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A Simple Truth About Why I Do What I Do May 28, 2011

Today I had coffee with a new friend, that found me through my blog.  He is doing research for a book he is writing on the mind/body connection and how it can have a profound effect on diseases in the body and our ability or inability to heal from them.

He contacted me because he came across an article I wrote about Primary and Secondary Food, and he wants to use me in his book as a result.

I have actually written many articles on this topic, several right here on this blog of course, and then also for other sites and publications.

Here are a few resources to them below, so if you haven’t been following along, you understand what I mean by Primary and Secondary Food:

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How To end The Cycle Of  Dieting

This friend and I, talked a lot about how the mind can affect the body. This really brought me the inspiration for this article I am writing now.

I want to be very clear about something. I am a Health and Lifestyle Empowerment Coach, as well as a Personal Trainer. I do not do these things to focus on getting people, or myself to “look” better as the primary purpose for changing old habits and replacing them with new ones. My primary purpose for doing what I do and living the way I live is to facilitate HEALING. I mean healing on every level: mind, body, and spirit.

Looking better is a by-product of healing. There are plenty of trainers and nutritionists out there who are perfectly happy with just focusing on the aesthetic part of you, and there are plenty of you who only care about the aesthetic part anyway. I however, am not interested in the aesthetic part of the human body, as a primary focus for eating right and exercising. I am more concerned with helping my clients heal, on every level, so that they can enjoy a fruitful life and optimal health and well-being.

Yes, the mind, body, and spirit, are all interconnected and they each effect each other. True transformation occurs, when we take a look at the WHOLE being, meaning all three of these areas. We must take a look at the WHOLE life and the WHOLE being, and from there I am able to help my clients identify the areas that are in need of their attention.

I have done the fitness competitions and the figure contests, and I have pretty much won them all.

I have been voted Best Looking, Prom Princess, Front and Center Cheerleader, Homecoming Court, Student Council, Class Vice President, Modeled in Fitness, been on TV, trained celebrities, blah, blah, etc.

I am here to tell you, that none of those things ever healed me or made me feel ok long-term. They were very temporary experiences of outside validation, and yes they were great…in the moment. Then the moment passed…as it always does and will. What I had to become aware of , was the deep longing beneath it all, that I had, to feel like I was loved and accepted and a part of something important in the world.

No award will ever bring us inner acceptance, inner peace and joy, self-love, and self-respect. No school can ever vote us “Worthy” in our own minds. These prizes such as feeling worthy, loving ourselves truly, and having compassion for ourselves and others, are an inside job, and come from taking a look at the WHOLE being and the WHOLE life, and working both from the outside in AND the inside out to heal on every level.

What I wish for you, and my clients, is to find what I have found. I now have a level of inner peace I never had before. No matter what is happening in my circumstances, I am always happy about who and what I am. I may be 5 pounds up or feeling low in energy one week, but I never forget to love myself before I do anything else. Today I do not abandon myself, and as a result, I get to live a life I love, in a body I love too. ( But of course, I am always a work in progress:)

I am looking forward to working more closely with my new friend, and contributing what I can to his masterpiece. It is a gift to cross paths with others out there, making a difference in the lives of others, just by sharing their experience, strength, and hope. For this I am grateful, and because of what I have been given…I go out into the world each day to pay it forward.

I hope you are loving yourselves, being gentle with yourselves, and opting to turn within for guidance, answers, and healing.

Thanks for being here with me today. Sending you so much love and light.




Letting Go: Be A Vessel February 2, 2011

Hi there! How are you? Things over here are definitely moving along and many cool doors are opening. I am now writing regularly for Tiny Buddha and Positively Celebrity, and you can check out some of those articles to your right, in the green column under “My Articles-Inspirational and Educational.”

I am really excited about writing for these sites and for the projects that I am working on launching over the next few months, and I apologize if all the extra new work has pulled me away from here a bit lately. I am still getting used to all the new work and my new schedule and deadlines LOL! I’m sure you can relate, there can be days that feel really overwhelming. Every day, but especially on those days, I really work at maintaining focus on all the good that is happening. When we begin to receive more of what we want, it comes with new responsibility and it requires us to step outside of our comfort zone too. I just wanted to write this today, to remind both you and myself, that we must not forget that life comes through us.

When I remind myself that I am a vessel, a channel, and messenger, then it allows me to get present and to get out of my head and focus on how I may be of service in the world rather than what I can take from the world. It also takes off some of the pressure of feeling like I have to know all the answers or have things figured out. Instead, I can just do the next indicated action, and take my life one day at a time. This helps me a lot. I hope it helps you too.

I am going to start video blogging soon! Hopefully by next week:) This way, you will get to see me face to face, as well as enjoy written articles. I am looking forward to getting my first vlog up. Keep checking back, because I’m hoping to have my first one up by Monday. Also, I just added a new page up top called “Welcome To E.L.M.” where I posted a welcome video to you. It’s my first video up on this site so I’m excited. I feel like it’s a good way to connect with you…and hopefully you enjoy this new way in which I will be communicating with you! Here’s the video:

Todays Lessons: Just for today, let go of everything you think you know. Let go of everything you think you are, and just allow yourself to be a vessel. Let the wind blow you, and feel what wants to come through you. Let inspiration fill you up and pull you into your next indicated action 🙂

Thanks for dropping in here at Erin Lanahan Method. Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!


