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Expanding Your Light: How Feeling Uncomfortable Can Be A Good Thing September 30, 2011

Hey everyone. I have so much to share with you! As you know, I have been getting my feet planted on the ground here in Sydney, Australia. I believe I have been pretty open with you about my journey thus far, and boy do I have more to fill you in on :+)

Do you know the feeling you get when starting a new fitness or health program, and how uncomfortable it can be in the beginning? Well, that is the way everything feels when it is completely new to us and foreign to our bodies.

I knew before I ever left the States what an impact this move would have on me physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. In order to get to the good stuff however, I have to be willing to go through some of the challenging and uncomforatble stuff first.

It is common to experience a deep sense of resistance around certain actions and choices, when we realize they may create chaos and discomfort for a while. Unfortunately, it is this sense of resistance that can tend to keep us from creating any movement, or from fully embracing the very changes and decisions that have the power to bring about transformation in our lives. 

While I knew moving was going to be a serious ride, with many ups and downs, and although many fears came with that knowing, what was even stronger for me was my belief in all that I would gain and benefit as a soul , a spirit, a person, a friend, a lover, a writer, a coach, a trainer, a sister, a daughter, and more.

This is the same exact thing I tell my clients when they struggle with staying motivated. If we focus on the things that feel scary or uncomfortable, we won’t get very far will we? Stepping into our highest selves, and living our best life, requires more than that from us. We must remain focused on the feelings we want to experience in our lives, such as freedom, creativity, exploration, feeling fully expressed, and experiencing oneness, authenticity, and true connection. These are the feelings, that if we focus on them, will carry us through all of our fears and doubts. As we move toward what we want, it is common to confront lots of discomfort. Feeling uncomfortable is not a bad thing. Feeling uncomforatble can mean a few things, such as:

  • You are no longer in alignment and it is time to make the necessary changes to get your life and yourself back into alignment with your highest self and purpose.


  • You are stepping into the unknown and exploring new territory. This means you are growing, evolving, and expanding


  • You are not accepting where you currently are, and therefore are being called to explore a deeper sense of acceptance in your life, such as acceptance of yourself, of your loved ones, and of what is currently showing up inside of you and all around you. You may even want to explore what it’s like to accept that life isn’t suppose to look like anything. It just is what it is, for each of us.

I have just recently been hired to help run a Heath and Well-Being retreat centre in The Mornington Peninsula, just outside of Melbourne,  in Victoria, Australia. Yep, I am on the move again. I was just down that way last week for about 5 days, for the grand opening, to explore the offer they made and the space they have created there, and to really see if it felt like an authentic decision and something that would be good for both them and me. At this point in my growth, it does feel good, and I have decided to go have a new experience and see what unfolds from it.

Being a part of running the retreat centre will definitely require me to step outside many of my comfort zones. There will be things I love to do and many things I may feel resistance around, but all in all, I will gain a lot of new insight, awareness, and absorb so much new information that can only help.

Over the weekend there was a workshop held there, called Natural Order Movement Patterns. This type of workout has to do with connecting back to our roots and moving the body like it was designed to move. We did all kinds of exercises with rocks, logs, and different types of climbing and crawling exercises just using our body weight, but moving in ways we just rarely, or do not ever, move anymore. It has totally opened me up in many ways about how to improve upon the coaching and fitness programs I currently use for myself and my clients, and I feel inspired.

Inspired. This is a word I love. This word has the power to change minds, to shift people’s actions, and to change the world. Whenever I am walking through something new and uncomfortable, difficult, or scary, I always seek the inspiration I can find within the experience. This is sometimes the ONLY way to get through things.

If we are willing to be inspired and committed to seeking such inspiration out of every situation we are put in, we will have a much better chance of experiencing more joy and genuine happiness in all that we do.

