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If Every Day Were A Vacation Day I Would… November 29, 2011

If every day were a vacation day, how would that change the way you feel about waking up? What would you do? Where would you go?

Maybe you would choose to spend your days, dancing from one curiosity to the next. Or perhaps you would never get out of your pj’s and instead snuggle up with your journal and write fantasy stories. Maybe you’d go to the beach to watch the waves crash upon the shore, allowing them to cleanse your busy mind until you found your natural state of peace again.

Whatever it is for you, I invite you in this moment to connect to how that feels inside of you, to get to wake up every day and only do what you feel pulled to do and to do everything you feel pulled to do.

What a concept right?

I am sure you are having thoughts such as “That sounds great but who in their right mind actually believes that is possible?” or “If I did that each day, who would pay the bills?” It is only natural to have these questions come up. However, I am not asking you those questions…I am asking you how it would feel to follow your inner guidance on  a daily basis? If we play with this idea for purposes of this article only, perhaps you can allow yourself to take this ride with me right now.

What kinds of things would you do each day if you could do whatever you felt pulled to do and money just took care of itself? What would life be like it that WERE possible? How do you know it isn’t?

I have been traveling Australia since the end of June. I packed up my life in Los Angeles, CA and carried it with me in my heart to my first Aussie destination, which was Sydney. After a couple of months in Sydney, I was offered a rich opportunity to move to a beautiful place called The Mornington Peninsula, just outside of Melbourne, Australia. I was hired on as the Health and Communication Consultant, to help get an Eco Health and Sustainability Retreat up and running effectively.

Los Angeles, Sydney, and working for the retreat on The beautiful Mornington Peninsula offered me uniquely different experiences and opportunities for transformation. All three journeys brought me great pleasure and joy, but when I was ready to move on I did, regardless of the “what if’s” or the paychecks I was leaving behind.

When I decided to move to Australia, there was no finite plan. Finite, is not a word that I enjoy as part of my vocabulary. It seems to go against everything I believe we are. If I believe who and what I really am is infinite, unlimited, and unconditional love, abundance, and joy, then to refer to anything as finite, confuses me. I have discovered, that to think of my resources as coming from anything finite,  is actually the very thing that cuts myself off from the source of all resources.

I felt pulled to go on this journey, and along with that I felt fully committed and willing to process through any and all fears and limiting beliefs that may try to convince me I am anything other than what I belive myself to be.

You are also infinite, unlimited, and unconditional love, abundance, and joy.

Do you believe me? You don’t have to, but the only person who suffers if you don’t, is you. What if you are? How does that change the way you see your life?  What if every day were a vacation day and you got to play whatever games you wanted?

As I move from idea to idea, curiosity to curiosity, experiment to experiment, exploration to exploration, city to city, I access even more of my true essence and the knowing that comes along with that. I get to create my day every day. If every day is a vacation day, then I know I have no limits, no time schedule other than one I may choose to create, nowhere I have to go other than the places I choose to have fun with, and nothing I have to be other than exactly what I am in the moment. This gives me a sense of freedom. As I am liberated by these feelings, I become open to everything that is possible in each moment. There’s nothing I “have” to do. There is only “What do I feel pulled to do right now.”

Sometimes you may feel unclear about what you are pulled to do. This is ok.

Simply take some time out each day, or multiple times a day, to turn within and to ask yourself, “What am I feeling pulled to do today, what is it I want in this moment. Expanded Self, please show me the way.”

I have this dialogue with myself every day, sometimes 50 plus times a day. As I continue to allow myself to follow what I feel pulled to do, I continue to discover new things, to develop a deeper level of awareness, to connect more deeply with myself, with others, and with the outside world, and I keep getting new opportunities to express even more of who and what I really am, and to create an even more playful and enjoyable dream vacation on a daily basis.

If you’d like more help creating this dialogue with yourself, and to therefore live a life filled with more joy, doing only what you feel pulled to do, keep reading! I have a special offer for you at the end. Please don’t skip to the end…the rest of the article IS worth reading 🙂

So…If every day were a vacation day, what would that change inside of you? I invite you to connect to this feeling inside of you. As we connect more deeply to how we want our lives to feel, it creates an inner shift. 

When we can grant ourselves the permission we seek, to awaken to who and what we really are, and to really do what we feel pulled to do, and only what we feel pulled to do, then what once seemed impossible becomes our greatest terrain for adventure and transformation.

I have recently left The Mornington Peninsula and I am creating the next game I want to play, and having fun laughing at all the rules I made up in the past to make myself believe it wasn’t possible to do what I am actually doing every day!! This makes me excited about all the other once “impossibilities” I am now going to begin living as though they are natural for me and easy to create!

Although I am always a work in progress, I have experienced deep transformation over the last few years. Here are 3 things I have learned that I want to pass along to you:

1) Every time you feel discomfort, it is an opportunity to reclaim your power back from something that once caused you a loss of power. Claim your power back at every chance. Discomfort is there to help you see that you are giving your power away, and actually believing that something outside of you can take away your happy place. It’s not true, that is a lie you told yourself at some point. As you begin to recognize discomfort in the moment, acknowledge the loss of power you feel from it. Then make a different choice. You are infinite, unlimited, and unconditional abundance, love, and joy, and anything that makes you feel otherwise is simply an illusion and not true. Play the game, but this time…claim your power back!

