am faced with all my daily “To Do’s.” However, over the last year or two, I have made it a conscious effort to add a few minutes or 30minutes, of silent meditation to my list. I am not perfect at doing this every day yet, but I find it makes a big difference to my ability to cope with the noise and business of every day life when I do. To really be in the NOW is not something most of us know how to do, but being in the NOW means being PRESENT, and being present means learning the art of  BEING. This brings me lots of joy and refuels me quickly so that I can keep moving with energy I cannot and do not get from sleeping.

Just like a computer needs to be shut down regularly to allow it not to get overloaded, the same goes with our mental and emotional bodies. To truly here our creative voice, or to feel rested in a way that sleep cannot achieve, we must quiet our inner voices and allow the truth of who we are to emerge.

I am a big believer in honoring myself and being kind to myself. You should try it with yourself too. Treating myself with respect means giving myself everything I need, and something I NEED is just a few moments of SILENCE a day. Why not? We are constantly bombarded with noise every second, with the radio, the television, people on their cell phones, background chatter, traffic, etc. You know what I’m talking about. Pay closer attention if you don’t.

We all deserve a little time to ourselves, something that is just ours, not interupted by or shared with anyone else. So let this be your quiet time. Whether that’s in the car with no radio  or in your bedroom where the traffic, TV, and roommates/family cannot get to you, just try it. You will be surprised how much you decompress in a very short time.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you wonder why it’s hard to cope with everything on your p[late? Do you feel like there is always too much to do??? I feel ya, but there is a way out of that suffering. Please leave any questions or comments you have for me here on the blog! I’d love to help you on your journey if I can!!! Here’s To Your Health!!!!


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