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“Inspiration is Within” January 22, 2010

Hey everyone. I have been thinking a lot about what keeps some people motivated, while others use anything and everything for an excuse to give up on themselves. I know that I am a person who feels and stays motivated when I feel inspired. Inspiration is when we are “In Spirit.” I stay inspired as much as I can because inspiration is the fire within me, that launches me into inspired action. When I feel aligned with the universe and my highest purpose, I am literally PULLED into action. How do I stay inspired???

I use many methods to keep me inspired. Some of which include meditation, Agape, reading books that educate me and put life into perspective for me, continuing my education in the things I’m most passionate about, surrounding myself with the people, places, and things that serve me in the highest and most beautiful way, and eating really clean so that I stay clear and alive and energized. Inspiration is there for all of us, waiting to be tapped in to. It just takes a little effort on our parts to connect with what lies within us all. If you want to get up every day and fall in love with yourself and your life, then get aligned, and tap into that inspiration that is inside of you.

How might you find ways to feel inspired? What methods do you use now? Do you feel inspired or are you struggling to find motivation that pulls you forward in your life? Please share! Leave all your questions and comments here for me on the blog! I love hearing from all of you! Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!!!


Motivation- “Biggest Loser Home Challenge” January 17, 2010


Well, it is a pleasure for me to tell you guys a little story that just may inspire the fat right off your body:-) Recently, I was sought out by a woman at the gym. Her name is Caren Day, and she was looking for someone to teach her about self myofascial release, or “rolling out,” and my good friend Jo Jo, at the front desk, introduced us and gave her my number. I heard from Caren about 2 days later. We talked a little bit about where she was in her life and all the pain she is feeling in her body. She’s been hitting the gym really hard, and I’ll tell you why, but she was suffering with aches and feeling beat up. She has recently decided to shape up after a long run of hardships and tragedies that manifested themselves in her own personal weight gain.

In our “getting to know each other” phone call, I learned Caren was actually competing with The Biggest Loser TV show, in her very own home. Caren actually applied to be on the show, and when she wasn’t selected, she got really serious anyway, and decided if she can’t go to the ranch, then she’ll make her own ranch. What a great idea! So Caren weighs in with the contestants every week! Please visit her blog at, and follow her each day as she shares the trials and tribulations of being her own personal trainer, nutritionist, and motivator. Show her some support as she weighs in each week and compares her weight loss and progression each week, to that of the actual TV contestants!!!

I decided to interview Caren about her journey thus far, and here are some of the things I asked her:

ME: What was your motivation behind the blog?

CAREN: A friend and I were watching it last season and my friend mentioned how great I’d be on the show. That planted a seed in my head and from that day forward I decided I was going to lose weight. I auditioned for the show, but was not selected, and not long after that, I hurt my back pretty severely. After about 6 weeks of little to no movement and lots of depression, I began working with a physical therapist and finally got myself back into the gym. Something hit me and I said to myself, “I can do this on my own!” I narrowed down my priorities in order to get some focus in my life and since I’m a writer, I found that writing and loosing weight were at the top of my list, and there you have it! That’s how this all came to be.

ME: Wow, that’s truly amazing Caren, you are an inspiration. What is one thing you’d really like to share with people about your experience thus far?

CAREN: Well it looks so easy when you are watching the show because the contestants are able to completely focus on just their food and exercise and they have their own trainer. But what I’ve realized is that this is a lifestyle change, and in order to make it work, and keep the weight off forever, it takes ME. It’s all up to the individual, whether or not he or she is succesful in the long-term. There isn’t always going to be a trainer around. Buddha says it like this: “99% of the battle is a private battle inside yourself.”  It takes real commitment, and that word, COMMITMENT, has taken on  a whole new meaning to me.

ME: Incredible! I am so happy for you and really want to acknowledge you for such drive and passion. What would you say has been the hardest thing for you so far?

CAREN: Well, sugar is my weakness, so keeping that under control has been a real challenge. I also have this deeply rooted fear that has a voice, and it is constantly telling me that “no matter what I do, nothing will ever change.”  I am working through it one day at a time. However, I have learned to stop using the word “try,” because I am either doing something or I’m not. There’s no in between. To me, the word “try” is just a cop-out or an excuse to under-achieve.