We are made to believe that life isn’t easy, being healthy is hard or boring, healthy food tastes gross, it’s best to conform, we can’t have what we want, and that to achieve anything, we must work overtime to get it, and perhaps even sacrifice our value system. This is just NOT TRUE. This should however, make us aware that we are being called to shift our perceptions and to begin to question what we have been taught. For so long there has been a disconnect between what we feel inside, and what we are told is happening, and thus many of us suffer from inner conflict.

As we begin to connect to the truth within ourselves, it gives us a sense of something bigger, a greater plan unfolding, and amongst all that feels impossible, we can remain anchored in our belief that there is a purpose and a reason for everything.

As I crawled through the grass last weekend, carried logs, jumped up onto tree stumps, and threw rocks, I began to remember even more deeply that I am ONE with nature, ONE with you, and ONE with all that is. I felt inside of me that although I sometimes have NO IDEA where life is taking me, that I am being guided, and directed, and all I have to do is keep believing in what I feel in my heart. There is so much to learn by being in nature.

I am exactly where I am supposed to be. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Everything is happening as it should. As we give ourselves permission to just be where we are, this acceptance becomes the very instigator of transformation. This is the power we all have inside of us. To know and not know all at the same time is O.K. If we can allow what we know to exist, even though we may not understand it enough to put it into words, it can be the very inspiration we need to keep us seeking, exploring, and trying new things, even when we are not sure where life is taking us, or how things will ever come together.

When I left Los Angeles just 8 weeks ago, I couldn’t have known that I would be moving to the Mornington Peninsula to run a Health and Well-Being Retreat Centre so soon after arriving in Sydney. Some things we just can’t know ahead of time. That is why we are much better off to live from the place of how we want our lives to feel, and stay focused on that. From that place we will manifest opportunities and relationships that support everything we have intended to create.

It is important to remember that somewhere deep inside, each of us KNOWS our “natural movement pattern.” It is innate, something we feel because it is our natural and most authentic rhythm and instinct. 

This move to Australia has made clear to me the importance of getting anchored in our own beliefs about who we are and what feels right for us personally. If we are not anchored in our truth, it can be so easy to conform. Just like so many people are hitting the gym every day and doing workouts prescribed by someone else, that actually move them away from their intuition and their bodies natural ways of movement, so too do our social settings tend to move us away from who we are and what we believe is possible for our lives.

Whether we are moving countries, moving towns, changing jobs, moving in and out of relationships, moving our bodies, or just shifting our perception, things can feel scary, lonely, challenging, impossible, and as if we may never make it. I invite you however, to notice how those same things also feel exciting, freeing, expressive, expansive, creative, authentic, and empowering.

We have the power to choose how we use our attention as we move through the things we face in life. When you get uncomfortable, what do you choose to focus on? Do you see what’s impossible or what’s possible? Do you see yourself as weak or as powerful? Do you feel compassion for yourself and your efforts or do you beat yourself up with harsh judgments? Do you wallow in self-pity, or do you get out of yourself and go help someone else?

You have the power to be yourself and to do whatever you want.

Please share your experiences, questions, and comments with me here. I believe that we are all here to learn from each other, so I value what you have to say. In fact, I LOVE hearing from you!

Lots of Love,



What IF!!! Fear Is Not An Option April 22, 2011

“We Are Only As Free As The Fears We Release”
-Erin Lanahan
Over the last couple days, I have been confronted with a pretty big decision for my life. For those of you who do not know this already, my mother is Australian, which makes me half Australian, and thus I am a dual citizen, one of the United States of American and one of Australia.

My mother’s family remained in Australia after she married my American father and left to come raise her children here in the U.S. All I ever knew of my Australian heritage growing up, was that I had far off relatives, that I may or may not ever come to know.

I cannot begin to explain to you how this feels, to know you are a part of something that you do not feel a part of.

I am realizing, that I have been longing to know this part of myself more than I was ever conscious of until now.

