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TESTIMONIALS September 3, 2009

“Erin is a beautiful, unique and bold trainer.  She embodies the very core of tough love.  She carries her heart and soul with her to each training session; listening and re-tailoring each session to the needs of each client on that particular day.  Personally, I have never felt so comfortable, excited and motivated to reach my goals until I started working with Erin three years ago.  Not only does she push me to my limits, but she educates me in the process. It’s nice to know why I have to do something, not just because she “says so”. She comes from an eclectic background of fitness and nutrition and continues to bring the latest information to each training day.  There is nothing Erin wouldn’t do for me and I learned that from day one.  In Erin, I have not only a sincere, smart and dedicated trainer, but a great friend.  She’s unstoppable.” Kristina Denton, Actress
Erin Lanahan not only whips her clients into shape but she also helps “coach” them in all aspects of their lives. She has a special way of inspiring her clients by sharing her personal struggles and how she overcame them. Erin’s kind, bubbly personality motivates everyone to work harder than they ever thought they could. Her passion and positive attitude towards health and fitness is contagious! Erin Lanahan is meant to be on television! The world would fall in love with her! – Caitlin Dorn, Pharmaceuticle Sales 

Dear Erin:
You are a different kind of trainer than we have ever seen on TV or in the
media. You are the trainer that will change how we as a society look at fitness and training on TV. Your compassion, skill, talent, drive, and creativity have kept me excited
about fitness for 5 fucking years. You never talked to me like I was stupid: even when u have known worlds more than me. You never rushed my learning process: even when you knew where I needed to go. You always loved me no matter what I accomplished body-wise. You (to this day) support and encourage me and make me have fun when we
train in a genuine, available, and warm way. You make me have perfect form to best benefit from my training and you notice when I’m spacing AND also tell me when I’m doing it great. You seem to take true pleasure in seeing me improve and learn and help me remember to be excited about each small step. You do not make me dependant on you.  You are excited when I do things on my own and encourage me to think about what I want. I never feel like I am only a paycheck for you.  You know that we are a real team and we have a real relationship and that training is intimate and therapeutic and a serious delicate thing wherein our feelings about the world express themselves.  And that is HEAVY. And you are true friend for that process, and that is what a trainer has to be to really heal someone. I can see in our workouts that you have thought about them and (after five years) are always working on making them different, better, weirder.
You make me forget how hard I am working because you make the workout so so fun. You make me and everyone you work with feel like they have James Bond of fitness teaming up with them as they navigate the rocky roads of their hearts/minds/souls and how the problems/wounds of those vessels are expressed in how we treat our bodies. Fitness and food are how we express our core beliefs about the world and God and where we fit in or if we fit at all. Our hopelessness about life is expressed in our binges. You are a spiritual guide who uses the body to examine, heal, and release our hearts from our minds so we can live joyfully, authentically, and in the moment.  One other thing: you disclose your own process and past with regard to food, fitness, and addiction troubles. Your groundedness in that past, lives inside you in concert with the proof or your present peace with regard to those ailments. This is what’s so inspiring to be around, and makes us all hopeful and energized to keep working and opening up to having true compassion and
love for ourselves.  It reminds us that THAT is the answer.  
Xoxo Love,  Heidi , Creative Advertising   
“When I was searching for a trainer, I observed several from the sidelines…watching to see who was dedicated, attentive and innovative.  Erin had all of those qualities in spades.  She was able to motivate me just from watching her work out with other clients.  Needless to say, working with her one on one is incredible experience.  I have achieved all my goals and then some.”
Robert Grandinetti, Real Estate 
“I have been working with Erin Lanahan for eight months.  These past 8 months have been delightful as she is a disciplined, yet patient trainer.  When she arrives (always on time) her enthusiasm and commitment to helping me is evident.  Her beauty is both
internal and external .  I am sure that she would be an asset to your project.”
Nancy Picot Riegelman
Associate Professir Art Center College
“Erin has been my Health Coach, and trainer for over 2 years.  I now also consider her a friend.  I hired her when I took her class at Equinox, because it takes a very special type of teacher to get me going at 7 a.m.  I loved her dynamic, integrated approach (think cardio, circuits, yoga, BOSU, etc) since I suffer from Fitness ADD.  In fact, I had usually replaced my trainer every 6 – 12 months prior to meeting her – just to “keep it fresh.” Here are some thoughts as to what you you’ll get if you choose Erin for this show.
What you’ll see:  Erin’s enviable physique (especially her awesome backside which is so coveted these days thanks to JLO, Beyonce and Jessica Biel) show that she is dedicated.  As a fitness competitor and competitive gymnast, her 12 years in the fitness industry are evident when you meet her.  Her bubbly personality and intensity also read well on camera.
What you’ll hear: Her approach is integrated, supportive, knowledgeable and holistic.  But don’t get it twisted.  She doesn’t let me slide if I want to stop, and will smile so sweetly when she ramps up the speed or incline on the treadmill.  She’s also had her own battles with over exercise, body image issues and food.  And she’s generous with that story.  It makes her very relatable to an audience.
What you’ll feel: Your body will change.  The lean muscle mass she put on me carries me through when life and business get tougher.  We all know that there is a gap between what you know and what you do. Erin’s mission is to close the gap. And she’s committed to find the most direct route possible for each of her clients.
What You Get:  I won’t go into her background, because if you visit her blog at or get on her weekly newsletter list … her voice speaks for itself.  What you’ll find is that she’s a prolific writer and has created a lot of life-changing content that is free to the public.”    -Maxine Tatlonghari, VanityGirl Hollywood, Inc  
“Yes, I’ve been taking Erin’s Roll Out class for the past few weeks and ever since I started, my back pain has decreased. I usually have horrendous lower back pain from the type of work I do and this class has really helped. Thank you so much for showing me a way to give myself a deep tissue massage without having to pay an arm and a leg.
I have also been taking Erin’s Personal Training Circuit class for the past few weeks and it’s INCREDIBLE!!! It’s a full body power hour workout that works all those areas I miss when I’m in the gym working out alone. The class has awesome energy and she really knows what she’s doing. I would recommend this class to anyone who’s looking to lose weight or gain muscle, young or old.”
 – David Lanahan, Snowboard Instructor 