2) Once you take the leap to trust your inner guidance, be prepared to come face to face with all your fears and limiting beliefs, but KNOW, they have no power, other than the power you give them. If you remain committed and willing to move THROUGH them, you will always reach a new way of living on the other side.

3) Question your beliefs and your limitations. Sometimes you will find yourself telling old stories and repeating things unconsciously, not having reconsidered them since the first time you heard them or made them up. Make sure you are living with a belief system, and using an inner dialogue that fully supports your highest good. Who says what you are capable of or not? Who gets to decide what is possible or not? Why wouldn’t it be possible to enjoy every day of your life AND have all the bills taken care of without a struggle on your part?

You choose. What do you want? A life filled with limiting beliefs and fear that stops you? Or a life filled with new opportunities and possibilities that emerge from within the fears that you choose to walk though and thus are liberated from? I want to hear you say it. Let me know.

If you feel pulled to explore this topic in more depth, and to really find out how you can apply this in your life, to liberate you from the daily “have to’s,” then I trust you will enjoy the 6 week coaching program I have developed for clients just like you!

I am offering 6 weeks of coaching for $600! All you have to do is share this article on your Facebook and/or Twitter and then reply to this post with a comment including your email. If you prefer a bit more privacy, you can just share this on Facebook and/or Twitter, and then send me a private email at introducing yourself. Whether you submit your info in reply to this post, or send me a private email, I will be in touch to connect more deeply with you, and then we can can proceed accordingly. I am looking forward to working with you!

Sending you so much support, appreciation, and hugs.




YES to Today! October 19, 2010

“I am safe in the Universe and all of life loves and supports me.”

– Louise Hay

Today I must say, has been a good day. Yes, I am thankful, grateful, and appreciative for this day. I ate a nutritious shake for breakfast, I got to train a couple amazing clients, then I had a very fun, feel-good workout. After the gym, I showed up for a friend,  for his birthday lunch, and got to see lots of people who love and care about me, and whom I love and care about as well. I had a healthy and nutritious lunch, then I got to go home, to a home I love and feel comfortable in. Once I got home and relaxed for a bit, I ate a huge salad with some fruit for dinner and then got a nice, warm, cleansing shower. Following my shower I had the blessing to coach 2 very special clients. I had one client from 6pm-7pm, then I chose to give myself the gift of meditation until 745pm, and then I prepared myself for my 2nd client at 8pm. Now I sit here, to top off an amazing day, doing what I love even MORE than all those other things I love that I GOT to do today. Yes, this is my dream. I am writing on my blog, to you, and sharing my life and love for fitness with you. I have overcome so much to get to this place where I can sit down at the end of the day and, even though I have not achieved all my goals thus far, I can feel so happy about who I am and what my life stands for. This is my wish for everyone, that we all feel inspired by our own lives, to live our best life, as the best version of ourselves:) I am not saying that every day is easy, or that I do not still struggle or feel challenged in many ways at times, but I am saying that I now have the tools I need to move through it all, the inspiration to share it all, and the willingness to be transformed by it all.

You see today is the kind of day that I have been dreaming of my entire life. I can really and honestly say I do what I love and love what I do EVERY SINGLE DAY, whether I get paid or not, no matter where I am, and no matter who I am with…no matter what. The best part about that is, I get to help others do the same. I have been in a lifelong love affair with fitness my entire life, and I finally understand that being FIT is living a life full of love, inspiration, healthy relationships, support, and having a positive attitude about EVERYTHING that gets put on my path, whether I like it or not. We literally GET to choose who we are and who we want to be one choice at a time, one day at a time. Even the so-called “bad choices” are not bad when we maintain our consciousness about them. When we can take these “bad choices” and let them teach us, and help us to evolve and grow and step even more into our power, THEN we ARE living a FIT life, a life of a warrior and a hero of the heart.

I dream that one day, everyone will be healed of their eating disorders and dysfunctional relationships with food and exercise. I dream that I will be able to use my personal experiences with eating and exercise disorders and addictions to help others heal from theirs.  I dream that everyone will be able to look in the mirror at themselves and LOVE what they see, independent of what the mirror tries to tell them. I dream that we all get to a place of KNOWING we are lovable, KNOWING we are worthy of greatness, and KNOWING that we are absolutely enough, regardless of the circumstances or of our shape and size at any given moment. These are my dreams for you. These are my dreams for me. I am happy to report, that I live in this knowing more and more deeply every single day, and it feels DAMN GOOD! 🙂 It IS possible…it is.

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

If you seek Coaching, please contact me at

Thank you,

xo Erin


Keep It Simple June 18, 2010

Wow…what an intense week I have had. We did a lot of healing work and turning our attention inward at my retreat this past weekend. It’s truly amazing how much information we have readily available to us if we just tune in to it. We really do have everything we need inside of us. How are you doing? I am always eager to here about your journey and how effective you feel at living a life of optimal health and well-being. We are all here together, and we each play a vital part in the growth and movement towards peace, joy, bliss, and accepting and embracing everything in between.