Over the last 7 years, my cousin Donna, has come to visit us here in Los Angeles several times. It’s always a very healing experience for us all, and by healing I do not necessarily mean easy. Her second visit, which was in May of 2009, felt like a disaster to us at first. All of a sudden we found ourselves confronted, looking into the big fat mirrors we were for one another, that painfully revealed to us, where we each stood in our own lives. It was not a pretty sight.  We all were a mess, and we feared for ourselves and each other.  Each of us were being run by our own addictions and emotional baggage, that had yet been resolved within us.

Family plays a major role in the way we see ourselves. Intimate relationships in our lives act like big mirrors, and those relationships reflect back to us, our inner demons and fears, inner beauty, inner wounds and traumas, and our inner strengths and hopes.

These are the people that we have the potential to become our best selves with, if we are willing to do the work, and if we are willing to decide that fear is NOT an option.

I have always wondered about Australia. I have always wanted to feel a connection to it, but there was so much inside of me that I had to work through, before I could release the past enough to make room for a new perspective.

After my cousin’s trip in 2009, we ALL began to “do the work.” We all began to heal.

We confronted our demons, addictions, emotional baggage, fears, wounds, and embraced our hopes, dreams, strengths, passions, and commitment to staying connected and becoming our best selves.

Donna returned to Los Angeles in March of 2011, and she left yesterday, April 21, 2011. I am dedicating this article to her, because she has helped me reconnect to my roots. Our relationship has shown me even more about who I am and what I am capable of. She has inspired me to recommit to the choice that fear is NOT an option. Our trip together, as a family, this time was incredible in ways that words will never be able to justify.

Thank you Donna…I love you.

So I am left here in Los Angeles, confronted with that big decision I told you about as I began this article. Is it time for me to depart the U.S. for a while and come to know Australia? Is it time for me to wake up from fear, completely, so that I may know life in a different way? Is it time to let go of what I fear I’ll leave behind, and instead focus on what I will always carry with me no matter where I am? Is it finally my time, to become a citizen of the world?

Many fears come up when faced with a decision like this. What if I leave and everything here that I’ve worked so hard to build is lost forever? What if my soul mate is here and I miss out on the opportunity to be with him? What if I miss out on having a family of my own? What if I won’t be as successful there as I could be here? What if I am making a mistake?

As these questions make themselves known, I consciously recognize that they are not me. Fear is not my truth, and it is but a program that was downloaded long ago.

I am waking up from fear. It is NOT an option, and I am stepping into the reality that we are all children of the Universe.

The world is our home, our family,  and I am ready to take the next step in my life towards expanding upon that which I already know, to embrace the unknown. This awareness is transforming What If?  into WHAT IF!!!

WHAT IF!!! there is man in Australia, that I connect with beyond my wildest dreams. WHAT IF!!! I feel more at home there than I do here in the U.S.? WHAT IF!!! this opens my valve in a way that helps me receive the level of freedom I long for to be a citizen of the world? WHAT IF!!! I find a piece of myself in my history there, that I may have never come to know if I stayed here? WHAT IF!!!

Are you confronting any big decisions, or even small decisions, that are bringing up questions, doubts, and fear in you? We all experience this, but the important part is that we recognize it, bring consciousness and light to it, and then align with the truth. What is your truth?

WHAT IF!!! fear is not an option? 🙂

My truth, is that I will never miss out on anything if I align with my Soul instead of fear. My truth is that I am FREE to make decisions because they feel good, and I don’t need to worry about the rest…because fear is NOT an option. My truth reminds me, that I am always being taken care of, that all my dreams can come true no matter where I am, and that all I have to do is follow my heart and remain authentic in my life. That’s my truth.

Please share your truth, your questions, comments, and experiences with me here. I love hearing from you and connecting with you as we travel this road together.

Thank you.