Breathing Courage In 2011 December 28, 2010

Good morning friends. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday thus far. It’s been so nice moving a little bit slower these last couple weeks hasn’t it? I am grateful for the time to breathe, reflect, and recharge. Something I wanted to talk about today is Courage. I heard a quote the other day that I LOVE…

“Courage is not having no fear at all, but feeling the fear and doing it anyway.”

Personally, this is a relief to me because I always feel fear. Fear comes up for me every time I go to train a client, before every coaching call with a client, every time I sit down to blog, when I think about all the changes I want to make regarding my business and website, and when I think about the future and visualize it being filled with abundance, prosperity, optimal health and well-being, my enchanted love, children, traveling the world, writing books, public speaking, and having multiple passive revenue streams through all the ways I choose to be creative and express my message with the world. I feel fear around these things because they are all things I want so badly and feel so passionately about, and I can feel this desire to have them and be good at them to my core, in the deepest part of my soul. There’s a powerful article on Tiny Buddha, called Cracking Your Comfort Zone: How To Face A Fear, and in this article, the author shares something he heard, that I find very helpful. He says “Fear is excitement without breath.” Wow! This totally resonates for me because when I am afraid, it’s usually because there is something I really want, and have never had, that requires me to do something I’ve never done. I immediately feel excited and then, I tense up all over and experience feelings of paralysis. Of course I do…I am not breathing, and the thoughts sound a little something like this… “But what if I can’t or don’t know how? What if this is just way to big for me? “Who am I? Do I really have what it takes? How can I possibly be smart enough or creative enough or talented enough? There’s way too many people out there who are already doing this better than I ever could,” etc, etc, you get the point. However, this gets me no where, and I cannot work from this place. Therefore, next time I feel fear, I am going to implement what this author was talking about. Instead of getting all carried away and caught up in those thoughts that do not serve me, I will observe them, reject them, and then breathe into the excitement that I am really feeling about becoming my expanded self, achieving and experiencing things that are all new to me. I may not know if I will or can do all the things my heart desires, but right now, I do know I CAN breathe and lean into the unknown with excitement and OXYGEN:-)

What are your fears? What plans do you have for your life, and what are some things that could support your vision this year? Are you afraid to step outside your comfort zone? We all are, but as long as we do it anyway, fear cannot hold us back. Please share your experiences and fears here with all of us. Your input is appreciated!

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!





Inspired Yet Again December 21, 2010

Hi Everyone…Happy Holidays! How are you doing out there? I know this time of year can bring up SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for us. Personally, I am feeling so many feelings, from the past, present, and future, that have literally got me holding on to my seat so tight, that some days I have to remind myself that I can be grounded if I breathe and find my feet. You know, there are definitely days that feel like they may just swallow me whole, but since I have survived all of those days thus far, I am learning to find inspiration in them, and to even laugh at them more often than not. Ahhh, INSPIRATION. Sometimes, when there is nothing else to hold on to, I can always count on this, because if we really commit to our process, and breathe, and look around us in every moment with awareness, INSPIRATION will always be there, waiting for us to unwrap it just like a gift. As many of you may already know, from blog posts and my FB statuses, I am on an intense journey. I have no doubt that all of you are on one as well…in fact I KNOW we all are on a truly profound ride. There can be really bumpy, rocky parts on this path we are on, but you are ok right now right? In this very moment, we are all ok. Here are 3 things that help me find Inspiration in what feels like even the darkest of times:

1) Stay committed to your process NO MATTER WHAT. Never forget that life is happening FOR you…in your FAVOR. I know it really doesn’t look like it OR feel like it sometimes, BELIEVE ME I know. However, if you stay committed to this perception throughout your journey, you will begin to see things very differently, and ultimately, you WILL find Inspiration at the end of the day 🙂 Inspiration saves me every time. To understand more fully about how life is happening FOR you, see my article on Tiny Buddha “Life Is Happening For Us: All Things Are Gifts.”

2) Lean into the unknown, uncertainty, and insecurity. Tiny Buddha has a GREAT quote up on the site today that I love:

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.” ~John Allen Paulos

I believe having faith, is when we can believe even when we don’t see how things could possibly turn around or end up ok. It is in the times of darkness that it is most important for us to turn to Source, Spirit, the Universe, a God of your own understanding, and to turn here FIRST. We so often try everything our way first, and try to fix things, and make things go our way before we actually get humbled enough to surrender and ask for help. Lean into your unknowning, uncertainty, and insecurity, and turn to something bigger than you FIRST. Seek, ask, and be open to what comes.

3) STOP…Find your feet…take a DEEP breath…let out a big laugh…and look around. When you notice you are spinning out, crazy, anxious, worried, hating on yourself for not being all that you think you should be, blaming others for your suffering, beating yourself up, judging your life, your relationships, your own success or lack thereof, and making decisions about how worthy or unworthy you are of being loved…

a) STOP- just quiet your mind, check in with your body, ask your body how its feeling. Tell it you are here, you are listening, and it has your full attention. Just BE with yourself.

b)Find your feet- Get present. You only are where your feet are. Find them and stay there, Free Yourself.

c) Take a DEEP breath- Bring your attention to your breath. Big inhale, long exhale. Feel your heart rate slowing down and the race inside you slowing down.

d) Let out a BIG laugh- Observe your own craziness and don’t take it personally OR seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself and at life…it really is funny:) We ALL are going through it with you!

e) Look around with committment and awareness- What is available to you in every moment? Be like an infant who was just born, or a child who is meeting its first animal. Have this level of curiosity and desire to explore and experience what is right in front of you and all around you.

Ok my beautiful friends, please share your experiences, questions, challenges, AH HA! moments, and inspirations with me here on the blog! Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

I love you!



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