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Thank Goodness for Humility! November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are enjoying this day, wherever you may be, whether you are surrounded with loved ones or by yourself. This morning I spent a good few hours with a couple different families, neither one of which are my birth family. In the time I spent with them, I was reminded of the POWER of community. We shared with each other everything we are grateful for, and although I AM SOOOO grateful for so much…what I am most thankful for today is humility. I was reminded of this as I took part in a group consciousness that is aware of what it really means to live with humility.

You see, for me, if I do not live each day humble, in humility, then I am not teachable or in receiving mode.  I can really want something, but until we have the WILLINGNESS to do whatever it takes, we will not achieve the things we desire. I talk to my clients a lot about willingness, but today it hit me. We cannot even get to a point of being willing, until we have humility. Humility is the key that unlocks willingness, and willingness is all the Divine needs to enter our lives and to begin transforming us. I use to live life from a very ego place, and I made many attempts to create a life that felt good to me. I also failed many times. I still try this sometimes, and fail every time, but then the POWER of community helps me remember this main ingredient to living a happy life, which is HUMILITY. Today, I connect with other people who live their lives with humility. I reach out and help someone else. I pray, meditate, and look for reasons to be grateful. Today I GET to feel excited about embracing my reality, whatever it looks like, and appreciating the current moment. Today I am HUMBLY grateful for all that I experience…the good, the bad, and the ugly…because ultimately there is no suffering in pain. There is only suffering in our perception of the pain. What we feel is merely a fact. Suffering only occurs in our judgement of the fact. This keeps me humble, because I know happiness is a choice I must make. Happiness comes from a shift in my perception of the fact, and community reminds me of this daily and helps me shift my perception. I can choose to accept my feelings at face value, allowing me to actually feel them and have the experience of them, and be in the moment… or I can believe the story my ego wants to make up about what I am feeling, and get transported out of the present moment. There is no suffering in the NOW, there is only suffering when we are not living in the NOW. I am humbled by this knowing. I am humbled by the knowing that I cannot remember these simple things without community. Thank Goodness for Humility! Because I am humble, I am open, teachable, connected, and willing to do whatever it takes to live a good life. I will spend the rest of my day writing, enjoying my family, and eating food that loves me back. Here’s to HUMILITY!

Gobble Gobble,



Doing the Gratitude Dance! :-)

I know it’s the thing to do this time of year…to be grateful and express gratitude. However, I celebrate gratitude every day. Did you know that the emotion of gratitude is one of the highest vibration emotions we can have? It’s right up there with love! Feeling thankful and appreciative and grateful for things throughout each day can actually heal us and prevent “dis-ease.” It is REALLY that powerful. Also, when we feel this gratitude filling every cell in our bodies, we become the vibration of gratitude and therefore we attract that which is a vibrational match to it…such as many beautiful gifts from the universe.

I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. I am thankful, grateful, and appreciative for this blog, for my fingers to type these words, for the loving communities I am a part of, for my amazing clients that inspire me daily, for my optimal health and wellness, for all of you who take the time to drop in on me here and share this journey with me, for God, for Source energy, for all the lessons and tools that are available to me and FOR me, for my life, for this moment, for my loving friends and family, for everything I have already experienced, for everything I have yet to experience, for love and oneness, for my heart that beats, for my lungs that breathe me, for food that loves me back, for all the beautiful places I have had the honor of visiting thus far, and for all the beautiful places I will travel to in my lifetime. I could go on and on, and I do and will…in my heart. Right now my heart beats and radiates with Divine Love, Gratitude, Compassion, Oneness, and Joy. Thank you for this gift. <Take a BIG inhale hear………….now Exhale.> What does your heart radiate with? Happy Thanksgiving to you all 😉 BIG HUG!!!

I Love you,


Check out this inspiring video…Matt travels the world doing the Gratitude Dance!!! So Awesome!


Embracing Our Awakening November 24, 2010

Hello! How are you doing this week? I know there is a lot coming up for pretty much all of us right now, especially around the Holidays. I just got back from seeing Marianne Williamson speak, which was awesome. She speaks every Tuesday night in Hollywood. We are so lucky here in Southern California! However, I am well aware that all of us, everywhere, are lucky. Recently I have really been noticing how many tools we have available to us and for us, that are there to assist us in these times. Yes, we all know that we are living in different times now than ever before. We all need extra help, support, and resources, so it is no coincidence that we are witness to so many opportunities that offer us growth, expansion, development, healing, and AWAKENING.