Healthy, Happy, HOT: In That Order April 7, 2011

Here’s just a little something I shot for you after having a killer workout at UCLA stadiums and track. Have you ever noticed that some people just glow, almost as if they are so beautiful on the inside, that it makes them look better on the outside? You know that person who is so healthy and so happy, full of so much joy and light, they just light up every room they enter? This is because true HOTness, is an inside job. Just because someone is HOT, doesn’t mean they are Healthy and Happy, and most likely they do not glow like someone who is healthy and happy. Healthy, happy energy is just infectious and contagious!

When we are healthy, we feel more happy, and when we are healthy and happy…we just look and feel HOT!

Your thoughts?

Take a look…

Here’s To Your 3 H’s…in that order:)

xo Erin


Part 4- Tools For The UNmotivated: Follow It Through

Alright you guys. Here is Part 4! This is the final tool out of the 4-part video I promised you I would deliver. Once again, I cannot say this enough, that these are truly some of the best tools one can possibly have when staying on a path that leads to Optimal health, happiness, and hotness. I’m just say’n. The rest is in your hands!


If you are local, and want to get that rock’n body you dream about, contact me at to find out all the training and coaching opportunities with me that are currently available for you. We can create a program especially for your needs, that is based on achieving more energy, vitality, strength, satisfaction and joy in your life, and overall hotness 😉

Also, if you are NOT local, I am also available for telephone coaching where we focus for 1 hour a week on shifting your bad habits, patterns, and empowering you to make the choices and changes necessary to give you more energy, health, happiness, and hotness!

Ok, here’s Part 4. Take a look…

Cheering For You,



Use What You Got To Get What You Want January 13, 2011

Use What’s Available To You Now, To Be Available For New Possibilities.

Wow, I have been loving this new way of looking at things lately “Use What You Got To Get What You Want.” This is the most current lesson I have been putting into practice in my life. How it began? Last week, I was on the phone with my life coach, and I was explaining to her that there are certain ways in which I want to expand my business and my life. I told her that  receiving ideas and inspiration were not the problem,  but that my circumstances were.  More often than not,  I feel like I get stuck due to my current access to resources, and therefore I do not end up following through on the ideas and inspiration. In other words, I have a story in my head, and what happens is, I get all inspired and excited about life and then ideas begin to pour in from the ethers. What happens next however, is I begin to feel super frustrated and bad because it appears as though I do not currently have the resources it will take to move forward with my ideas. My life coach explained to me that this simply is not true.

Our higher selves KNOW and are aware of what our current circumstances are. Therefore, if our intuition urges us in a particular direction, that means there IS A WAY. If there weren’t, we wouldn’t get the intuition to begin with. It is very important to follow our intuitive ideas and creative flow. Our bodies are brilliant, and they send us powerful messages about where to go and what to do. If we pay attention, and follow these messages, we will experience amazing things unfolding in our lives. The problem I’ve been suffering from however, is that I keep telling myself that I cannot follow through due to this, that, or the other circumstantial reason.

My life Coach shared a really cool story with me, that has been useful ever since. It’s about Moses. When Moses knew he was supposed to lead his people across the Red Sea, he had no idea how he was supposed to do such a thing. But he knew he had to right? He was being guided to do so. So he asked, “How will I ever get us across this sea?” God said to him, “Pick up a stick and hold it high.” So Moses picked up a stick from the ground beside him, lifted it high above his head, and the Red Sea parted down the middle and they were able to cross through it. So, what was the point of the stick? Why couldn’t Moses have just lifted his arm above his head really high? The moral of the story is, when you are being divinely guided, and it appears as though you do not have a way to follow through with the guidance you are receiving, all you have to do is pick up something you already have and use it to take you to the next place. Infuse what you got, with God Power, divine knowing, and use it to get what you want.