One thing that I have learned is that things are so much simpler than we make them. We are always looking for answers and we will look everywhere for them except right in front of us. I love the saying…”When you ask for patience…God gives you lines.” This just makes me laugh. What is it that you want for yourself and your life? What changes do you want to see? Where do you want more insight, awareness, or forgiveness? Whatever you are asking for just might appear in the form of an opportunity to “Learn” or “earn” that very thing. For example…when I ask to learn boundaries…I may get 5 phone calls from friends and family asking me to give them money for no reason or to bail them out of a drama they created, or maybe a client starts showing up late every day and expecting me to still give them an hour. When I ask to feel more trust , I typically get to face lots of things that bring out my doubt and fear, yet give me a chance to make a different choice. I can do what I always do and stay in fear…or I can dive into the unknown and possibly learn how to feel more trust. It’s that simple. I challenge you to Keep It Simple…that which you are seeking is usually already in your hands.

Ok…Let’s Get Down To Fitness. I am staying with the theme of this week…keeping it simple. Here are your three fitness tips for the week! I encourage you to look for the meaning behind the meaning. What do YOU want? Ask for it…let it go, and watch the rest unfold.

1) Eat Right

2) Sleep Well

3) Enjoy the Ride

That’s a wrap for this week. Figure out what this means for YOU…it’s easier than you think 🙂 Here’s To Your Health, Well-being,Vitality and everything in between! Catch you next week!

Please contact me with your thoughts and feelings about how you may experience this in your own life at or write me here on my blog 🙂 Also, check out my Yummy YOU Recipes page that I update weekly!


WHAT DO YOU WANT? April 16, 2010

Today was an interesting day. I was reminded that so often, positive and healthy transformation, is a result of doing things we DON”T WANT TO DO…at least initially. Does this resonate with you? If you haven’t noticed, almost everything “good for us” typically appears to be  boring, bland, painfully awkward, and always involves stepping out of our comfort zone. However, judging things based on what we think we know, tends to get us in trouble every time. Do you agree? For example, eating more organic greens and actually learning a thing or two about how to cook grains like quinoa or buckwheat, may seem tedious and not quite worth the work. However, if we just do it, BEFORE we “decide” it doesn’t work, and watch our bodies get stronger, healthier, and leaner, then what we once thought was true, will no longer be so. Same thing with dating. You may decide you cannot fall in love or you may meet someone you immediately judge for not being what you want, but the truth of the matter is…how do you know until you’ve tried it first!!! Most of us feel like we should get results without doing anything to earn them. Heaven forbid we actually have to DO SOMETHING or feel uncomfortable or vulnerable for a while in order to achieve the prizes life is offering us LOL. I am sorry to break it to you people, but getting healthier physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, will take some sort of work or practice, putting yourself out there and getting vulnerable, and letting go of everything you “think” you know. What I am saying is, to get what you WANT, you must be willing do the things you DON’T WANT TO DO to get it:)  At least at first. Once you get the results you are seeking, your perception will begin to change about what you think you don’t want to do, because you will see that what you once had resistance toward, becomes the very thing that brings you pleasure and so much joy. We all have our trust issues, and that’s ok. However, if you want to transform your body, your heart, and your life, it’s time to put those trust and commitment issues aside and dive into doing the things you don’t initially want to do or feel like doing.

Before you give up on exercise, try it first. Give it at least 6 months of being CONSISTENT and trust that it will improve your life. Before you decide eating more greens, whole foods, and organic products is too boring, bland, or difficult, try it! Give it 6 months of commitment and trust that you will feel better and better every day. Before you decide you don’t want a relationship or to be in the one you are in, date for 6 months or commit to improving your current relationship for 6 months. Be consistent, open, willing to be vulnerable and to try new things, and to listen. You might be surprised what you find.

A couple of examples in my own life, are the way I eat now compared to the way I ate a year ago. I would have laughed if you told me I’d be a raw vegetarian, if you told me this a year ago. However, by learning more and more about what I want, I began making choices in alignment with that, and as a result began feeling better and better until I was eventually eating completely raw and vegetarian. I eat this way because it brings me long-term pleasure, which is becoming short-term pleasure as well. Another example is dating. I was resistant to it for a long time and said I wanted to find a great guy, yet really wasn’t open to doing any of the things to find him. Now, let’s just say I’m making an effort to date, and I’m finding out how much fun it is again and how many great guys are out there. My point is, because I knew what I wanted and wanted it badly enough…I was willing to do the things I didn’t want to do initially, which I now find pleasure in doing!

So, What Do You Want? More importantly, What Don’t You Want To Do? Do whatever that is! More often than not, it is what we do not want to do, that is exactly the thing that will reward us with everything we’ve always wanted!!!

I would love to hear about the things you are resisting, and the goals you are seeking to achieve. Please leave your questions and comments here for me on the blog! Here’s To your Health, Wellness, and Vitaltiy!


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