ME: I think you made a brilliant point there Caren, I definitely can agree with you. I think you are doing amazing! Would you say that it is helping your process, to write the blog? And if so, how?

CAREN: I have always expressed myself through words, so the blog definitely enables me to look at each day as a mini life lesson. I am finding inspiration in even the smallest things. I have put myself out there, which is scary, because now I really have to wake up each day and just DO! However, I am really making much more conscious choices and the awareness inside of me is growing rapidly. I do run into negative influences sometimes, or those who unconsciously or consciously want to sabatoge me, but I feel that having the blog holds me accountable and makes it easier to stay on track. I am not perfect and there are times that I indulge a little. However, I believe the splurges are minimized greatly because I have people who are supporting me and tuning in to my every day experiences. Most importantly, I do it all for myself, and that feels really good.

 ME: Congratulations Caren, you have already won so much as far as I’m concerned. I always tell my clients that the best part of the getting fit journey, is the journey within. Thanks for sharing your story with me.

To get to know Caren better and to follow her each day, please check out her blog! If you’d like to contact me, please leave all your questions and comments here for me on the blog! Until next time, Here’s To Your Health!!!!! MWAH!


It’s 2010- “New Years Resolutions” January 8, 2010

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a really nice holiday break. It’s now 2010 ans I know that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are kicking off another new year with another list of resolutions. Are you one of them? What are some of the things you wish to accomplish for yourself this year? How do you think you can make this year different, and actually see all your goals through to the end of completion? I think that it feels so great to actually make progress. Getting fit and healthy is definitely a process, so please remember that it’s always about progress, not perfection. You don’t want to stress yourself out. It’s important to set realistic goals, and to add in healthy habits that work well with your schedule and your life. By adding the good stuff in, the not so good stuff begins to fall away. However, being healthy is a main priority, because without it, we have nothing!

Today I want to keep it simple. I want to leave you with 5 nutrition tips that you should begin implementing into your life immediately if you want to get healthy and look and feel better. Start with these 5 things, and when you are consistent, then you can take the next step and get even healthier and hotter!

1) ONLY BUY ORGANIC!!!!! Especially if you eat dairy and meat, only buy them if they are organic. Produce as well. This is so important I cannot stress it enough. Foods that are not organic are either full of poisons from pesticides and chemicals, or they are genetically modified with hormones, antibiotics and steroids, or all the above. If you read the lists of what is found in non-organic food when tested, you would be appalled. Believe me…you do not want that stuff in your bodies!!!!! You really “ARE what you eat.”

2) Eat one large organic, raw salad per day. That means a salad with nothing cooked in it. So for example: Lettuce, spinach, celery, cucumber, tomato, carrot, radish, maybe apple or berries (all organic ingredients of course) with olive oil, lemon, pepper, garlic powder and sea salt for flavor.

3) Get in tune with your body. PAY ATTENTION to how you feel after you eat everything!!! It’s so important to do this because your body knows what it needs and the more you tune in and pay attention to what it feels, the more you will begin to understand its communication with you about what to eat and what not to eat. Our bodies are magnificent and brilliant and when you tune in, your intuition  will be your own personal nutrition guide!!!

4) Drink Water!!!! Most people these days are walking around dehydrated. Do not drink tap water either. Buy bottled water or install a filtering system. Water from the tap cannot be trusted. Drink water from a bottle for a week, and then try to drink tap water. You will taste a huge difference! Try to drink at least 1-2 liters a day. Also, *recycle your plastic bottles if you buy bottled water 🙂

5) Stick to eating mostly or all WHOLE FOODS. Foods that are still in their natural form, have not been processed and tinkered with by man, and are the most nutrient rich foods. That means our bodies know what to do with them, and can break them down and use them for fuel much easier. Packaged, processed foods will encourage disease and fat storage in the body. Stick to the outsides of the grocery store…fruits, veggies, whole grains.

If you have any questions please leave them for me here. I am really serious about this. People must realize what is happening to them as a result of the food quality they are consuming. It is killing us. Please take your health seriously. You are too beautiful and special to waste away on junk! Here’s To Your Health!!!

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