If we can remember this, than nothing can stop us from moving forward. For me, I have had a strong intuition to do a bunch of things lately. Some of which are things like,  investing in seminars for my business, attending Kundalini yoga classes on a regular basis, and going to dance classes on a weekly basis! What has been happening is, I get these strong messages to do these things and then the story follows immediately saying, “How can I do all these things with no extra time” or “It’s too expensive” or “I can’t get to the classes I like because work conflicts,” and so on and so on. Then, the inner child, my spirit, gets really sad and begins to feel defeated. So I go from feeling really good and inspired, to immediately feeling bad and defeated.

Not anymore however!  Hearing that piece of the story of Moses, with that perception, has helped me tremendously. We don’t always have to do things the way we think they should look like. The point is to just do them the best way we can with regard to our current circumstances. What’s important is that we don’t deny our Spirit of the freedom and expression it is currently seeking. By allowing our Spirit these things, we allow ourselves to move closer to having and becoming everything our hearts desire. Like the old saying goes…”Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

As a result of this new perception of mine, I have been doing this. I have been using what I’ve got to get what I want. Example: Yesterday I was on my usual run in West Hollywood and an awesome song with a good beat was playing on my I-Pod. I just wanted to break it down…to dance right there, as I ran down the street. So… I DID. As I was running, I was dancing and popping, and just moving my body freely to the beat and it felt AMAZING! I felt completely and totally fully expressed and in alignment with Source. Of course my head wanted to get me all afraid of looking stupid, but I ignored it because I was way too committed to letting my Spirit have the freedom and expression it was demanding of me right then and there. I may not have had the time to hit a dance class yesterday, but I sure had the time to dance!

As far as Kundalini yoga goes, I intend to pick up a DVD I can do from home in the early morning before my day begins. I also had an awesome client send me information on a scholarship program for an entrepreneurial conference in February. Once again I picked up What I had, which was the opportunity to go for a reduced admission, and I got the scholarship! So now I will be attending a conference, that is a HUGE investment for my business, and I was only required to pay a minimal fee to attend.

So, Dancing…Check. Kundalini Yoga…Check. Investing in my business…Check!

That’s right…it’s that easy. Use what you ALREADY have to move you closer to what you want! You will surprise yourself as you begin to experience more freedom and self-expression.

What are you currently wanting to move toward? What can you pick up right now, to act as the bridge to get you closer? Please share your story with me here.

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

Thanks for being you,


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Asking, Allowing, Seeking, Accepting…Surrendered November 18, 2010

Hi friends. I hope this blog entry finds you well. When I say “well” I do not necessarily mean “happy,” or smiling, or free of all things that feel difficult. I just mean I hope this finds you in  a place where, regardless of what you are currently experiencing, you are actually in a place of asking, allowing, seeking, accepting…surrendered. This is my current state. I have deep knowing that “wellness” is a direct result of BEING IN YOUR EXPERIENCE. Just let yourself HAVE your experience…whatever it is. As soon as we ask for what we want,  allow what is happening to just happen, seek out that which is in alignment with us, accept the reality, and surrender to the moment…we get to move past any and all limitations we once had. You see, for me anyway, when I resist my experience, it never has a chance to be heard and therefore just worsens my current condition. You know that saying “whatever you resist persists?” That’s exactly what happens. Your experience wants a voice, just like you do…it’s kind of like a child who really wants to tell you something. The more you ignore them, the louder they will scream. If you ignore them long enough, they just might kick a temper tantrum, demanding that they have a chance to be fully expressed. This is what happens in our lives if we do not SURRENDER.

Recently I have been going through many different emotions and transitions, both internal and external. At times, it can feel overwhelming, as if I couldn’t possibly survive. This is when I just know that there is NOTHING else I can do but to Ask for what I want, Allow myself to be where I am and have my experience, Seek out that which I need in the moment, Accept the reality of what is, and to Surrender to a power greater than myself, knowing all is being taken care of. Over the last week or so, I honestly didn’t have it in me to do anything more than lay on my couch, listening to music, while I let my deepest fears, wounds, and sorrow, bleed out of my body through the tear ducts in my eyes. It felt really good…to just let it happen. The good news is…once we HAVE our experience, we can get on with things…and we get to move on with a lighter step, and with greater awareness and internal integrity. I have found that external integrity is also very healing. We all to often walk around pretending things are better than they are, in fear of being “Debbie Downer.” I am not saying we should walk around complaining or playing the victim…I’m just saying, that by having both  internal and external integrity, we get to heal. Internal integrity is being honest with ourselves about what is happening inside of us and allowing it, and External integrity is being honest with others about what is happening inside of us. The more I do these things, the better I get, and the more my life becomes a manifestation of my highest truth and best self. For me, this is the only way to live…with authenticity, integrity, and love.