“Since taking Erin’s Roll-Out class, I have had a tremendous improvement in my body.  I have only been doing it a few weeks and already I notice a huge difference in my workout recovery.  I also have less pain in my back and hips, which I have been living with for years.  My favorite change is that now when I do leg exercises, I can actually feel my glute muscles being recruited…and my jeans are looking better already!  Thanks for empowering our bodies with this knowledge Erin, we owe you big time!” –Kristina Denton, Actress   

“Erin is an incredible and unique personal trainer.  She is constantly creating innovative, dynamic moves and techniques to whip her clients into shape.  These techniques are based on her constant research and intuitive knowledge of her own body’s needs. That is why I feel so blessed to have found her…she knows just what each individual needs to achieve their ideal body!  I recently started her new “Rollout” class but can already see the improvement in my skin and muscles! My cellulite has firmed up and I recover a lot faster after long runs and spinning class!  I know that over the long-term, my body’s elasticity, posture and body fat will be so much better for this “Rollout” class! Thank goodness she taught me how to “Rollout” while I’m still young!”  – Kelly Noonan, Actress   

“As someone who runs 3 to 4 days a week, Erin Lanahan’s roll out class has helped me to better absorb the impact of such a high stress cardio exercise.  By applying the directives from her Saturday morning class before I get on the track, I find that I have a fuller elastic range of motion.  More importantly the post-running cramps that I had become all to accustomed to during the last couple of years have disappeared. The bonus has been that my times on my 10- and 13-mile runs have greatly improved!  If you’re a runner, I can think of no better tool to add to your arsenal than Erin’s roll out class!”  -Alex Junco, Writer   

“Erin has been my personal trainer for around 5 years.  She is always energetic and keeps our workouts new and fresh.  I have noticed improvements in my strength, flexibility and mood as the result of working out with Erin.”  – Jeff Grimm, Financial Consultant   

“Erin is awesome.  For several months I watched and evaluated all the trainers at the gym – looking to see who showed the most innovation, attention to their clients and focus on core strength and form.  Erin, with out question, excelled in every one of these areas.  Her enthusiasm is inspiring – and at times a tad bit sadistic…but in that ‘hurts so good’ kind of way.  I couldn’t recommend her any more highly.”  – Robert Grandinetti, Real Estate Agent   












2 Responses to “TESTIMONIALS”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Hi Erin:

    I just finished watching your video of your “Lemonade Making Moment” on I am thrilled that you will be expanding your business into Nutrition and Wellness Coaching. I have benefited from your Intuitive knowledge of Health and Wellness for some time now, and feel the world needs more people like you. Thank you for all your help over the years and more Power to you!

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