Yes, I said AWAKENING. Everything happening “to us” and “around us” is actually happening FOR US. EVERYTHING is a tool for us, urging us to take a look inside and take an inventory of what we are carrying around with us. We all have many emotions and thought patterns that we know do not serve us, or anyone else for that matter, and therefore it’s just time to let them go. The Universe, Spirit, God, our higher selves, WANT us to be transformed…to experience all the love, beauty, peace, joy, and abundance that is our birth right. The energies in the Universe are getting more and more intense, and we all are feeling it! We are being directed right into all of our B.S., that we need to release for the greater good’s sake. What we think, how we show up in the world, and whether we stay bitter or get better, effects more than just ourselves. It is not about ourselves anymore…its is about the way in which we as individuals contribute to and effect the whole, the oneness, the collective. This is a time to stop blaming each other for this or that, and to take full responsibility for everything that we are experiencing. Then, it is our responsibility to allow ourselves to really feel what we are experiencing so we don’t have a need to attach to it any longer, and can let it go. When we hold on to things, we grow resentments and our minds create stories around them, making us miserable. So instead of doing that which you KNOW does not work…embrace this awakening process. Embrace everything you truly are, and find your voice, your own unique self expression. There are so many books, retreats, audio books, websites, blogs, classes, meditations, prayers, meet up groups, music, and organizations we can invite into our lives, that will fully support us in our growth. We have the choice to seek out loving environments, food that loves us, people who love us, and the experiences that help us heal rather than abuse us. You have the choice. What is it going to be? Are you going to eat foods that hurt you, or foods that love you back? Are you going to blame someone else for your “unhappiness” or are you going to look inside and ask yourself “How might this person be mirroring me? What are they showing me about myself that needs healing? How might I grow, evolve and awaken as a result of this experience?” This is a time to embrace our awakening, a time for healing, within us and without.

“All things are lessons God would have you learn.” – A Course in Miracles

I am happy to provide you with resources, information, and support. I believe we are all meant to be healthy and amazing, happy, joyous, and free, but no one can do this alone. Please leave all your questions and comments here for me on the blog 🙂 I am walking this path with you all, and I am humbly grateful for that.

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Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality. Here’s To Your AWAKENING!

Good night my beloved family,

Here is a little clip of Marianne…she is a great resource for the support you may be seeking to truly embrace all that you truly are!


Asking, Allowing, Seeking, Accepting…Surrendered November 18, 2010

Hi friends. I hope this blog entry finds you well. When I say “well” I do not necessarily mean “happy,” or smiling, or free of all things that feel difficult. I just mean I hope this finds you in  a place where, regardless of what you are currently experiencing, you are actually in a place of asking, allowing, seeking, accepting…surrendered. This is my current state. I have deep knowing that “wellness” is a direct result of BEING IN YOUR EXPERIENCE. Just let yourself HAVE your experience…whatever it is. As soon as we ask for what we want,  allow what is happening to just happen, seek out that which is in alignment with us, accept the reality, and surrender to the moment…we get to move past any and all limitations we once had. You see, for me anyway, when I resist my experience, it never has a chance to be heard and therefore just worsens my current condition. You know that saying “whatever you resist persists?” That’s exactly what happens. Your experience wants a voice, just like you do…it’s kind of like a child who really wants to tell you something. The more you ignore them, the louder they will scream. If you ignore them long enough, they just might kick a temper tantrum, demanding that they have a chance to be fully expressed. This is what happens in our lives if we do not SURRENDER.

Recently I have been going through many different emotions and transitions, both internal and external. At times, it can feel overwhelming, as if I couldn’t possibly survive. This is when I just know that there is NOTHING else I can do but to Ask for what I want, Allow myself to be where I am and have my experience, Seek out that which I need in the moment, Accept the reality of what is, and to Surrender to a power greater than myself, knowing all is being taken care of. Over the last week or so, I honestly didn’t have it in me to do anything more than lay on my couch, listening to music, while I let my deepest fears, wounds, and sorrow, bleed out of my body through the tear ducts in my eyes. It felt really good…to just let it happen. The good news is…once we HAVE our experience, we can get on with things…and we get to move on with a lighter step, and with greater awareness and internal integrity. I have found that external integrity is also very healing. We all to often walk around pretending things are better than they are, in fear of being “Debbie Downer.” I am not saying we should walk around complaining or playing the victim…I’m just saying, that by having both  internal and external integrity, we get to heal. Internal integrity is being honest with ourselves about what is happening inside of us and allowing it, and External integrity is being honest with others about what is happening inside of us. The more I do these things, the better I get, and the more my life becomes a manifestation of my highest truth and best self. For me, this is the only way to live…with authenticity, integrity, and love.

So I have been Asking, Allowing, Seeking, Accepting…Surrendered. How about you? I would love to hear from you about how your journey is unfolding. Please share with me here:)

So much light and love to you all…thank you for being you!