So I have been Asking, Allowing, Seeking, Accepting…Surrendered. How about you? I would love to hear from you about how your journey is unfolding. Please share with me here:)

So much light and love to you all…thank you for being you!


Here’s a great song that helped me get through a really hard week 🙂

P.S. A great website a dear client of mine introduced me to recently is This has great inspiration and wisdom available for you. Thanks Marcy for this gift 🙂


Clearing the Path for Wellness! November 10, 2010

Pictures of People RunningPictures of People Running

Hello there! What is new and good? I must say, in my line of work, there are many areas of my client’s lives that must be addressed in order to achieve a certain level of health and wellness. It is true for all of us. Being healthy and living a FIT life takes much more than just clean food and exercise. We must be willing to take a look at anything toxic in our lives that creates “dis-ease” for us. This could mean our careers, our relationships with friends, family, partners and lovers, our spiritual practice or lack thereof, or even just our perception and/or thoughts around these things. Whatever it is in our lives that is out of alignment with who we really are and what we really want, WILL bring us pain and suffering if we continue to do what we always do (or don’t do) about them. These obstacles are always a blessing however, because once we resolve them, we get all the beautiful gifts that await us on the other side.

For example, I have been in and out of a relationship with someone who ultimately never left me feeling very good or healthy about myself. This relationship created a lot of toxicity in my life and in my mind, body, and spirit. As I have stayed committed to living a FIT life, and to moving through each day with optimal wellness, I have been able to reach a level of consciousness that provides me an awareness when things do not align with my bigger picture. I finally did what I had to do to get resolution around this relationship and I feel fantastic! I haven’t felt this FREE and energized in two years! I am here to report, that you will not die if you speak your truth and say what you need to say in your life to take care of YOU.

You see, if we want to live a life of Optimal Health…than we must be willing to clear the path for wellness. The longer we continue to engage in negative relationships, thoughts, patterns, habits, behaviors, and activities, the longer we will keep ourselves from living in the energy and love that we so deserve and so desire. I have learned that it is by TAKING RIGHT ACTION, that declares to the universe that we ARE worthy of better and that we do love ourselves enough to do whatever it takes to create a healthy life for ourselves, and it is when we do this that we get to receive all the gifts that are waiting for us on the other side of such warrior courage and committment. I finally decided to feel through my feelings of rejection and abandonment and shame, so that I could clear the path for Divine Wellness in my life. I knew it was time to do something different unless I wanted to keep getting the same results, and that was NOT an option for me this time.

Ultimately you have to decide what it is you want for yourself and for your life. You ARE worthy of everything your heart desires. You ARE enough, and you CAN create anything you want. I know this to be the law, and the truth. What are you willing to do to clear the path for Wellness in your life? Is there a relationship that needs closure? Do you need to speak to your boss about a way to make things more comfortable for you at work? Are you struggling with an addiction and need to seek help? Do you maybe need to shift your thoughts or your perception about something so you can feel grateful instead of resentful? What is it? You deserve to feel fantastic…so what is worth putting that off any longer?

For me…I am going to greet mother nature for a run in the morning because I feel so energized and free. I am here for any questions, comments, or support you may need 🙂 Please reach out to me here on the blog.

Also, if you seek Coaching, please email me at for a FREE consultation.

xoxoxoxo and good night,



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