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Some Final Words Before The Big Departure To Sydney, Australia! July 28, 2011

The time has finally come to make the big move! I wanted to connect with all of you as I await my departure to Sydney, Australia tonight. Thank you for inspiring me, and for walking this path with me! Here some final words as I shoot my last video in America for a while! I will see you from down under next time!

Love and Light To You My Friends!

xo Erin



Doing the Gratitude Dance! :-) November 25, 2010

I know it’s the thing to do this time of year…to be grateful and express gratitude. However, I celebrate gratitude every day. Did you know that the emotion of gratitude is one of the highest vibration emotions we can have? It’s right up there with love! Feeling thankful and appreciative and grateful for things throughout each day can actually heal us and prevent “dis-ease.” It is REALLY that powerful. Also, when we feel this gratitude filling every cell in our bodies, we become the vibration of gratitude and therefore we attract that which is a vibrational match to it…such as many beautiful gifts from the universe.

I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. I am thankful, grateful, and appreciative for this blog, for my fingers to type these words, for the loving communities I am a part of, for my amazing clients that inspire me daily, for my optimal health and wellness, for all of you who take the time to drop in on me here and share this journey with me, for God, for Source energy, for all the lessons and tools that are available to me and FOR me, for my life, for this moment, for my loving friends and family, for everything I have already experienced, for everything I have yet to experience, for love and oneness, for my heart that beats, for my lungs that breathe me, for food that loves me back, for all the beautiful places I have had the honor of visiting thus far, and for all the beautiful places I will travel to in my lifetime. I could go on and on, and I do and will…in my heart. Right now my heart beats and radiates with Divine Love, Gratitude, Compassion, Oneness, and Joy. Thank you for this gift. <Take a BIG inhale hear………….now Exhale.> What does your heart radiate with? Happy Thanksgiving to you all 😉 BIG HUG!!!

I Love you,


Check out this inspiring video…Matt travels the world doing the Gratitude Dance!!! So Awesome!


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