Here’s a great song that helped me get through a really hard week 🙂

P.S. A great website a dear client of mine introduced me to recently is This has great inspiration and wisdom available for you. Thanks Marcy for this gift 🙂


Clearing the Path for Wellness! November 10, 2010

Pictures of People RunningPictures of People Running

Hello there! What is new and good? I must say, in my line of work, there are many areas of my client’s lives that must be addressed in order to achieve a certain level of health and wellness. It is true for all of us. Being healthy and living a FIT life takes much more than just clean food and exercise. We must be willing to take a look at anything toxic in our lives that creates “dis-ease” for us. This could mean our careers, our relationships with friends, family, partners and lovers, our spiritual practice or lack thereof, or even just our perception and/or thoughts around these things. Whatever it is in our lives that is out of alignment with who we really are and what we really want, WILL bring us pain and suffering if we continue to do what we always do (or don’t do) about them. These obstacles are always a blessing however, because once we resolve them, we get all the beautiful gifts that await us on the other side.

For example, I have been in and out of a relationship with someone who ultimately never left me feeling very good or healthy about myself. This relationship created a lot of toxicity in my life and in my mind, body, and spirit. As I have stayed committed to living a FIT life, and to moving through each day with optimal wellness, I have been able to reach a level of consciousness that provides me an awareness when things do not align with my bigger picture. I finally did what I had to do to get resolution around this relationship and I feel fantastic! I haven’t felt this FREE and energized in two years! I am here to report, that you will not die if you speak your truth and say what you need to say in your life to take care of YOU.

You see, if we want to live a life of Optimal Health…than we must be willing to clear the path for wellness. The longer we continue to engage in negative relationships, thoughts, patterns, habits, behaviors, and activities, the longer we will keep ourselves from living in the energy and love that we so deserve and so desire. I have learned that it is by TAKING RIGHT ACTION, that declares to the universe that we ARE worthy of better and that we do love ourselves enough to do whatever it takes to create a healthy life for ourselves, and it is when we do this that we get to receive all the gifts that are waiting for us on the other side of such warrior courage and committment. I finally decided to feel through my feelings of rejection and abandonment and shame, so that I could clear the path for Divine Wellness in my life. I knew it was time to do something different unless I wanted to keep getting the same results, and that was NOT an option for me this time.

Ultimately you have to decide what it is you want for yourself and for your life. You ARE worthy of everything your heart desires. You ARE enough, and you CAN create anything you want. I know this to be the law, and the truth. What are you willing to do to clear the path for Wellness in your life? Is there a relationship that needs closure? Do you need to speak to your boss about a way to make things more comfortable for you at work? Are you struggling with an addiction and need to seek help? Do you maybe need to shift your thoughts or your perception about something so you can feel grateful instead of resentful? What is it? You deserve to feel fantastic…so what is worth putting that off any longer?

For me…I am going to greet mother nature for a run in the morning because I feel so energized and free. I am here for any questions, comments, or support you may need 🙂 Please reach out to me here on the blog.

Also, if you seek Coaching, please email me at for a FREE consultation.

xoxoxoxo and good night,



What’s Your Bigger Picture Goal? November 7, 2010

Happy Saturday! Today I’ve been a little sleepy, because I was out late last night having FUN! It was well worth feeling a bit low energy today. It has also got me thinking…when we are really connected to what we want to create for our lives, we get pulled into action even on the low energy days. As I sit here in Starbucks at 430pm on a Saturday afternoon…I am realizing, that this would NOT be happening if I was not so tuned in, tapped in, and turned on to my life’s purpose and mission. When we are motivated by passion, we GET to feel inspired no matter what we may feel like each day. I think that’s really cool. I use this tool for everything. Some days, when I may not feel like working out, I tell myself, just do a gentle workout and do it ONE EXERCISE AT A TIME. I make an effort to really tune in to the vibration of what it is I want in the long run, and then I have the luxury of making a choice that is most in alignment with that. I have to admit, working out vs rest on a tired day is not always what I pick. My main concern is choosing what is the best and most supportive of my “bigger picture.” Some days my bigger picture goal is going to require I have more endorphins that day or that I get in a good sweat, and other days it will require less movement, and more internal exploration such as meditation and rest.

Today, my bigger picture requires me to reach out, share where I am at, and to connect with as many people as I can. It requires that I be in humble gratitude for all that I have created thus far, and for all that I will be able to give and receive in my life. So you see, regardless of if we are tired or not, if we are really connected to our bigger picture goals, then we can set our smaller picture goals up in such of a way that they really support the vision we have for our lives.

What is your bigger picture goal today?

Lots of Love,



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